How to give yourself a psychic reading

Many people attend psychic readings in order to gain some kind of insight into what the future holds. Additionally, some people decide to visit a psychic because they want to unlock secrets from the past, or try to make sense of something that has happened in the past. Whatever your reason for attending the psychic reading, it can be a very fulfilling activity and something which stays with you for many years.

Some people decide to give themselves a psychic reading. This is very possible but it does require some self-discipline and patience. Do not expect to pick it up straightaway, as this is a skill which requires some concentration.

One of the things you should do when trying to give yourself a psychic reading is to centre yourself. It is important that you clear your mind of any thoughts that you have and any physical distractions. You should clear the way for a stable place that you can ground yourself in, where everything is harmonious. In this place you should not feel negative thought, or even any thought at all. You should be balanced and equalised in this space.

After you have found your grounded and harmonious space, you should begin with asking yourself simple questions. These are questions that your psychic self will know the answer to. Try not to ask vague questions or over the top questions, such as when will you find the love of your life. Start with simple questions that will allow you to build your psychic self and gain confidence.

Some people at this stage do not hear any answers. This is completely normal and you should not be worried about this. It is natural that the first time you address your psychic self, you hear nothing back. If this is the case, then you should try to calm yourself back into the centre space. Try to imagine colours or even abstract shapes. You may find that a memory or even a vision appears in your mind. Some people hear music or feel cold or hot at this point.

If you have found an answer, then this will be your psychic self answering you directly. Now you’ve completed the initial stages of addressing the psychic self, you can go into deeper levels and ask more complex questions. However, this does take time and you should be patient because not everybody gets it right very quickly.

If you develop your skills and a patient, you may even be able to give others a psychic reading. This does require some skill and demands that you pick up on the psychic self of the other person, and not just yourself.

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