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Energy Healing For Busy People


In today’#8217;s society of working moms, busy schedules
and endless responsibilities, it’#8217;s no wonder people of all races,
nationalities and walks of life are seeking ways to receive energy
healing for their minds, bodies and spirits in ways that will fit into
their busy schedules. 

Remote or Long Distance Energy Healing is
just one form of healing modality that many people find powerfully
effective and have come to rely on when trips to workshops or 2 hour
phone sessions just won’#8217;t work with meals to cook and children to tend
to and business meeting that cannot be rescheduled.

Healing Sessions done in a remote fashion offer another added benefit
that many people tend to overlook.  And that is the fact that when you
are physically or consciously present while healing is taking place,
the physical mind has a tendency to focus on all the things going wrong
that require healing, or perhaps they are nervous or afraid.  All of
which are lower frequency vibrations that make receiving healing much
harder and in some cases downright impossible. 

During remote
healing sessions, the practitioner is communicating with you Spirit to
Spirit, Higher Self to Higher Self. Which is to say that the
practitioner is helping you to help yourself without you getting in the
way!!  You see, the conscious mind is a powerful creator, and also a
great saboteur of manifesting your desires depending on just where you
choose to spend time focusing that beautiful mind of yours.  Every one
of your thoughts create and then manifests here in the physical. So the
more you discuss, share and complain about all the things you don’#8217;t
like in the world, your life or your workplace, the more you will get
to experience exactly that because each time you focus on it and give
it emotion, good or bad, it will be created again and again until you
change what thoughts you allow yourself to entertain. What feelings you
choose to feel, and what beliefs you still choose to carry and live by.

Energy Healing
can assist you in so many ways, from remembering how to heal yourself
and receive higher guidance, to helping you clear your energy body of
old fears, programs and beliefs that keep you from manifesting your
desires and live a joyous healthy life. 

You have the ability to
heal yourself, to communicate freely with your Higher self, your
Angels, Guides and Mother/Father God and to receive guidance that is
for your highest good!  You just have to remember how. For in truth,
you have always been able to do these things and more, for you are a
multidimensional being of Pure Divine Light and have access to all the
Energy Healing you need if you dare to look inside your heart and
follow the guidance within you to remember your truth.

The good
news is that you no longer have to deal with low energy levels, ill
health and negative energy within your body due to a busy schedule. 
Remote Energy Healing is a powerfully effective and convenient way to
receive all the assistance you are guided to receive for a happier,
healthier more beautiful you in a way that is perfect for you and your

About the Author:

is a highly sought after Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master and
Divinely Guided Facilitator and Master Activator of the Sacred Divinity
Code Energy Healing Activations. She has helped thousands of people
from across the globe reconnect with their true Divine Selves,
reactivate their Original Divine Blueprints and heal themselves
Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally.

To find out more about
Divinity Code Energy Healing, healing for your pets or to read more
about YaMa’#8217;ELs’#8217; mission here on earth please visit her blog at

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