How to activate your genius mind

We have been told that we live in an unlimited Universe. Yet we experience so many limitations in our daily lives. They are many reasons for that notably the way we are raised and educated into believing that certain things are not possible.

But fortunately nothing is set in stone. We can change our perspective and open ourselves to new possibilities and probabilities.

One way to increase your creativity, your awareness and intelligence, is to practice seeing something an object, an idea, a concept from various points of view.


Take a walk in your town. Look at the top of the building and imagine that you are on one of those building rooftops and project your awareness there and see yourself walking in the street. Take note of insight you gain

Take an idea you have and see it from the point of view of someone of the opposite sex, see your idea from the point of view of an expert that field see it from the point of view of a celebrity then from a spiritual leader then from the president. See it as the Universe would see it. Write down any insight you gained.

Deep trance identification

Deep trance identification (DTI) is a hypnosis procedure to borrow the genius of someone else. It is well documented that athlete can improve their performance by repeating movements under hypnosis. Champion golfer Jack Nicklaus visualized each of the holes on a course and rehearsed in his mind the right stroke until perfection.

But, what if you could just step into the mind of a genius and borrow his talent that idea behind DTI.

In order to practice DTI, you have to hypnotize yourself deep enough to reach a comfortable theta state. Theta state is a very good state to tap in the Universal Mind, where everything is connected and all possibilities and probabilities exist at once.

Once, you are there, you can imagine that you are meeting that genius. Observe that person and then gently step into that person. Feel that person from the inside and gently let new ideas, insights come into your mind on the topic you are interested.

Practicing deep trance identification will directly open new possibility for you.

Sexual Energy

There is a connection between sexual energy and creativity. Human beings are created out of sexual energy without it no babies. You channel your creativity sexual energy into art as did so many artists such as Picasso and many more. But, if your sexual energy is blocked due to shame, guilt or anger, it is not going to work. First, it is necessary to let go, release repressed emotions on the topic of sexuality. If you have blocked energy there. It will be a great gift to yourself to heal that area of your life. It will bring you so many good things from creativity to better health, to be relationship and sex life.

Another technique is the master mind principle from Napoleon Hill : ”

Because eight minds are better than one

Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds” ― Napoleon Hill

What else can you do to activate your genius mind?

If you follow and give yourself truthfully to your life purpose, you will activate your very own genius mind. Because, you will be aligned with the purpose of your soul for being on earth at this time. I believe that the more you live your life as your soul would live it, the more a genius you are.

Of course, it will be your own genius meaning it will be nothing you have to compare with someone else. There is no reason to compare. You are unique.

“Feeling love seems to throw open windows of opportunity, opening perception beyond our beliefs, limitations, and expectations” Bruce Moens


The more you love yourself and others, the more your true self shines through you. When you become a radiant light for the world, I believe that you truly have activated your genius mind.

Roadmap To Genius

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  1. You are beautiful, bausece you are a strong Latina mami. I am so proud of you bausece you have looked at adversaty in the face and laughed at it, I wish more people could do that ! You have brought a blessing into this world, who bausece of you ,will learn the being different and being Latino is something to be proud of. I love you girl, keep doing what you. I am proud to call you mi hermana.

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