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Dowsing rod and churches

Dowsing rod and churches
by Dr. Milan Nostrad
Dowsing rod
A dowsing rod works on a similar principle as a pendulum. Basically it is the same thing but it has a different shape. Usually it has a shape of letter V, or shape of letter L. We use it mainly when we look for water, eventually minerals. A dowsing rod is used in motion. Pendulum is not practical in motion, it is basically useless.
The Chinese used a dowsing rod made of natural materials, mainly from wood. They used for example acorns as pendulums. Later Mongols began to use metallic dowsing rods. Basically the dowsing rod means nothing, neither the clairvoyant. Reaction occurs only with their connection.
A typical characteristic of a dowser is that magmatic forces of the Earth penetrate through their body easily. If you want to accumulate magmatic forces of the Earth in your body, internal harmony is needed. A dowser concentrates on being harmonic in both sides of the body at all times. They practice the same feelings in both parts of the body. They concentrate on the tips of their thumbs and are constantly aware that the left thumb is equally attuned as the right thumb; what is on the right side is on the left side too. I do not recommend you to walk barefoot when working with a dowsing rod. On the contrary, thick sole are needed in order to have good insulation from the ground. Some dowsers even put plastic bags over their shoes.
Pendulum handling is like playing a piano. Somebody plays excellently, somebody average; somebody plays solely one song and somebody nothing at all. That means that some people can handle a pendulum excellently, some averagely, some passably and some not at all. Fortunately, the pendulum does not require as many years of training as playing the piano. Many clairvoyants use the pendulum to supplement their clairvoyant performance. This is a good combination.

Geopathogenic zones and churches
A dowsing rod is mainly used to look for water or geopathogenic zones. We should not live in a place where geopathogenic zones are present. It is advisable to avoid them. If you stay at a place through which geopathogenic zones run it can have harmful influence on your health. Many books have been written about this topic therefore I skip it.
However none of the books I have read state that churches are built just above these geopathogenic zones. And really, all churches are built on these places, except of course the new ones. It is interesting. Even statues next to churches stand on these zones.
I have been near one church and the statue by it has been located quite atypically. From an architectural point of view it should be located completely elsewhere. I was curious so I clairvoyantly looked at it and really, there was a geopathogenic zone below the statue. Priests spend a large amount of their life in these zones and it has no influence on their health. At the moment I cannot comment it, it is a subject for deeper research.

Pendulum and lie
I know a person who is able to detect whether one is lying using a pendulum. He uses the pendulum in his head. In this case using the real pendulum is practically impossible to use. When somebody lies you do not have time to take out the pendulum from your pocket or to take it out from a drawer.
I detect it in a different way. When somebody says the truth their speech comes to me directly. When somebody lies their speech comes to me as oscillation. I can distinguish it only when I concentrate. In normal life I have got enough of my own duties. Sometimes I notice and sometimes I do not.
In addition there is a group of professional liars. It is not possible to reveal their lie at all. Those people consider the lie as something normal. From their moral point of view a lie is the same as truth. When they lie no stress or reaction rises in their psyche. Therefore it is impossible to find it out. They are just professionals.

Dr. Milan Nostrad is a spiritual teacher, psychic, medium and writer. He has practiced yoga for twenty-five and esoteric for ten years. He is author of New Clairvoyance (2013). The book is full of new ideas. Finally something new in meditation, psychic, clairvoyance and esoteric. For more information visit:

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