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DNA and DNA Activation

The genes encoded on the form of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) contain the hereditary information, a gene is located on a specific position on the chromosome in a nucleus's cell. RNA (Ribonucleic acid) is used for the transcription of genetic information.

The genes contained in the body has all the information of human since it was first incarnated on this planet. This mean a lot of civilization cycles.

According to Datre when the soul decide to incarnate, the soul choose parent with the genes pool that has the qualities, it wish to express in a particular life. If the soul wish to incarnate has a brilliant musician it will look for that and make it dominant in the physical personality. Usually, the personality will choose to incarnate with some flaws. They will be used to set the pattern of challenge to be overcome during the lifetime. Someone with great intelligence in one lifetime may choose to incarnate with poor intelligence for its own learning in the next lifetime, but the great intelligence are still in the genes they are simply not dominant. Now, you should know that you have a lot of latent abilities that you don't use. If you use proper meditation you can explore your probable selves and see what are these latent abilities that you have, it will certainly enrich experience has human being.

DNA reprogramming

DNA reprogramming is the process of using energy to make some pattern dominant in your DNA and to manifest certain qualities. Typically, one will use DNA reprogramming to accelerate spiritual growth, lose weight, reverse aging, change physical features, etc.. they are countless possibilities.

DNA Activation

DNA activation is an evolutionary process to activate the dormant strands of the DNA. Once the DNA is activated the human being can work with more life force or Chi-energy and therefore has a bigger potential for anything psychic and creativity.

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