Finding Divine Love by Listening in the Stillness Within

Listening is a deep understanding

Listening is not just hearing with your ears but a deep understanding, a knowingness, a stillness, allowing the energy to be with you.

When the Divine and the angels ask you to listen it is with a sense of reverence through all your senses and deep within. You gain access directly to the Divine through the energy of Divine love, when you can receive and accept love you can radiate it out to others.

If you wish to connect with the Divine ask, invite the Divine into your life. There is nothing hidden between you and the Divine, nothing you cannot ask, and nothing you cannot discuss. You can ask for the smallest things, anything you desire or need to know.

It is an essential part of your spiritual path, to your journey within to allow love into your life, to see love all around you and receive it. For it is not just about giving, but also receiving for you cannot give what you have not already received

Find the love instead

This is your journey to find out who you are, to get closer and closer to the Divine, to develop a strong connection. So you can live in peace and harmony, you can see the wonder all around you, you live in gratitude, in happiness. Everything in your life becomes in balance, people will be drawn to you, everything you need will come to you, because you know you are part of the Divine and you have become the energy of Divine love.

You cannot ever be separated from the Divine, the angels and the universal energy.

When you commune with the energy of Divine love, at that moment you are in the grace of God and Divine light.

When you reach this sacred space you will want to stay, you will not want to leave; because here there is only peace, joy, love and ecstasy, there is no worry or stress.

The more you visit this place the more you will learn to trust and believe in the experience, the more you can bring it back with you into your life and feel it moment by moment.

The angels are the bridge and the gateway to the Divine and the Divine within

They open up and hold the space for you to travel deep within the heart and mind of the Divine.

Within this space, this sacred bridge, you can open up to all you are, for here there is only love, only peace, only clarity.

You leave your mind behind, asleep and dreaming. When you relax into your Divinity, you access your soul, your inner knowledge, wisdom, compassion and complete understanding.

This is the place where you know, where everything you are resides, where you truly experience the love and magnificence of who you are. This place has no judgment, no criticism, you know you are worthy, you know and feel your expansiveness, you know you are an eternal part of the Divine. Your small mind sleeps and you can see and understand from a higher perspective.

It is here that you can connect to Divine guidance, angelic love, healing and it is from here you can create your life as you desire it.

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