The Bliss Course


The Bliss Course is a set of guided meditation-processes and exercises that will help you in removing, releasing and clearing limiting beliefs and thought-forms, past upsets, emotional issues, subconscious blocks, unfulfilled desires, preoccupation, stuck attention, resistances and frustrations so that your natural lightness and happiness can shine through. These processes are designed to be done in the exact order they are presented in order to unlock their full potential.

Here’s a clue: Success, Health, Prosperity, Romance, Money, Creativity, Productivity…they are all the same thing! All these concepts of what a good life means arise naturally in a state of high energy. Where there is high energy, the rest will follow. Source Consciousness (who you are) always shines bright as the sun and can best be experienced when the clouds dissipate. Those clouds are the thousands of repeat-patterns, thought-forms, fixed beliefs and stuck emotions you have. The quickest way to Bliss is therefore emotional clearing and psycho-spiritual practices of thought-form release. In our 15+ years of intense Research these tools (contained in the Bliss Course) are the very best means and methods we have found to accomplish that.

If you are looking for a way to get High without Drugs and at the same time rekindle your connection to your soul and the Most High look no further. If you are looking to leave past recordings of the mind behind you, to dissolve issues that have been bothering you for a long time and awaken to the brilliant and radiant presence that you truly are, look no further. The Bliss Course is the gate to higher Awareness.

This Course is so effective that it will replace a dozen of our previous Audio-Programs. The pricing of the Course was chosen to be affordable to all and yet costing enough so that you feel you have purchased something of value that you are motivated to properly pursue. The actual value of this Course is priceless. The value of the knowledge contained herein in my humble opinion surpasses that of dozens of expensive Workshops and Retreats that cost thousands of Dollars. People are longing for higher states of Consciousness so much that they are willing to dish out thousands to attain it. However, the Bliss Course achieves more with less mystery, less complexity, no degrees of initiation or workshop levels, no lengthy theoretical explanations. The power of the Bliss Course lies in its immediate applicability, giving you a means to directly practice and experience the following life-transforming skills:

  • To heighten your level of concentration
  • To authentically and fully release mental limitations
  • To thoroughly clear emotional issues
  • To clarify and align your being, doing and having with your highest ideals
  • To convert desires, cravings and longings into confidence and trust
  • To convert resistances and aversions into calm and poise
  • To heal your relationships, finances, communication-skills, career and body.
  • To deepen your ability to create reality beyond your wildest dreams

When all the nonsense you have bought into is cleared out, life takes care of itself. The Bliss Course contains 211 minutes of Audio which you are meant to go through in your own time and pace. Some will split the Course into 10.minute pieces, others will do it all in one sitting. The Course is designed in such a way that you can repeat it for higher and higher results over many years. It contains timeless and universal truths that you will still find useful and speedily effective in 10 years from now. The Audio-Program is underlined by soft classical music and the calm and semi-hypnotic voice of Frederick Dodson (author of Parallel Universe of Self). The speaker talks in a way to transmit the energy of calm blissfulness to the listener.

Product: The Bliss Course, Eight Audio mp3 files for instant Download
+ PDF File (Instructions – read before using the Audios!)
Runtime: 211 Minutes
Voice and Production: Frederick Dodson
Underlined by soft classical music
Pricing: $249.-

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