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Hematite: Love stone or not ?

You can find jewelry on the theme of love  made of hematite. But, hematite is definitively not a love stone. The word hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood (Haima) and share the same root as the word hemoglobin, some variety of hematite are red. hematite has also been found on the planet Mars. The hematite found on Mar was grey hematite that suggested scientists that in the past water existed on that planet. Grey hematite is usually found near water source.

In the past, the Egyptians used Hematite to build amulets. The amulets were used in treatment against inflammation and madness.

Love Stones
Among the gemstones and crystals associated with love, we found rose quartz (heal the heartbroken) Aventurine (Bring love and adventure), chrysocolla is an interesting love stone of dark blue color. It is known to balance the throat and heart chakra and create a gentle vibration that inspire love.

It has been said about magnetite that it is a natural magnet that bring love to the person holding it. About sapphire it was said that it is for fidelity in the couple.

How to choose a love stone as a gift for a loved one

If you want to offer a love stone as a gift, it will be easier and more beneficial to use your intuition to choose your stone. You should close your eyes focus on what you want to express in that particular relationship with this person and let colors , images and impressions come to know, depending of your knowledge of gemstones, your intuition may direct you to a particular stone to offer. If you don’t have a deep knowledge of stones don’t worry your intuition will probably guide to make an appropriate choice.



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