How To Develop Telepathy Easily

OK, so you’#8217;ve heard about people being telepathic. But is it for real? And, if so, what do you need to do to develop your own telepathic skills? Here are some easy steps for how to develop telepathy.

1. Believe telepathy is possible At the very least, keep an open mind as to whether or not it is possible for someone to have telepathic skills. If you believe it’#8217;s not possible, your mind will conspire with you to make sure that you are right (unless you’#8217;re mind is feeling really evil of course, in which case it will set out to disprove you!)

2. Find a practice partner If you’#8217;ve got someone local to you who also wants to become telepathic, that’#8217;s great. If not, have a search online for a telepathy forum and team up with someone on there. Like everything, the more you practice the better you’#8217;ll get. Having a telepathy partner will help you in several ways, including the encouragement that is so vital in the early stages.

3. Or do it on your own If you really can’#8217;t find a partner, don’#8217;t despair. There are ways that you can practice telepathy on your own. For instance, you could shuffle a pack of cards and deal them out face down and use your new found skills to determine which card it is. There are easily available telepathy downloads that you can get hold of which will help you to improve your telepathy on your own.

4. Practice little and often Especially when you start, it’#8217;s quite a strain on your mind so keep your practice sessions short. Also make sure your energy levels are high before you start – some exercise will help with this.

5. Get some ESP test cards You can order these online – even Amazon stock them, so don’#8217;t worry about how to find ESP cards. Practice with these to help build your confidence.

6. Learn to relax Sometimes when we learn something new, we try too hard. You’#8217;ve probably done this before. The harder you try, the more difficult the task becomes and the more frustrated you get. Relax. Let it be OK that sometimes you’#8217;re not as good as you’#8217;d like to be, especially when you’#8217;re just beginning telepathy. If you need more help on relaxing and letting go, check out the Sedona method and you’#8217;ll be chilled quickly.

7. Use telepathy in your dreams That’#8217;s right, you’#8217;re not limited to using telepathy in a waking state. You can learn to control your dreams – start by keeping a dream journal where you write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. The more you do this, the more of your dreams will get remembered. Then start to receive telepathic thoughts in your dreams – these can come from all sorts of places, but many people report receiving them from friends and relatives who have passed over “to the other side “.

Find out more ways to develop telepathy and learn how you can become telepathic.

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