Get out of your Head to start feeling Alive

Life is energy and that energy always flows. If you are resisting the stream of life, your breathing becomes shallow, your muscles contract and you are more into thinking and wanting. If you relax, open up and go with that flow of energy, your breathing becomes slower and softer, your muscles are loosen and you are more into feeling and being.

The mind is a recording device that records events and plays them back when you need to access memories. It fulfills that purpose perfectly. But that machine we call “the mind”, is not really in touch with life or the here and now, nor is it meant to be. Remember the feeling of aliveness and zest you had as a child? If that recedes with age, it’s because you spent too much time with inside the device that records life, instead of with life itself. Being preoccupied with thinking is as if you are reading a book about wine, not drinking it, reading a book about love, not living it, talking about travelling, not doing it, writing about art, instead of creating it.

Releasing thinking, letting go of it more and more, or ceasing to look in the mind for answers will not reduce your Intelligence or make you dull. The mind is useful for the details of daily life, but it does not know happiness and energy, just like a Computer couldn’t be happy. Letting go of seeking answers, trying to understand things, trying to grasp everything with the intellect will not make you more stupid, it will actually make you smarter. Don’t you see how the more someone exerts himself and tightens his forehead trying to figure things out, the stupider he gets? It’s a misconception that a lot of thinking gets things done or solves issues. Even scientific research is best done in a balance of thinking and receiving, of mind and emptiness, of concentration and release.

If you reduce your thinking you will increase your power and happiness. But trying to get rid of or suppress thinking will not work. What will work is feeling. When you notice yourself get tense, unwell or into too much thinking and wanting (wanting = lack. Thinking and Wanting always appear together), simply shift back to feeling. Shift back to energy. The quickest way to do this is to re-direct your attention into your body. This is also called “getting out of the head”. So instead of being preoccupied with the mind and having attention in the head-area (Consciousness loves hanging around in the head area), you redirect attention to your stomach or chest or arms or legs or simply to feeling. Feeling what? Just feeling whatever is there. Whatever you are feeling right now. The mind will say that you are “supposed to” feel this or that way, but that’s only the minds commentary. The mind always provides commentary. You can’t stop the mind. Meditation-Practitioners try to stop it, but that’s impossible.. Just let that inner TV Set run, its not important. When going to your feelings, letting your feelings be your guide, the most important thing is to stop resisting feeling itself. The way you have been brought up as a human, you are resisting what you are feeling most of the time. Resisting feeling creates more thinking. If you release your general resistance, you calm the mind.

So take a deep breathe and just feel what you are feeling right now. Feel your life energy right now. When you feel life, you feel all the energy passing through, without filters. Thinking is like putting filters on that energy. After awhile you only perceive a very small part of all the energy.

Sit upright and watch your breathing. Do this for a minute or two.

Notice how just watching your breathing clears the mind and feels uplifting.

Breathing is connected to feeling. Cutting off the breathe of life is connected to thinking.

Except when it is doing creative visualization, the mind is essentially a recording machine. It records information and then it plays that information again and again. This can be very useful to draw upon a vast library of information and align your intentions and actions. But it can also become a burden when you keep playing the same old negative records over and over. The funny thing is that it thinks its helping and protecting you by playing negative records on a daily basis. It’s reasoning is: “If you are afraid of this, you are protected from it”. But actually, just the opposite is true. Fear does not protect you from what is feared, it attracts what is feared. If you wish to empower yourself you’ll have to overcome this basic mistake that is implanted within each and every human like some kind of programming error. Attention on the problem does not solve it. So let go of trying to solve it, grasp it, understand it, figure it out, and return to feeling. It will then solve itself.

Return to feeling-what-is, without resistance, every time you notice yourself get back into too much thinking, wanting and tension. Let all energies, emotions, feelings that come up just pass by and pass through. If you don’t resist them, they just pass through. When something painful comes up, there is a tendency to stop that energy or try to push it back down. This does not get rid of the Emotion, it just puts it back into subconsciousness. You then may not feel it anymore but you do not have a gain in energy, you have an overall loss. If you let that “painful” emotion come up and out it may be more painful then usual but in the long run there is a gain in calm, a gain in lightness, a gain in emotional clearing. People who practice this may be experiencing more emotional “pain” than other people because they are letting it come up and out. All other people keep it down in their subconscious. They will have to face it some day. But in reality there is no such thing as emotional “pain”. It only feels like pain if there is still a part of you pushing it. Just let it completely come up and out.

A helpful exercise in this regard is to feel into each body part before going to sleep. Have your attention be in your right foot. And then the left foot. And in this way gently through the whole body. If you practice this for awhile you will start feeling your energy again. You will also effect the quality of your night-dreams positively.

Another good idea is to try experiencing places, people and things without filters, without protection. To understand how this works, look at some object. Now, do not give the object a name. Do not give it a quality. Do not desire it, do not resist. Do not form an opinion about it. Just take it as it is. Unfiltered. Your experience of the object will intensify. You will actually begin to feel the inherent energy of the object. You will see what it really is, beyond your personal labels and preferences. In my Live Courses I have people do this Meditation-Exercise for hours. They get high from it. Why do they get high by simply walking around looking at things? Because they do so without filters. All energy comes in without being blocked.

99% of real life is invisible. Life is really not about the 1% you can see, but about the energy all around. The mind is always preoccupied with the visible, with the 1%. If you wish to access the 99%, stop resisting life and feel it.

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Fred Dodson

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