Focus on solution

One of the mistake people do with the law of attraction is to focus on “ solving problem” rather than focusing on the preferred or desired reality. People want to solve problems…

The problem when you focus on problems,is that you are more likely to create more of the same. A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness that it was created.

One way to solve a problem is to visit the frequency that you will have if the problem was already solved.
If someone is plagued by debts. It could be beneficial to act as if ALL the debts have been paid. It is not necessary to spend money. A change in attitude will suffice.

Another way to solve problem is to accept that a solution is there and that the solution is coming to you.

I had the following “problems” .

I had a limited budget for a new semi-pro DLSR camera, a new laptop computer to support the last version of video/photo editing softwares and money to live abroad for one month in a place that I like.

I manifested the whole thing in just about 2 weeks. I got the DLSR camera at a discount price. A business partner announced me that he will mail me a check of 1000 USD dollars so it will pay for the new laptop. I also got surprise payment from a business partner that was reluctant to pay me up until now. At this point, I have budget to stay one month either in Dublin (probably) or London. I can go there with the new camera and laptop to do some nice photography and filming. ALL problems solved.

I just accepted a solution was there. I could not envision these so-called obstacles not being solved.
So if you have obstacles or problems just accept that a beneficial solution exist. You do not need to know what it is exactly.

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