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How to activate the law of attraction

Activating the law of attraction begins by forming a clear intention of what you want. If you are confused about what you want, you will attract negative PPE (People, places, events) that reflect your state of mind.
That is why it is important to choose something coming from a state of joy rather than a state of fear.There is difference between:1 – I want to stay away from bad people
2 – I want to be surrounded by good people.Intention 1 is going to magnetize bad people. Because, the focus is on that. Intention 2 will attract good people.
What you hold in mind you attract.Do this exercise, it might take you a couple of minutes or several hours. It took me 2 days and 6 pages!Answer in a written form to this question:

If there were no limitations or consequences what would your perfect average day look like?

Write this with as many details as you can. Take your time. Describe a perfect average day from beginning to end. You can include even mundane details such as what you have for breakfast; your morning routine and so on. I did this exercise around April 2007. When I had a clear picture of what I wanted, I visualized my perfect day for 3 months then I felt it was “seeded.” I stopped the visualisation exercise and then in December 2007 my perfect life begun to manifest. By early 2008, I was fully living exactly the life I visualized and some of the details where even better.

For example initially, I was not sure if I wanted to live by the seaside or by hillsides. The Universe gave me both, I discovered I placed that I was unaware of. I moved in my new apartment in January 2008, there I had a view from on the sea and on the hills from my balcony. Here is a picture from my window:


Here is a picture from the hills near my house:


At the time in early 2008, I watched a tv show and there was a quite interesting actress in it. I told myself, I wish I had a girlfriend like this. So I created my “girlfriend avatar”

She appeared in my life in May 2008. I got exactly everything I wanted.
If you want to manifest a partner, create your partner avatar like this:

Write down a description of your perfect partner. You have to describe the physical appearance, height, hair color, eyes color, type of body etc…
What qualities/ strength your perfect partner has
What kind of relationship you have etc….
Write maybe between 5 and 30 lines of description.

Once you have your ideal day and your ideal partner written, you have now a clear intention.

Because, your intention is clearly focused, you become like a laser going in just one direction. Your energy is focused on what you want.
You are radiating from your core and you have decided to magnetize someone to you from your core. Keep your vision in your mind and that’s all there is to do.
Each time, you feel resistance toward your preferred reality, you can surrender the negative feelings and let go of the limiting beliefs that block you.

Christie Marie Sheldon has developed a system to remove 24 hidden subconscious barriers (or abundance block). You can learn more about her system by clicking here.

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    id like you to email me about discussing these things.. please if your not busy or if you can..

    • Nyagera April 24, 2014 at 1:04 pm #

      Hi, it is best to ask your questions here. I’m flooded by emails these days.

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