Datre 190b – Fear is the great barrier to human growth

Datre answers Marlin (Datre191 – part 2)
(continued from Datre190 – part 1)

JOHN: She again asks; “I am obsessed by the idea of teleportation and shapeshifting. I long deeply for owning these abilities NOW. My belief system is ready but I don’t succeed, so what are the further limitations which I don’t know?”

DATRE: There are none. There are none, there’s a good question to ask yourself right at that point – you’re fascinated by teleportation, you’re fascinated by shapeshifting and you want to do it now – why? Is it that important to your evolution? Teleportation – where do you want to go, what do you want to do, when do you want to come back? You do it constantly. Take a look at teleportation with clear eyes.

How many times have you walked someplace – from one store to another – or from one building to another if you’re on a campus or university a school or whatever, and you stop and say, ‘how in the world did I get here?’. The brain just hasn’t filled all in yet. You get in a car, you start driving, and all of a sudden you stop the car and you’re right in front of the store where you want to be. ‘I don’t remember getting here. I don’t remember passing such and such a building.’.

Teleportation? Yes! Very simple. But when you ‘try’ to do something according to a book – it doesn’t work. How many people read books on how to do this and how to do that and how to do something else? The one thing you have to do is ‘learn’ you. That’s what you’re here for. Not learning how to do all these whizzy-bang-wow things. I could tell you something very simple. The people that do the whizzy-bang-wow things very shortly quit doing them because they get bored. Been there, done that – lets do something different.

It’s not all that grand. People will tell you how marvelous it is. Then you talk to someone who does those things and they say, ‘oh yes, I remember doing that’. ‘Well why don’t you do it any more?’ ‘How many times are you going to do it? I’m bored, I need to do something else.’

All you’re doing is playing games with yourself anyway. There’s no one limiting you, you can do anything you want to – if you can get past FEAR. That’s the big thing that holds you more than anything. And fear only exists because you don’t ‘know’ you. That’s the only reason that exists. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “Concerning free and new energy I observe people working basically in two different manners. One group in a scientific manner, developing machines, altering gene material, etc… The other group is working only with mind/intent. Are things like space journeys, teleportation, rejuvenation, accessible equal by both fashions or are there certain issues which can only be developed in the scientific technical way?”

DATRE: As we’ve said before, you have ‘dual’ evolutions. You have the evolution of the species and you have the evolution of the individual SELF. Two different things. You want to work with the evolution of the species? Do you want to work with the evolution of SELF? Do whatever you want to do. But don’t be concerned because you can’t do something.

You know, you have many – what you call – aspect selves. Those portions of you that are doing other things. I mean the “totality” of you would certainly be bored if it only had one little ‘you’ to work with all the time. So, why do you have to do something that another portion of ‘that which is you’ is already doing? Has done, will do, whatever. You know, you’re not alone here. You’ve got many different things that are working all together – and always for your benefit. But, when you’re in a physical body, you need to concentrate on that.

When you get to the point where you can make connections with other aspects, then that’s fine. That will be a whole new world for you – because it will still be your own. It will be very fascinating. But there again, why are some people not interested in some of these spectacular feats like shapeshifting and all of that? They’re not interested, ‘oh, I’ve read about it, heard about it, its fascinating, I can see how people would be fascinated in doing it’. Then someone will say, ‘well why don’t you want to do it?’. ‘I’m not interested in it’. Have you ever stopped to think that they’ve done it? Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “In new age channels we’ve been told that our abilities in the new energy would be beyond our imaginations. As the new energy is approaching more and more it seems to me that these “promises” we had been given are shrinking more and more in newer channels. I wonder whether our imaginations were simply underestimated and our earthly game board will not be a magic brand new one, but simply a bit more comfortable than the old one was, so what is the new energy all about?”

DATRE: Your new energy is all about change. Channels can predict and predict and predict. And what we continue to tell you is, it will allow the planet as a whole to make the changes it wants to change to change the evolutionary path of the species. It is supportive of the blueprint that you have made for your plans for the New Millennium for the species. Some people are going to be very comfortable in the new energies. Others are going to be very ‘uncomfortable’ in the new energies. I cannot tell you ‘who’ or ‘when’. Continue.

JOHN: She then asks; “In many books we were told that during our lightbody process we will get immense new abilities, like seeing aura’s, communicating with nature, etc… Is there something wrong with my lightbody or why don’t I experience any of those miracles?”

DATRE: There’s nothing wrong. I don’t know what you mean by a ‘lightbody’. It’s something that they talk about all the time and we can’t understand it. There is an energy that the bodies radiate that… when we observe the planet, we see areas that are gray then we see little areas that are lighter and everything. And this is what we perceive as the energy movements of the physical bodies. Animals also do that. You see light from different animal bodies. Some animal bodies will be quite bright and other animal bodies will be fairly dim. And they can all be the same, they can all be cats or they can all be dogs or whatever. But it’s the way ‘we’ distinguish them.

But that has nothing to do with you and what you’re seeing. These light bodies… you see, you have light and dark, good and evil, and you put them together – how I don’t know. But, white, light and good go together. Then dark and evil go together. Well, I’m not going to sit here and explain this whole thing to you because it’s just going to be more confusing then ever.

But, this business of the lightbodies, that’s supposed to be spiritual. You see, you’ve linked and labeled every single operation. If you’re not governed, or if your belief system is not geared in those directions, you’re going to ‘free’ yourself of a lot of excess baggage. In other words, if you look at a person and talk to a person then say, ‘oh, that person is so enlightened, that person is so spiritual’ and on and on and on, you’re not seeing the person. You are seeing the ‘projection’.

Now, there are individuals that are born seeing auras. And they have a great deal of trouble with people, because someone will say, ‘oh, that person is so spiritual and enlightened’. And the individual that can see auras – they don’t necessarily see purple, pink, blue, whatever, they see an energy vibration. Then if the energy vibration doesn’t match what the individual is saying… Now, who has the better insight as to what that person is all about? It’s the person that ‘sees’ the energy vibration or ‘feels’ the energy vibration that makes his or her own decision as to what that person is all about.

Now, there are people that have very ‘high’ energy vibrations. Then someone that feels that energy vibration will say, ‘oh, that person is awful, have you felt that energy? Oh, it terrible. That person must be directly connected with Satan. Get away from that person’. The ‘fear’ is coming from ‘within’ the person that is perceiving the energy. How often have you seen an individual – in a strange town – walk into a store, and there’s a greeter at the store that say’s, ‘good morning, do you want a cart?’ or whatever they say, I don’t know.

Then the stranger replies and talks a little bit to that individual and as the stranger walks by, the greeter reaches over and hugs that individual. Why? Its not what comes out of the mouth. That is where your deception begins. That’s why we call many people – the talking heads. They are talking to deceive. Make your own decisions. Continue.

JOHN: Then she asks, “When we have managed to establish heaven on earth or whatever you would call our current evolution process, will there be the concept of sub- or superconsciousness?”

DATRE: Well, number one, you won’t have heaven on earth, because you’ve got a dichotomy going right there. You have a conception of what hell is like, you have a conception of what heaven is like, you have a conception of what physicality is like, and they’re all three different. Then, until you understand what physicality is all about, you will never be able to see physicality as it truly is.

Also, you categorize and split everything. You’ve got consciousness, unconsciousness, superconsciousness, subconsciousness. There again, the only thing that you missed on that, as long as you’re putting everything in categories, the one biggest one that you have, and you don’t know anything about, and that’s ‘sleep’. Because in sleep there is ‘knowingness’ and there is not a division. Continue.


JOHN: She continues on and asks; “My idea is that soon there will be a melding of our consciousness with our now hidden superconsciousness what we here on earth are calling the I AM presence. In short; will we then be FULLY aware of what we truly are or will there be again a level of consciousness which we will have no or hardly access to?”

DATRE: I cannot say. At the state that the individuals on the planet in physicality are in at the present time, it is ‘total’ confusion. I do not know what is going to happen to you tomorrow – I have no idea. I cannot tell you what you are going to do with superconsciousness, unconsciousness, consciousness and all the rest. It is an ‘individual’ process. And the only one that is going to ‘know’ when the process is completed is that portion that is living in physicality. No one else can tell you when your evolutionary pattern on this is complete – but you. You will ‘know’. You will know when you have completed it – there will be no guessing.

You talk about consciousness. Do you realize that that’s the only reason that you have the planet on which you are operating? If the planet itself and everything on it did not did not contain a portion of consciousness this would not exist – period. It could not. This had to be brought into this planetary bubble in order for it to maintain its existence. It is there. It will be there. Because it is what makes your system work. Your whole bubble contains that which you call consciousness. Continue.

JOHN: The next question is; “Will we have to take care of our food quality, nutrients and so on in the new energy or will we be able to heal and balance our bodies by intent only?”

DATRE: You run and operate your own body, nobody else does it. You can be a vegetarian. You can be a meat eater. You can live on air, if you want to. These are all your individual ideas and concepts. Its ‘what’ belief system do you want to try out? That does not make it good, bad or indifferent.

If your belief system say’s, ‘I think I would feel better if I were a vegetarian’, then okay be a vegetarian. Try it out, if you don’t like it, don’t do it. If you’ve been a vegetarian and say, ‘I think I would like to eat meat once and a while. I’d like to eat fish, I don’t know, I think I’ll try that’. Try it out. How are you going to ‘know’ about anything unless you try it?

If you have the urge to try something – try it. Don’t label everything. ‘If I eat this its not good for me. Oh, lets see, how much calcium am I going to have to have today? What am I going to have to do to avoid diabetes? What am I going to have to do for this that and the next thing?’. The television is so full of it; you can hardly see the program that you tuned into.

Then if you read all the disclaimers at the bottom, ‘don’t take this drug if you’ve got this and you’ve got that and you’ve got these symptoms or you’ve got those symptoms, be sure and ask your doctor’. Now, if that isn’t an oxymoron, I don’t understand one. But you buy into it because you think that that’s going to do it. The best health medicine that you can have is to take care of your ‘mind’ – that’s where it’s.

Remember the image that they made of Buddha and he’s a big fat jolly person sitting there and he’s happy. People look at that and say, ‘he’s happy’. So, they smile and go on. What makes him happy? He’s just sitting there doing nothing. In your world today, sitting there doing nothing is almost the biggest sin there is in the world. I mean, don’t let five minuets go by with nothing – that must be a sacrilege. But, he’s just sitting there smiling. Smiling, because it depicts an individual that ‘knows’ themselves. That’s all it is, it is a depiction of an individual that knows them self. Continue.

JOHN: She then asks; “When I read books about highly developed civilizations, whatever planet they are living on, and I learn of the gene experiments they are making in order to get rid of diseases (or anything else); I have often wondered why they aren’t able to accomplish desired modifications by intent only. This technical stuff seems so complicated to me. Isn’t it true that mind rules over matter? Am I only a desperate dreamer?”

DATRE: Well, mind rules over matter unless you’ve got a belief system that stands in the way – that say’s, ‘well I don’t know whether it will really work or not’. Not only that, you then must remember the evolution of the ‘species’ is not the evolution of those that trying to find out ‘who’ they really are and what physicality is all about. You are not the full species, you are an individual. The ‘species’ is – back of the lead elephant. The ‘species’ wants someone else to take care of them. That’s all the ‘species’ knows.

So, the evolution of the ‘species’ comes when they can find ways of making physicality feel better, live longer and all these other things. That’s the evolution of the ‘species’. How else are they going to achieve the desired result that the ‘MASS’ wants? How many individuals take care of their own bodies? They don’t. They go to a doctor. They go to a dentist. They go to all these people that can heal them – because they feel insufficient to heal themselves.

Now, if you have a persistent pain of some sort and you really don’t feel you want to go to the doctor, find something you think will help in the interim. In other words, tell the body, ‘here, I’m giving you two aspirin because you’ve got a headache, now you analyze what’s in those two aspirin and see if the body can’t produce that so I don’t have these headaches’. Then the next time you do it you say, ‘okay, here’s two more aspirin, see what you can do with it’. Then, after a short period of time, the body gets the message and can do it itself.

But you see you don’t realize you have to train the body. You’re the one that is ‘teaching’ the body. The body is teaching you. It’s a cooperative effort. But, how many people are going to do that? They’ll say, ‘well, I can’t do that, I need to go to a doctor, I have to check my blood pressure’. ‘What’s your blood pressure?’ You’ll say, ‘I haven’t the vaguest idea’. Then they look at you as to say, ‘what planet did you just come from?’. ‘You don’t know your own blood pressure?’ I mean, this is got to be ‘way out in left field someplace’; you’ve got to be a strange animal.

But you see, there again, evolution of the ‘species’. The ‘species’ wants to evolve, but doesn’t know how. Therefore, someone has to figure out a way to do it for them – they can’t do it themselves. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is; “You keep saying that our experiences are for learning, that everything is forever about learning. When this is the purpose of the universe how could I allow that I feel so bored, so disgusted and fed up with this learning process? I refuse to believe that the complete I that I AM, but not yet know, is simply trying to annoy me.”

DATRE: You are no different then many, many other people that we hear from all the time. ‘How come I’m so bored?’ ‘Why can’t I materialize what I want to materialize?’ ‘What’s wrong with what I’m doing?’ There’s no one that can tell you. Do something different. Why aren’t you doing something different? Get up and move. ‘But, I’m…’ Yeah, there are a million and seventy-five reasons why you shouldn’t move.

All right, paint the walls inside the house a different color. Get rid of old furniture and get new furniture. Get in your closet and clean out and get rid of your old clothes and get new ones. Do something. Don’t just constantly concentrate on what’s wrong. You keep saying, ‘why am I bored?’. Then the brain comes right back and mocks you, and say’s, ‘why am I bored?’. The brain will mimic. The brain absolutely will mimic. And that is the hard one to get past. But this is the way it works. If you’re bored, do something else or, do something.

‘I don’t like my job’. Well change your job. ‘Well I can’t afford to’. Well figure out a way that you can afford to. If you are working an eight hour job and you don’t like it, go to school and learn something else, at night school, so you’ll be qualified to get another job. Then get another job before you quit the one you’re at. Just say, ‘I can’t come to work now, but I can come in two weeks, because I can give two weeks notice’.

Everyone continues to talk about the tragedy of the two trade centers and surrounding buildings. Does anyone listen to the comments being made by those who find themselves out of work in the airline business, the computer business, or any of the other businesses that are doing away with a work force? As an example, an airline pilot out of work says that after taking a look at his situation and the fear of his children if he goes back to flying, is considering finding other means of employment. He finds that what is most important to him is, being with his family and not being away from home 60 hours a week. This is only one instance where people are beginning to ‘reevaluate’ their life style and their priorities. Are these people really ‘victims’ or are they making changes?

Think! There’s no one else that can help you. Everybody can ‘tell’ you what to do, but no one can ‘help’ you – you ‘must’ do it yourself. This is why we keep saying, OBSERVE, be an individual, know your Self. There’s many ways of achieving things. There used to be an old saying, I don’t know if you still have it or not because you’ve dumped a lot of old saying that were pretty good. “Never start a new job before you finish the old.” In other words, if you’re afraid of changing, then overlap them. You can do that. The boss that you’re working for now doesn’t know you’re out looking for a new job. Or, he may know that you’re going to night school, so he doesn’t care.

You can go to night school. You can go to school on Saturday; you can go to school on Sunday. ‘But I don’t know what I want’. Well you’ll never find out what you want if you never try. It doesn’t matter what it is – try it. If you don’t like it you can quit. You’ve still got the job even if you don’t like it. You see, ‘static’ is not getting to ‘know’ your Self. Movement is the ‘only’ thing that works. Sitting and complaining about something doesn’t do it. You have to get your two feet going and get your head going – then go. Boredom can be a very temporary thing if you put your mind to it. Continue.

JOHN: She continues on and asks; “Why do I create these feelings?”

DATRE: Because you’re giving the brain the wrong messages. You need to get excited about something, so that you can convey that to the brain so that the brain can pick up that excitement and give it back to you. You see boredom is a ‘void’. And the brain doesn’t like a void, so it will repeat. You have to fill the void. They always say, ‘if you want anything done, ask a busy person’. Because a busy person will get it done. The person that doesn’t have anything to do will never do it, because they can’t get out of their own way. Continue.

(continued on Datre192 – part 3)

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