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Divination: I-Ching - Yi Jing - The book of changes

The I-ching is the ancient Chinese book of changes. It is a divination manual composed of 64 six lines diagrams also called 'Hexagrams'. Each hexagram represent a human situation or condition, each of a hexagram's six lines symbolizes a different aspect of that situation . To use the I-ching , one must ask a question and then toss coins or sticks six times. Each throw determine a line in the hexagram, to know the meaning of the hexagram one consult the Book of changes. The I Ching gives 4096 (64 x 64 ) possible readings. Usually, you will have 3 parts in an I-Ching reading (the situation, the advice, the thing to avoid). An hexagram is composed of two trigrams (figures of three lines). The two component trigrams ("Above" and "Below") are made up of the top three lines and the bottom three lines of the hexagram. These indicate the outer (above) and inner (below) aspects of the situation described in the hexagram.

The I-Ching seems to work by stimulating your intuition and causing you to put your attention on things you have overlooked .According to Sonia Choquette author of the Psychic Pathway - The I-Ching is useful in the beginning of a new business, forming or ending partnerships, divorcing, understanding difficult people or during a cycle of changes.


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