Destroying Dogma


Dogma is belief that is not subject to
self-criticism. It is for this reason that dogma must be continually
tested and bombarded. Dogma would have us believe that it stands above
criticism, that the very thought of criticism is blasphemy or
blasphemys modern day cousin, politically incorrect. This is the
nature of what occurs when we allow power to corrupt us. We seek to
keep this power safe, and the safest place is a place that is

When we create untouchables we create objects within
our minds that are exempt from criticism or observation. These
untouchables become so perfect that we skew our own intuition in order
to justify what we see. We literally and willingly pull the wool over
our eyes. The solution is to actively and consciously test everything.

power comes from making our deepest values completely congruent with
our actions. Simple in principle, but rapidly degenerates in practice
when we actively deny and ignore our growing awareness and perception.
This is what happens when we hold on to dogma. It is an active process
and the solution must also be active. It is through being alert and
critical that dogma is destroyed. We ignore nothing, we let nothing get
away. What ability is trained here? The ability of sensitive and aware
perception. This is the tool that is required for self-mastery. Many
speak of it and yet when it comes to using and developing it they shy
away because of what it truly means.

It takes inner strength and
courage to realize that illusion and dogma exists everywhere. Each time
awareness destroys a piece of it, it feels like part of our dream has
perished. In truth, what is really occurring is that we are creating
evolution and development that is aligned to our own realization of
truth and empowerment.

Destruction is a necessary part of
evolution and growth. It transforms what is not useful and expands what
is. Dogma when freed from its prison of our perceptions becomes alive
and useful information. It then has the ability to adapt, to grow and
to fit our own purpose and meaning. Instead of a separation between our
own value and that of the untouchable, the untouchable simply becomes
touchable and we recognize unity.

The only reason that dogma
exists is to protect the investment of power. This itself is a lie
also, because what it is really protecting is an illusion of power. Any
power that needs protection is just an affirmation of an inner weakness
and so is not true power at all. This is dogma, made untouchable
because to touch it would make it crumble. Tearing away this perception
brings us to the true cause of fear. Facing this fear, not running,
hiding or pretending that its flaw does not exist allows us to create
the strength, peace and wisdom that becomes in itself true power.

Hieu Doan

Doan is a Metaphysical Healer, Senior Guild Leader of Life Mastery
Guilds and creator of ‘#8217;Meditation Mastery Activations’#8217; and the ‘#8217;9 Laws
of Empowerment.’#8217;

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