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REVIEW:The complete remote viewing training course

By Tortue

remote viewing course

6 tapes - 12 Lessons (30-45 minutes each lesson) + instruction sheet. All by Gerald O Donnell

Developed by Gerald O'Donnell this course teach ERV ( Extended Remote Viewing ) and many other things.

There is 6 tapes in a well presented package. The first tape is just a presentation of what remote viewing is . Things start to be exciting with tape 2 side A , you are guided in a journey where O Donnell teach how to reach the alpha state followed by the theta state . The method is gradual made of breathing and visualization exercises. It remind me of the Silva Method teaching, toward the end of the journey you are asked to build your mental lab you are also introduced to your 'inner guide'. I used the mental lab and remote viewing to win several horse race bets. It's an useful tape that you can use for your self improvement as well as for guidance.

Tape 2 side B is probably the most important of the whole package , in this journey you learn to access deep theta and anchor the state. It does mean that each time you want to access the state again you launch the anchor typically ,it consist to say 3 times a particular sentence. The exercise was difficult for me ,It include subtle energy work I wasn't used to this . I have found that doing 2 or 3 minutes of stretching and acupressure greatly help to have a better experience.

Tape 3 side A and B , you will learn to develop your clairvoyant sight.
extended rv course

Tape 4 side A - was for me the best of all , once you are clairvoyant and your imagination is properly developed you can access the past , your past or any past. I remember one session I accessed an event who occurred when I was 9 year- old , It was quite realist , I was able to connect with many sensory data I had at that time it was like the event was occurring in the past. This is powerful once you master this you can correct past event , this tape gave me the motivation to learn about age regression and OOBE (because of the rich sensory data I connected with).

Tape 5 side A is rather theory explanation on the source of remote viewing data . Side B go further in learning remote viewing perception.

Tape 6 side A - This lesson is fine for those who which to connect with animals and plants . This is something I do since long time the method explored in the course is effective if you have a pet or plants , you will benefit from this technique a lot.

Tape 6 side B - This is very important lesson on this side , you'll need the skill built on tape 2 side B .The lesson is about remote viewing eyes open . I don't know if I did well with this one as I'm still practicing nonetheless I got a boost in my telepathic skill ! This is great . Conclusion : This course is for the serious about remote viewing several weeks are required to master the techniques.

You can get this remote viewing course at Probable Future.com


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