Earthbound Souls, Suicide, and the Problem With Reincarnation


By: Russell Symonds

It is one’s state of evolution and consciousness that determines what sort of afterlife one finds one’s self in after the crossing from this world into the realms beyond it. One’s spiritual progress or development is largely dependent on the degree of one’s personal illumination, love, understanding and forgiveness. We will explore what happens to souls who are overly steeped in materialism or dogmatic beliefs and to those that commit suicide. Also we will try to solve the problem of reincarnation.

Why Some Souls Start Out Earthbound

Search and rescue of earthbound souls is a common and very much needed occupation as many materialistic souls (not knowing anything about the astral planes or life after death) still cling to the earth for days, weeks, even months after they die simply because they know of nothing better and would often try to get the attention of their physical relatives and friends or take free rides up and down the streets on a bus! The only real problems encountered are those souls with very strong misconceptions (such as deep religious and old, life-long dogmatic convictions) about the afterlife. They are very hard to reach and often stay earthbound much longer than most souls and usually end up in a colony on one of the “belief system territories ” of the lower astral worlds along with many other souls of that same very limiting religion or belief system. They are in most cases quite happy there, so might as well leave them well enough alone!

The Problem with Suicide

Well, after knowing just how wonderful death really is, why don’t we all just kill ourselves and go back to paradise? One would think, especially if one is in a terrible predicament or suffering or pain or some other severe hardship that one might as well take one’s own life and get it over with. After all, so many of the souls who come through can’t help but say how extremely happy they are to be free from all the miseries and complexities of physical living and that death was the best thing that ever happened to them. However, the spirits warn that to go before one’s time would be detrimental to spiritual wholeness.

Would suicide ever be justified? An assisted suicide might make sense for those patients who are on the life support, in intensive care, who are being forced to hang around in a “vegetable ” state of total or extreme disability and/or who are only suffering and having no chance whatsoever of any future purpose, convalescence, joy, healing or happiness while still on Earth. If the physical body is very old, completely worn out, completely useless, in a coma, etc. then why on Earth prolong the suffering? Why not allow the soul its freedom of choice so that it can go on if it wants to? To deliberately force the soul to stay stuck in a painful, agonizing existence in a completely worn-out body and non-functioning brain would not make any sense whatsoever.

On the other hand, if one is still young, healthy, and can still in any way shape or form do some sort of good or service to humanity while still on Earth, it could be hazardous to one’s spiritual progress or development to commit suicide, which would rather be like quitting school before one graduates or cutting “Earth ” classes before the course is over. There is no such thing as a “shortcut ” to paradise. To enter paradise, one’s self-concept must be very upright or full of certainty or knowing that one has done only the best thing possible while on Earth with whatever hardship or seeming injustices thrown at one and has not overindulged in too much selfish behavior to the detriment of others. One must face one’s self and that is the catch. Those who selfishly commit suicide will have to “live ” with all the consequences of that decision, and face all the people hurt by or affected in any way by the taking of one’s own life. It is universal law that when one causes pain in others, one never gets away with it.

Regarding life on Earth, no matter how difficult, suicide is never advisable, and death is not intended or designed to solve all one’s problems, which are trying to teach one some very important lessons, not to mention all the very important reasons for being on Earth in the first place. Ask any soul who had committed suicide while still in the prime of life and they will lament at all the grief and sadness they had caused others to go through, lost opportunities to love, grow, experience and really become the person they always wanted to be. Every incarnated soul has a mission of some sort to accomplish, and from what I’ve learned, heard and read about suicide, to find one’s self back “at home ” without having first accomplished all that one has intended to do on Earth could result in having to go back to Earth and start all over again in a new body. Life, whether here or hereafter is a responsibility, and that responsibility can never be escaped from without great sacrifice to one’s spiritual evolution and progress toward finer levels of happiness, fulfillment and salvation.

The Problem With Reincarnation (Not My Favorite Subject)

Very few souls ever want to go back to live (reincarnate) on Earth again. Some souls say reincarnation is possible, and there are many proven cases of reincarnation. According to a video of Betty Jean Eadie, author of Embraced by the Light there might be a form of reincarnation but nothing like what common eastern and popular western “New Age ” concepts portray. According to the medium Robert James Lees (1849-1931), author of The Life Elysian, his spirit author (or ghost writer-ha! ha!), Aphraar states that the concept that one dies and reincarnates again and again is a distortion, in other words, there is usually no personal spirit that enters the body after its conception. He also states that there are many misled souls both on Earth and in the hereafter who will say that reincarnation is essential for spiritual and evolutionary progress, just as there are many who pass over still believing in old religious philosophies or dogmas, because no one suddenly becomes all-knowing wise and perfect just because they died.

William Charles Cadwell who is direct voice medium David Thompson’s main spirit convener at the Circle of the Silver Cord, stated in one of the seances that half of the souls born onto the “Earth plane ” have lived at least once before, while the other half are new souls with no past except as pure “God ” energy. Getting exact, scientific knowledge of reincarnation even while in direct communication with spirits is still quite a challenge. Even though knowledge in the afterlife is so much easier to obtain and retain, the spirits can still carry with them many misconceptions and contradictions just as they had while on Earth. Other than for a great soul to come back as a teacher (like Yogananda or Jesus Christ), I would have to seriously question the reasoning of anyone who would want to come back and live on Earth again! My official view on reincarnation: it not only is possible, it is constantly occurring and is, unfortunately, essential for all souls who are still tied up with the Earth vibration. However, I personally dislike the idea of becoming physically restricted again after any period of heavenly freedom!

Anyway, I am still wondering about the sanity of those few souls on the other side who say they want to reincarnate! For example there is a Leslie Flint tape where the spirit of Annie Besant, a famous Theosophist talks for a while about reincarnation and spiritual development followed by an Italian lady named Estell (near end of tape) who wants to reincarnate so she could get married and have children which was not possible for her during her recent lifetime on Earth. (Why can’t she do this on the astral plane where everyone’s desire is provided for?) Annie Besant, who believed she herself would reincarnate right away (but speaking through Leslie Flint’s ectoplasm 55 years after her death obviously did not!) states that there are group souls who reincarnate together to express truth and to uplift humanity. However I am a little uncomfortable and worried about what she says about reincarnation as if the time spent on Earth was so insignificant which may be true from the cosmic perspective, but from my viewpoint, just my present lifetime on Earth alone has been a rather traumatic, tiresome, unpleasant experience.

My concern with reincarnation is why do we souls seem to be such gluttons for punishment supposedly having had so many past lives many of which were quite tragic and then not even remembered by the vast majority? To willingly get reborn into a new body and forgetting everything previously learned to me is simply awful! Living lives on Earth compared to living lives in the heavenly spheres is usually much harder, often terrifying, and extremely frustrating!

At least it has been for me in both this lifetime in England and the U.S. and in previous lifetimes in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East where I was kidnapped, buried alive for several years, and then murdered while trying to escape, and in another life, I died by crashing through the top of a catacomb or abandoned well while riding a camel (along with several others in a caravan) over a desert hill which gave me nightmares for years while young and seemed to lead to severe problems in my present lifetime. I also remember a vivid nightmare where saw a man in very primitive clothing running across a barren, rocky plain so fast right in front of my range of vision that it made me laugh until the next thing I knew my head was being crushed within the mouth of a sabertooth tiger! Glad I woke up right away!

I would never, ever want to reincarnate ever again! I mean to go through all that forgetting who we really are, birthing trauma, diapers, growing up, learning how to communicate, making the same mistakes over and over, working hard for almost nothing, choking on physical food, hunger, searching for a mate, loneliness, uncertainty, suffering, disease, and dying etc. over and over again–who in their right mind would want to reincarnate?! It’s a wonder I didn’t crawl back inside whenever I was born! The frustrating and humiliating limitations and sufferings of physical living is this main concern that has driven me nearly insane and then to yoga, meditation and afterlife research in the first place–I really need to know for sure that I won’t have to leave paradise and forget my true self again through another rudely disrupting reincarnation! This is the problem of reincarnation I have been concerned about and that has prompted much of my spiritual research in the hopes of finding a way out of this rather frightening cycle of birth, suffering and death.

Another serious problem regarding reincarnation one would have to acknowledge is the fact that with the ever growing population of the earth there could never be enough reincarnating human souls to occupy all those new bodies unless perhaps they come from either nature spirits (elemental thought forces or creations), fragments of one’s Oversoul and/or animal spirits, Source Energy (as Abraham-Hicks would say) or simply nothing at all except some self-aware fragment of the Universal Spirit, Prana or Shakti. The recent massive surge to nearly seven billion people proves that there can’t possibly be enough reincarnations from past human lives from past history to go around unless they came from some other source or even no source at all.

According to Robert A. Monroe’s Ultimate Journey it is the numerous separate fragments of an Oversoul who reincarnate and never one soul reincarnating over and over. When tuning in through meditation or through dream states, these past lives of those fragments of one’s Oversoul could easily be experienced or interpreted as one’s own. These fragments often exist as members of like minded individuals living together in a group or community in the afterlife. I like that explanation and prefer to stick with it rather than feel I must go on and on reincarnating! This explanation is quite realistic because Robert actually met his other “soul fragments ” quite frequently throughout his out-of-body adventures who were often in all sorts of states, stages and lifetimes. So have I experienced similar encounters in my dream states including fragmentary experiences of simultaneous lives in different planets, places and times as portrayed in Jane Robert’s The Oversoul 7 Trilogy.

The physical reality is really only a very tiny, rather backwards and insignificant part of the “rainbow universe. ” In the higher levels of the vibrational spheres or universal spectrum of existence, most souls seem to enjoy centuries and centuries of very idealistic living while gradually evolving into ever higher and higher spheres and expanding into ever new dimensions of great love, understanding, experience, creativity and beauty indefinitely.

An alternative to reincarnation on Earth is the possibility of reincarnation on a much “easier ” sphere such as Bashar’s world, Essassani mentioned in some of my other articles. A very physical reincarnation can be experienced on that planet, except it is still subtle enough to not be such a traumatic limitation to the soul nor have to force one to go through any other sort of unpleasantness so often typical of life’s struggles on Earth.

Interesting to see in many instances how the system of yogic knowledge and experienced astral travelers confirm all that has come through Leslie Flint and how all the more important it is to evolve spiritually or remain stuck in the quandary of spiritual ignorance and suffering of reincarnation!

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About the Author

I am a spiritual truth seeker looking for wholeness, or the perfect inner joy and abundant health that we all long for. I have found much of that wholeness through ionized water fasting, afterlife research, advanced dieting/nutritional supplementation, meditation, and transmutation of the lower chakra energies into a higher expression of joy and love.

3 thoughts on “Earthbound Souls, Suicide, and the Problem With Reincarnation”

  1. You can see from the link I have given you in the website that I recently lost my 19 year old son, and, as is always the case, we seek to gain our spiritual roots from undergoing such losses. I have always been a spiritualist, but, reading your article (above), I found much in common with my own beliefs. Your article was humorous, challenging, descriptive, poignant, and very much like what I believe, with regard to reincarnation.
    I wondered what are your thoughts were on Karma in spiritualism? It seems to me that Buddhist teachings on Karma are pretty harsh. Basically they admit that they hold the 6 million victims of the holocaust responsible for their deaths – they ‘deserved’ their fate because they sinned in a previous life. That means that rich people on this earth (people like Paris Hilton) deserve their riches because they were good in their last life. This seems a pretty judgemental and narrow-minded philosophy. But the real crunch is that Buddihist karmic philosophy is supposed to be all about attaining spiritual enlightenment, just as Spiritualism is. But apparently, if you are good in one life, you get rewarded by being rich, in a material sense, in the next life. It doesn’t follow. Surely the reward should be spiritual and not material? Aren’t Buddhists continually slating our desires for material things? Or perhaps they aren’t, and that’s why many celebrities turn their attention to Buddisim, because it gives them justification for their obscenely rich lifestyle? “I am rich because I deserve it” etc. I am confused, to say the least. Also (and this sounds like a VERY silly question, but since you have obviously done lots of research, I will still ask it), do they have things like TV, films and internet in the afterlife? I mean, who would run those services? But I presume they have everything we have, but better? Many thanks for your time. Vanda xx

  2. I am extremely, extremely sorry to read about the incomparable loss of your son. Was this an accident? I would love to be a medium if I had the ability and the time to develop it!

    To answer your questions about karma and spiritualism, Buddhism is a faith, and like most religions, contains an extensive belief system that tries to explain and make sense of life, suffering and death. However, their “answers” can indeed be more confusing than not!

    To cut through all this confusion, it would be far better to understand the immensely complex fabric of life in terms of physics rather than karma: “For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.” In other words, what you put out, is what you get back.

    Your emotions, belief system, ideas and actions create the sort of experiences you will go through. The best thing to do is to improve your state of being (in love) or connection with God (Higher Self or Spirit) as much as possible. One is to emit the “vibration rate” of unconditional love as much as possible to all other people, life forms and energies. You will be amazed to find that constantly giving out unconditional love to others creates the most immense rewards ever in ways you never imagined!

    Whether one is rich or poor is actually irrelevant, it is one’s state of being that matters (manifests)! Babaji, for example, had nothing but a cave on mountain side, but his state of being was so immense, he was able to manifest a palace for his disciple, Lahiri Mahasaya. Have you not noticed it seems most of the so-called “rich, beautiful and famous” can be and are often utterly miserable, (look what happened in the case of Mel Gibson, for example) while a surprising number of poor people (especially in nature) enjoy simple, yet quiet, content and happy lives? Unconditional love, not circumstances, is the key.

    To answer your question regarding films, TV, and internet in the afterlife, these do exist (along with all the books, magazines and anything else ever written or thought about that is worth saving or of great value) and are commonly available to anyone with the right vibration, but not requiring the same “connections” nor any services to run or maintain them. The astral realms are realms of vibration where thoughts and things are the same thing and depending on one’s level of consciousness, it is possible to “connect” with any subject, movie, or play one wishes to enjoy. One can even go back to the Earth vibration and watch any movie, play or concert back on Earth, of course.

    You could actually go to a “town cinema” in the afterlife and watch anything you wish to see that is worth watching or listening to (most likely in 3D) in a special area or building that is designated for that purpose. Of course there are also concerts of various kinds you can enjoy, and playing musicians with all manner of instruments are commonplace throughout the astral communities and gardens. Human created and naturally created music, colors, and imagery are a huge part of the enjoyment of living in the astral worlds!

    The laws of physics and time tend to run very differently than it does on Earth which is nearly 100% restricted to the “arrow of time” gravity and entropy. There are no actual restrictions such as old age or “entropy” in the afterlife, only those inherent in one’s state of mind or being.

    Thanks so much for your interest in the subject of spiritualism and for your very kind words!

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