From Stagnation to Motivation to Inspiration!


Stagnation is all about not getting into action. Not doing the things that we know we need to do or want to do. Stagnation only exists if we actually have a desire to achieve and we do no act on this desire.

The secret to conquering stagnation is not to spend time analyzing the reasons that we are not getting into action. Likewise, simply forcing ourselves to get up and “work at it ” day after day will often lead to burn-out.

The most effective way of conquering stagnation is to hard wire motivation and inspiration into our mind and body.

It needs to be felt and experienced.

By imprinting the feeling of motivation and inspiration directly into our mind and body, we bypass the need to analyze why we are stagnating.

In short, instead of focusing on the problem we focus on the solution!

This principle works by allowing the feelings and thoughts of stagnation and apathy to just be as they are – then we focus on building and developing motivation, inspiration and discipline!

Let yourself feel the physical and mental sensations of stagnation and apathy.

How do they feel in your body?

How do they feel in your mind?

Before we get to the method of developing motivation, inspiration and discipline, let’#8217;s understand the basic principles a bit more.

Look at the two lines below. If we wish the second line to be greater than the first what do we do? We could make one line shorter. Or we can simply let that line be as it is and increase the other!

The principle in the first example focuses on making our problems go away. The principle in the second example focuses on increasing our potential for solutions. This is the mindset that we want to create for motivation. You see, when you focus on stagnation as a problem then you identify strongly with it. On the other hand when you focus on increasing your capacity for motivation and inspiration than you create this reality!

Fixating on stagnation does not make you more motivated. Creating motivation makes you more motivated!

Talking about motivation and inspiration are no comparison to the actual experience and what this method is going to do is allow you to actually experience the feeling of motivation and inspiration inside you. This is where it counts.

The below exercise is one of the most effective and powerful methods for directly developing motivation, inspiration and discipline within yourself.

To start with, pay attention to how your state of stagnation and apathy feels. Rate it from 1 to 10.

Now sitting comfortably, observe your breath.

Hieu Doan is a Metaphysical Healer, Founder of Life Mastery Guilds and creator of ‘#8217;the Foundations of Enlightenment’#8217; series and the ‘#8217;9 Laws of Empowerment.’#8217;


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