Happiness is Creating Thought Forms That Serve Everything and Everyone

Happiness happens when happiness thought forms grow and spread to others. Your thoughts send out energy that impacts people who, in turn send out energy on a larger scale. The more people thinking alike the bigger the thought form.

You know the hundredth monkey story, yes? A monkey on one island begins a new behavior. After a brief time, monkeys all over that same island and monkeys on other islands perform the same behavior.

Why? The thought form for that behavior, being a very real measurable energy, traveled out into the Universe and others tapped into it. Yes, on a subconscious level they chose to adopt that behavior.

Most people go along with the crowd, allowing thought forms held by others to enter and run their lives. For example, how many people do you know who believe there is a flu epidemic so either they now suffer with or fear (which will surely bring it to them) the flu?

Go into any store these days. Right at the front door you will see a display for cold and flu remedies–subliminal messages coming to support that thought form of flu and sickness.

The thoughts you buy into impact the environment. This planet is sick not so much because of human-manufactured physical pollution but because of thoughts polluting the atmosphere, the water and the land.

Think about this for a moment: when people live in fear they emanate low vibration slow moving waves of energy. Those heavy feel bad energies affect everyone they come into contact with-which then causes a domino affect for others who fail to recognize they get to choose what to think and what to feel-including the level of their health and happiness.

The energy people put out hits Earth. Our land, water and air all reflect the energy coming from the many-the many who create the huge thought forms of dense, low vibration energy.

Want to help yourself, others and the planet? Replace your doubt and fears with thoughts of what you truly want and desire. Simple, isn’t it? Yes, actually that is all it takes. Ah, but you must be vigilant and stay consistent in what kind of thoughts you put out.

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