How a Feng Shui Attracting Love Technique Brings Love – A Crystals Approach – Part Two


Harnessing the energy of rose quartz crystals was
only a part of the feng shui attracting love technique Julia used to
attract Winston into her life.

What else did she do? She made
room for the other half in her life. Here are what you can do to make
her feng shui attracting love technique work for you.

Removing clutter

Tidy up your room and discarded all unwanted stuff. Keep your room
clean and open the window to allow fresh air to move in freely. From
the perspective of feng shui, this allow good “chi ” to circulate and
fill your room with good energy.

Making space

Create space in your room. You should act as if you are living with
your partner now. if you can, go for double bed instead of single bed.
Leave some space in your cupboard and some empty hangers. Take a moment
and think over it. Ask yourself: What are the stuffs you can add to
your room feel in love?

Removing confusing signal

Remove any pictures or portraits of family members, and those that may
suggest single hood. Your bedroom is your love sanctuary and private
retreat that you share with that special someone.

Painting your room with love

Consider painting your room with pink, rose or coral colors. Use stronger color like crimson for your bedding items.

Managing emotions and thoughts

“Are you sure it works? ” Is this question on your mind? Be aware of
your thought and emotions. They are the surest way to push love away.
Choose faith over doubt and fear to make feng shui attractive love
technique work.

Propelling your relationship to greater height

Garnet has a reputation of inspiring love and devotion as well as
encourages life long commitment. Off the records, I think you should
also know that garnet has the little known power of aiding sexual

you may want to use garnet crystals in addition to rose quartz. Carry a
piece of garnet in your pocket to bring depth to your relationship. Or
display a bowl filled with garnet in the relationship corner of your
room. You should cleanse, charge and program your garnet as usual to
harness the unique vibration of this crystal to your advantage.

do you choose loneliness or abundance? What is the deciding factor?
It’#8217;s action. Doers get love while for procrastinators it remains
elusive. Which group you belong to? Your happiness is in your hand. Are
you ready to make feng shui attracting love technique work?

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