How to Create PSI Balls of Energy

First and foremost the first thing you need to accept
before you can try and create a psi ball of energy is to accept the
fact that we are all basically energy beings. All life is sustained by
means of the Life Force, which pervades the entire universe, and is
evident in all dimensions of life and reality. There are many names for
this Life Force but it is still fundamentally the energy from which all
things are made and are integral aspects. Once we can accept this we
can begin to learn energy control.

To begin with your mind and
thoughts must be focused entirely on the task at hand. Put aside all
the mundane things of daily life and have confidence that you have the
ability to create a PSI Ball. Without this belief you will not succeed
and with failure comes the belief that these abilities are beyond your

1. Completely relax. It is important that you are able to
achieve a state of complete relaxation as quickly and deeply as
possible. It would be very helpful to learn meditation and relaxation
exercises to help you get into this state quickly.

2. Close your
eyes and imagine a glowing white sphere of white light on the top of
your head. Hold the white sphere of light in this position at the top
of your head.

3. Now imagine this light beginning to travel down
your body; through your neck to your shoulders. As the light gets to
your shoulders the light divides in two, half the light travels down
your right arm and half the light travels down your left arm.

As the light reaches your wrists notice how bright and powerful the
light is. Feel the energy and know that it will respond to your every

5. Place your hands about four inches apart and fingers
slightly cupped as if you were holding a grapefruit. Imagine the
brilliant white balls of light traveling from your wrists to the palms
of your hands and then emerge from your palms to form a brilliant white
ball of light between your cupped hands.

6. Focus on the ball of
light and feel the warm glow of energy coming from the ball of light.
Picture the ball of light, as it increasingly gets hotter and hotter.
Feel the pulsating power and know beyond all doubt that it will respond
to your every wish.

7. Finally, move your hands closer together
and feel the energy as it resists you and fights your efforts to
compress it. Move your hands apart and notice how the energy releases
with your movements.

You have just created your first PSI ball of
energy. With practice you can learn to manipulate this energy and know
that it is at your will and will react the way you want it too. If you
want the light to be more visible, all you have to do is will it to be
so. Give thanks to the Universe for the powers that have allowed you to
accomplish this and appreciation for the understanding that we are all
part of the Universal Life Force. There really is no such thing as
separation; it is a construct we must break free of. When you can
really understand that, creating a PSI ball of energy is just the tip
of the iceberg.

first step to perfecting any type of advanced energy movements is to
learn how to increase your energy and vibrational frequencies. You must
learn to meditate, silence your mind and relax your body. I have been
practicing meditation for many years but it wasn’t till recently that I
was able to make quantum leaps.


How to create a PSI ball (video tutorial)

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  1. i can make weak psiballs but not much energy comes out. trying to heal my eyes to see better. feels like a magnet when putting my hands togeather

  2. Is this what I’m doing when I throw color out? I can toss color into a pond and make rainbows of energy and wildlife enjoys the interaction. I do not know what it is called. Maybe this is it.

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