How Do Thoughts Affect the Law of Attraction?

A question I’m often asked is how do thoughts affect law of attraction (LOA)? So, in this article, I’m going to offer a brief explanation of the role of thoughts in LOA and a stress-free way to think about them (because honestly, if you add stress through a process, what’s the point of the process?).

Thoughts are part of your vibrational offering. This means two things: first, thoughts are part of the determination of the meaning in the moment you’re in.

For instance, it’s extremely hard to take anything you think is really stupid seriously. This happens to me a lot when I talk to my more “logical” friends about LOA. They think it’s woo-woo, so rather than talk of it, I talk around it because though they inherently believe many of the principles of the law, they also already belief that they disagree with the law as a whole. So, there’s no convincing them of its truth in reality-and trying to would just create more resistance on the part of both parties!

Second, thoughts are part of your attraction. Thoughts influence your attraction by pushing you up or down the emotional scale. Thoughts can make you depressed or ecstatic-or anywhere in-between.

In other words, thoughts influence your feelings. And your feelings are your true connection to the universe. Which means that what you’re thinking and feeling are what you attract into your life because you’re a vibrational match to these things (emotionally and in your beliefs).

However, there is another use for thoughts in law of attraction and that is in defining your desires. There are many ways that thought can be used to define, refine, and hone in on your desires: the most relevant for many people new to law of attraction is the way that thinking about negative experiences allows one to define what they want via contrast with what they don’t want.

This is simpler than it sounds. If you have a bad date because your date is obsessed with telling you why your gender is offensive or they’re racist or they’re abusive, then you know what you don’t like (what makes you feel bad or goes against your beliefs) and you can use this knowledge to better define what you want.

Do not, however, use this process to wallow in what you don’t want. Think, “I hate it when my date is racist” and instantly consider the opposite, “I want my date to be open-minded”. Think “I hate it when my date doesn’t hasn’t bathed in days” and instantly consider the opposite, “I love it when my date smells great.”

These new beliefs can be used in your other law of attraction work, but just beginning the process of defining what you want or tweaking your desires alone is often a very helpful process.

So, how do thoughts affect your vibrational offering? They’re part of your deliberate creation. Thoughts/beliefs are the reasons why you can feel how you do. For instance, if your spouse is cheating on you and you know, it hurts; if you do not know, it doesn’t hurt (at least from that). And per the law of attraction’s teachings, the better you feel, the easier it is for you to deliberately create. So, the thoughts you think are incredibly important as they are the root basis for how you live in the world, how you feel, and how well you are able to attract what you want into your life.

But don’t stress out if you’re not in a state of perfect joy right now. Appreciate where you are and realize that desires are not fully manifested, if they were, they’d be called reality! There’s a gap between desire and manifestation. If you accept this and just accept that goodness is flowing to you and on the way, then you’ll notice things get a little better everyday. In other words, “you gotta have faith”.

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Joshua Howard is life coach who specializes in law of attraction, NLP, and DHE.