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Dream Telepathy

by tortue

A lot of you are familiar with lucid dreaming . But what about dream telepathy ?

What if you could send a message, when someone is sleeping. In my experience telepathy is clearer when the receiver is asleep. In the past, I sent a complete scenario to someone . I imagined the story with the other person , the day after , the other person phoned me and said that he had a vivid dream about me , which was the story I made up. Below is a couple of dream telepathy techniques , I got from old occult books .

Late at night , when you assume that the person you will be sending the message is asleep. Put a chair in the center of room. Keep the light switched off , if it's too dark use a candle. Face the back of the chair and imagine the receiver siting on it. If you want solve a conflict , persuade the person about something, say your comments , keep talking until you have a feeling that it's enough. The next time you see the person observe and notice if there is a change.

Again at night, when you assume the receiver is asleep. Relax yourself and go in theta state , the altered state where you can do psychic stuff easily, I use the Theta Meditation CD to achieve that.

When you are deeply relaxed make a picture of the person you wish to communicate . Say compliments to this person for a woman say how young and beautiful she is and so on .. For a man say , how strong , confident and smart he is , do it until you feel it is enough . It's easy to spot this moment, it's the point where the intensity of what you are doing decrease fast. This technique is solely to establish good rapport with someone. May be, someone you are interested to know or someone you are in conflict.

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