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Frederick Dodson interview

frederick-dodson-217x300Frederick Dodson is the author of “Parallel Universe of Self”,”The reality creation technique” and many other books. He is also a world-class coach in business, communication and reality creation. He started teaching reality creation in 1999. He is also active on the lecture circuit giving conference on lucid dream and related topics. He has a series of audio programs on sell on his website. I recommend to check out the free Reality Creation Course. Which I took 😉

Today, I’m happy to present this interview with him. Most of the questions are from readers and I thanks them.

This interview will give you valuable insights on a variety of topics.

Reader Question: What it takes to move from a life focus on ambition to world success? I have been trying to be in the movie business for years. I only got small parts in minor movies.

Frederick Dodson: Love and Persistence. And if that wasnt enough, more of the same. And if that still wasnt enough, even MORE of the same. Love yourself, others, your downs and ups. And be crazily Persistent in showing up, in being professional. In being there. In Auditioning. When you say you have “only” had minor movies, that is a lack of Love, a lack of Gratitude. Love the small gifts the Universe gives you bigger gifts.

There are many trying to get into the movie Business and they try again and again. And after so many “agains” they give up. Imagine these masses of people trying to get into a door. And the more often they are rejected, the more give up. So as you repeat and repeat and repeat, the crowd in front of that door becomes smaller. And you still stick to it. And the crowd becomes smaller. Your Competition becomes smaller. And then, one day, you slip in.

But do not wait until “someday” to define yourself as a movie success. Allow yourself to feel, think and act like you are one already but still very eager to go to Auditions. Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of Auditions. Practice makes perfect and puts you into the energy-field of an actor.

Reader Question: Whenever I am reading or trying to meditate I am always thinking about a lot of other things, what out there can help me?

Frederick Dodson: Focusing is a matter of Decision and Relaxation. Many people nowadays cannot sit still and watch a complete movie. They have to watch the movie while playing a Computer game. Or watch the movie while browsing websites. Or watch a movie while having conversation. This is the extreme version of not being able to Meditate. This comes from inner Tension and Impatience. And Impatience comes from thinking the Here-and-Now is not enough. The Ego always thinks the Here-and-Now is not enough. It is always lacking, always wanting to change something, always needing to be elsewhere or with someone else. The opposite of that is to be not like the Ego but like the Soul: Liking the Here-Now, Liking whatever is going on right now and relaxing with whatever is happening.

So if you have many thoughts, relax with them. Its OK to have thoughts. They are not you. They are just thoughts. Its like a Television running in your mind, but that TV is not you. Its just a TV. Its not really important, its not really interesting. The only reason we think so much is because we think that this is interesting or important. Its not. Let it run. You cannot stop it. Accept that you cannot stop it. If you fully accept that you cannot stop it thats a good first step to calming the mind.

When you learn to meditate properly, you will see that that little “TV” in your mind only makes up 0001% of what happens in the mind. Imagine sitting in a gigantic Football Stadium that is empty. Totally empty and peaceful. At the far end of the Stadium there is a little TV and it runs on and on and on. But its only a little TV. Not important. It can run as long as it wants. You cannot stop it, because the Infinite Universe contains everything…also TVs. So instead of trying to stop it, you let go and simply allow it to be there. It is of no concern.

Reader Question: I have been laid off. Now, I saw, what you are doing and I think it is pretty cool. I would like to be a coach. How I can become a coach like you? and is it necessary for me to be familiar with the levels of energy?

Frederick Dodson: To become a coach it is good to be very familiar with many different types of coaching, spiritual and non-spiritual, conventional and unconventional. Even if you dont use some of the methods, its helpful to know them all. For every book I write, I read 100. So if you want to be a coach, see many coaches. On Youtube. Live. In books. Study them and their philosophy. Once you have gained an overview over everything see what you are able to do best. Find your own unique ideas and styles. Try to do things better than you saw all those coaches to them. Then, develop an identity as a coach – this includes Business Cards, a Website, Materials (Books, CDs, etc.). Its also good to be more intersted in others and the world, than in yourself. And to enjoy many different types of people.

Reader Question: How you got interested in the whole field of “human potential” (coaching, reality creation, and so on). How did you get started?

Frederick Dodson: At the age of 4 and 8 and at the age of 14 and again at 22 and 23 I had extraordinary states of Consciousness. Very extraordinary. Very Low and High. This got me curious. I read countless books but none helped me understand what I had experienced. So I felt inspired to write it myself. If you cant find it, create it.

Reader Question: What the difference between “Parallel Universe of Self” and the new book, “The Reality Creation Technique” is?

Frederick Dodson: Those are two different methods for two different kinds of people or moods. I would say that “The Reality Creation Technique” works for anyone and the “Parallel Universes” Technique works if you are in a good space/state.

Reader Question: How to apply the shifting into a parallel universe principle to learning foreign languages?

Frederick Dodson: You have to listen very carefully and be able to imitate/copy what you heard exactly like you heard it. Be able to copy it in your Imagination, in your mind. And be able to copy it in your speech. This is why actors and trained-actors have an easier time learning languages…they can shift their identity, they can shift their mentality.

Reader Question: And how do I use the same principle to bring more love into my life?

Frederick Dodson: The principle says that you can only bring more success through success and more love through love. Thats the whole idea. Its simple but also profound. Be the change you want to see. In this case you would have to be loving before you bring more love into your life. Reality begins and ends with you and what you put out into the world.

Louis’s comment: On the RC/language technique: I used this technique in the past what worked well for me was to include cultural information. Such as facial mimic ,body posture, mannerism and so on. It really made a difference for me. It was easier. That why if someone has to do this with movies as study material. it is best to choose character-driven movies rather than big star movies. Learning British-English is better with Tv-drama Eastenders than with James Bond. TV-Soap are fine for me because they have a lot of close-up and less cuts. Try to learn English from The Transformers movie. It will be discouraging. I also noticed that standing up for this, is better than sitting. Is there something else to add?

Frederick Dodson: No, I agree on all points. It is true that language is not only vocabulary but also mannerisms, facial expressions, energy-vibration, mentality, history, culture. Someone who does not understand that will never sound like a native, no matter what he does. One has to become that culture.
Movies are a fantastic way to learn, especially if you can add subtitles in the foreign language so that you dont only hear it but also see the words.

Reader Question: In my understanding, manifestation is dependent on empowering thoughts with great energy and/or emotion, to bring about a desired end. The energy manifests the desired goal. If you actively engage in denying giving your thoughts power, but engage in whatever manifestation practice you might have, will your manifestations be as successful?

Two methods:

1. Charging a thoughtform with either Emotion or Repetition/Willpower

2. Surrendering the Desire to the Universe/God

The second is effortless, the first requires active effort. With the second you dont know whether manifestation will occur or not. The Universe
gets to choose what is best for you. With the second, you choose. Both methods are completely valid and interesting.

The second method is a better match to what you are calling “denying giving your thoughts power”.

Louis : There is a dating and relationship teacher out there who base his teaching on his understanding of the level 500s of energy/consciousness. He claims his normal level is 595. However, his teaching is filled with very strange ideas that are more of the 160-280 levels. Either I’m correct saying he is a sad fraud or he is right. I would like your opinion on some of his idea:

Frederick Dodson: People are doing all kinds of nonsense with the energy-levels. Thats why I dont advertise the book. I keep it a little bit secret. Its not
for everyone. What the Ego will do is take it as a system of rank. Thats not what it is for.

600 is not “better than” 300. If I want to conduct a Business, 600 will have me fail because I am unable to concentrate on physical reality:-) So it is not a system of rank but more of a general map of Domains-of-Reality.

Louis: I will not name this teacher but here is one of his idea “To solve all of our world’s problems, it’s simple. First, build a giant fence around the continent of Africa. Then, calibrate the level-of-consciousness of everyone on the planet. Grab everyone who’s nonintegrous and stick them in Africa. Then rest of us can then live in peace, abolish the laws and courthouses, and enjoy life.”

Frederick Dodson: This is misuse of the levels-idea. I describe these misunderstandings in “Levels of Energy”.

Whoever wrote this is certainly not basing his understanding on that book.

By “the law of attraction” I can be standing in the middle of a bomb-attack and not get hit if my own focus and vibration is elsewhere. This has in fact
happened to me and been demonstrated to me several times. So it does not really matter which country you happen to live in or who else lives in yours.

If you hold a certain energy-level in you, you will naturally end up at a certain place. And whatever that place is, it is right for you, for that time.
This makes it none of my Business what other people are doing or not doing.

Everybody is right where he is supposed to be. 99% of what goes on energy-wise cannot be seen by the naked eye. But if one could see what is going on energy-wise everything would make perfect sense.

Louis: That teacher idea about attraction and flirt “When it comes to dating, by approximately the levels 510 to 540 (valor, unconditional love) you know exactly what to say and how to behave around people and you become automatically super-successful with all kinds of women. You know just about everything about them.”

Frederick Dodson: I also describe this in “Levels of Energy”. I am assuming you havent read it. People can temporarily “pretend” to be in the 500s for such purposes but they really arent. And because they are only pretending, the benefits are only temporary and end in Frustration. Authentic 500s are not interested in the gimmicks of pick-up-artists. Pick-Up-Artistry is a 120-290 realm.

Louis: So at 595 people still watch television? Make racist comment? Chase chicks?

Frederick Dodson: Whoever you are referring to is into boasting and grandiose claims…identified in “Levels of Energy” as 190. Racism is referred to in my book as 160. Chasing chicks is identified as 275.

Louis: What is the cause for the ego aggrandizement of certain teachers? How aspirants can avoid this trap?

Frederick Dodson: The world-self (Ego), takes itself very, very seriously and thinks its very important. Humor and Love are good protections against this. And keeping in touch with and walking amonst the normal world with normal people in a normal way.

Reader Question: I suffer from somniphobia. It causes me to have chronic headache and insomnia.I would like to have astral travel and lucid dream. But, I have a terrifying fear of the unknown. I guess all that stuff is linked together. I tried many things in the past nothing worked. I dont know what to do. But I think if I conquer my fear of the unknown. I will change. What can I do ?
[Note: Somniphobia is the fear of falling asleep]

Frederick Dodson: It is my personal opinion that somniphobia and the ability to astral-travel are linked, yes. By practicing conscious breathing and relaxation before falling asleep in bed you address both topics. And: There is no such thing as insomnia, unless you believe you “must” sleep. You can use the non-sleeping time for very many interesting explorations in awareness and relaxation. This problem and the path to overcoming it serve as a stepping stone to these abilities.

Louis: Can you tell us what your new book “Lives of the souls” is all about?

Frederick Dodson: 99% of what is going on we do not perceive with the senses. This book is about the souls perspective of many lives and incarnations. Its about what happens in the afterlife. And its also about Higher Self, Intuition, Lucid Dreaming.

Thank you very much for the interesting questions all. Please keep in mind that life is amazing
and that each question could have been answered in a Million different ways.


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