Detect the Aura

Aura is an subtle energy field that pervades the body. Using a simple
technique the aura is easily seen and felt; people get
excited when they quickly develop the power to feel auras.
Try this method. It takes five minutes but could readily
change your life by expanding your consciousness!

Find a willing partner. Both of you will take turns. The pictures illustrate the ste.

  1. Join your hands in a praying position at chest level.

  2. Ask
    your partner to place cover hands over yours so as to clasp your hands
    together. For a about a minute try to pull
    your hands apart while your partner applies pressure to counter you.
    Pour in effort to pulling your hands apart.

  3. After
    that minute have your partner completely unclasp their hands from yours
    and step back . Move your hands to just above stomach height and hold
    them parallel six inches apart. Hold this position.

Relish the sensations!

your palms across each other, you will encounter the sensation of a
magnetic pull, a force of repulsion. Gently move your palms
closer and farther apart, moving just fractions of an inch. As you move
your palms, detect the point of strongest pressure where your
hands are repelling each other. Halt the movement at this
point and then gently move your hands a tad apart and then
return to this point again. The pressure will increase as you amass the
energy with your hands. It is at this point of maximum pressure that
you have discerned the first layer of the aura.

let’#8217;s take it a step further. Move your hands to just over two feet
distance apart. Allow the energy build up between your hands
so you can sense the pulsation again. Gently bring your hands
closer again; keep them parallel. You will feel yet
another layer of the aura at a distance from between twenty four inches
to twelve inches.

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