Evolving Your Human Consciousness With the Law of Attraction

You can hardly turn on the television or read a newspaper article without seeing some evidence of the breakdown of an institution or system in our culture today. There appears to be a breakdown in world economies, institutions such as health care, education, banking, and more causeless acts of violence at home and around the world. Widely shifting weather patterns and natural disasters, massive oil spills, unexplained deaths of vast numbers of birds, fish and other animal life around the planet – all seemingly unrelated. Is there any case at all for the evolution of human consciousness?

In our dualistic third and fourth dimensional reality, conflict, breakdown, chaos, and disorder are unavoidable. For some order-keepers conflict or contrast to what is desirable is the enemy of society. Unfortunately, on occasion, breakdown and chaos happen. And arguing with reality is a form of insanity, isn’t it? So when we encounter contrast or chaos what is the mentally, emotionally, spiritually evolved thing to do?

Consider that contrast, even chaos are necessary for human evolution. There’s a certain degree of passive breakdown that will occur in a system. That could be considered as natural, even desirable. We could compare it to the unfriendly guests leaving the party.

When larger scale breakdown go unattended to, either on a personal level or the breakdowns we’re seeing in many of our social structures, you could be in for more than you’ve bargained for.

According to Charlotte D. Shelton, “When conflict is overly managed, nipped in the bud so to speak, opportunities for transformation are blocked”. Also, “According to chaos theory, high levels of disorder are prerequisite for system evolution. Without the chaos of conflict, life stagnates.”

The Law of Attraction, which manages all energy and relationships to that energy, states what you put your focus on will expand in your experience. For that reason, it’s important to distinguish what the breakdown is, and get clear on what the solution to the problem is.

Focusing on the solution rather than the problem brings us consciously out of the breakdown, assists us in allowing in the solution and thereby aids in the evolution of consciousness adding greater expansion to all humanity.

The moment a problem, breakdown or dysfunction has your attention, let that inform you as to what your desired outcome is.

Expansion and evolution are impossible to avoid. Solution-oriented problem solving and the energy of the universal Law of Attraction speed evolution in the direction of benefits and gains for all.

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  1. The recent events in Japan would be great example for what this article discusses. The mainstream media wants to focus on the doom and gloom, perhaps we should all focus on a resolution.

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