How to channel your higher self’s wisdom

It is very nice to listen to channeled material such as Bashar, Seth, Datre, Abraham-Hicks and many others. However, it is even more interesting to be your own channel. You can channel, your higher self very accurately. It is not as complicated as you may think.

I was myself skeptical but, after I tried it, I have to admit, it works well. Let me explain you, how you can channel your higher self. You will have to relax. You can use any relaxation methods as long as you do not fall asleep, it is perfect.

When you are in a relaxed state of mind, ask your guides to come to you. If you need to, you can imagine a guide. Personally, I go without any particular visualization, I’m fine that way.
Ask your questions or the solution to an issue. Usually, the answer will come as your own inner dialog, so pay attention to your inner dialog. Your inner dialog in most case will be the primary channel for an answer. Some people, you will not receive an answer right away but later, they will be guided by a synchronicity to a book, a place, a person or an event that will give an important clue to the answer.

Asking: “How I would do it, if I knew how to do it ” is a very good thing to say when you are in a relaxed trance state. It really helps to unlock your creativity and connect with your higher wisdom. The more you do this exercise the more you get in alignment with your higher-self. It is an excellent and easy method for spiritual development and to solve problems rapidly.


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