David Icke vs the wise entities

David Icke is the well know conspiracies author, he wrote a lot of books on his ideas of conspiracy , his Wikipedia says of him :

At the heart of Icke’#8217;s theories is the view that the world is ruled by a secret group called the “Global Elite ” or “Illuminati, ” which he has linked to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic hoax.[3][4] In 1999, he published The Biggest Secret, in which he wrote that the Illuminati are a race of reptilian humanoids known as the Babylonian Brotherhood, and that many prominent figures are reptilian, including George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristofferson, and Boxcar Willie.

I read his book The Biggest Secret and many other of his texts, Im also an avid readers of material such Seth, Datre, Ramtha , Orin & Daben and Michael (all are wise entities channelled by people)
I wanted to have the opinions of these entities about the various topics discussed by David Icke, I found some interesting viewpoint from them. After, they are on the other side so they can see more of us, so let examine some the conspiracies .

JFK Assassination – According to David Icke President Kennedy was silenced by the Global Elite because he was loose cannon, he didnt want to follow the plan for global domination.

Datre Opinion – John Kennedy did whatever he wanted to do for his own specific reasons.
You see, for everything that happens, constantly, which reality are you experiencing? You have an ‘#8217;agreed upon’#8217; reality. Then you move into another reality and you agree in that reality. And you move into another reality and you agree in that reality. What your belief system will accept as ‘#8217;valid’#8217; is where you are. You cannot go into a reality that your belief system will not accept.

That is why some peoples lives stay pretty much the same. And other peoples lives change drastically and dramatically. It’#8217;s ‘#8217;your’#8217; evolution – what ‘#8217;your’#8217; belief system will accept. And, when you tap into another reality, do you want to stay there? Or do you want to come back into what you thought was ‘#8217;this’#8217; reality? But you never come back into the same one. Because, having experienced another reality, this one is different and you are different.

You’#8217;ll say, ‘#8217;well, that person never changes, they’#8217;re always the same since the day they were born’#8217;. Well, figure it out. How many realities have they tapped into? Maybe evolution is not important to them. Maybe its an ‘#8217;aspect’#8217; that had a desire to be on its own and after being on its own, decided that it didn’#8217;t like it very much. So its just waiting until the physical body says, ‘#8217;well, I guess I’#8217;ve had enough of this’#8217; and you agree and go into the dead zone. You see, you have so many possibilities and probabilities.

UFO  covered-up – According to David Icke there is a deliberate cover-up of UFOs visit by the governments

Datre Opinion  Your government and the governments of other countries have been working with what you call UFO’#8217;s, that look very much like what you see in the sky. They have crashed, they have landed in fields and made great big burn marks in your fields, because you know how to do nothing on this planet, other than work with what you call “gasoline ” to power anything that moves.

….Many times when they started out with these “round ” ships that they call them, you have had, what you would call, a couple of “astronauts ” inside of them, but they have run on gasoline. Well of course, when they land they are going to “burn ” something. If they crash, they’#8217;re going to make a hole.
Those have been very cleverly covered-up by your governments. I do not know why but that is your planet and you have to figure that out for yourself. For those people that have come close to where those ships have landed and they have been burned, their faces have been burned by the heat and so fourth and they saw people, these “gray ” people coming at them, guess what? “Flight suits “. They had to have flight suits on, they were silver in color. So your government knows this, but you don’#8217;t know that, but that’#8217;s all right. It has not affected that many people.

In the book Cosmic Journeys – Rosalind McKnight talks of her experience with extraterrestrial intelligence.

“…Contact has already taken place with certain individual in human history. Some of their energy has gone into human form to aid in this communication process. These are individuals through whom most of the communication has taken place.

However, the majority of those on our planet consider such thing impossible or insane.

 Extraterrestrial beings are in physical bodies, but on a higher vibration that we are on. Because they are on a higher physical level of vibration,  they can vibrate into and out of our system if they desire.

Thats why some people can see them and some cant. [pg 109] 

According to David Icke the world is run by a group he calls the Global Elite from extraterrestrial origin.

Michael Entities opinion –  It is difficult to verify and validate a channeled secret but we can provide what we see at this point. Remember we are describing an energy system more than events. We have always described energy systems and accomodate the need for events to shape the energy. Thus, the earth political energy system is as usual a hornets nest of deception. It is a system built around deception and the creation of more deception. In other words, it is multiverse of deception. They cannot accept the full truth and thus they do not describe what is fully real. Realilty is selected and the descriptions are a rearrangment of events to provide popular support for any political-economic agenda.

There is discussion about how things really work. We will say that this is also a rearrangment of truth, so there is some truth in it. Whether or not their is ET influence, or the influence of the reptilian race is not a necessary direction to understand the present and past political and econonmic structures that seek to control resources, humanity being considered a resource in their equation. There is one major controlling group made of associated clans. However, the group is not always in agreement on how to manage their power. They know that they need the support of their vassals to hold the power that they believe is their birthright. They are essentially aristocratic by nature and although there is sufficient infighting to make the game interesting for them, they are normally allied together in their membership. The agenda is simple, to control resources and to accumulate wealth and power. Power though is primary, wealth is simply a dividend. If someone seeks wealth they are considered a lesser but tolerated, however they are not considered worthy of inner membership. They are by no means unnattached to wealth however wealth is power and power is needed to protect wealth. Power is always primary and wealth is secondary but it could well be considered very close second. The wealth is a necessary protection. It buys them the privacy and secrecy that they need to continue in power. Wealth is necessary for the purchase of armies, weapons, and fortresses.

Levels of Power

We will speak somewhat of the hierarchy of political power. For simplicity, we will identify seven levels. The lowest level, one, having the least amount of economic power, and the highest, seven, having the greatest amount of power. Your president is but a secondary, second functionary or a fourth level member of the global hierarchy of power. His father is a fifth level member but the son, being dim witted in comparison to others of an equal power level cannot hold a higher level. Most presidents and major world political leaders are fifth levels. The man Saddam was a fourth level as are others in the so called third world leadership. He though, understood the power structure and wanted to move up in the ranks. Being of a “common stock ” he was strongly advised to keep his place. The power itself though has an addictive quality to it.

The seventh level members (the administrators) are basically a small group of kings and servers. These fragments, about 15 total, are at the highest level of global political power. They all know each other and can trace their blood relations. They are erudite, educated, charming, ruthless and cruel. It is a cruelity that is removed from their subject although they will have others close to them assist in the destructive power they hold. They maintain a quiet authority through their control of the global money supply and through this they have power over the leadership of nations. We suggest here, and this is because many who may read this will have difficulty with the idea, that this group seeks to control not only their bloodline, that is their ancestry, but also the energy of their incarnations. Thus, to be born back into the family is a desire strong enough to keep them born back into the family. Many beings will choose their next incarnation although at a level of consciousness beyond the communications of false personality. These beings who inhabit the the seventh level of power do so because they have practised this more than once.

The sixth level group (the governors) is much larger, a few thousand world wide. Many do not know each other personally although there is name familiarity. The distinction between the sixth and the seventh is not necessarily apparent. Many of the sixth levels have far greater wealth than the small group of seventh levels. Howeverth, it is the few seventh levels who control the wealth of the sixth levels. A seventh level can bankrupt a sixth level or even have the sixth level assassinated. On the surface they appear very much the same, however the ultimate control of power is in the hands of the seventh level.

It is at this time in history that the seventh level group is closer. They all know each other and they all meet regularly. They have an understanding of dominance but do not attempt to dominate each other. There is no power struggle among them since there is plenty to go around. It is basically a western European group. There are no Americans although there is one from South America. They are French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hungarian and English. They have numerous residences and do not consider themselves from any one country. The share each others hospitality regularly. One member is free to travel to the residence of any other member.

Fifth level members are among the most wealthy and powerful of the world however they are essentially vassals to the sixth levels. Rarely do they meet or come in contact with the seventh level.The man Cheney is a fifth level as are leading members of the US Senate, most coporate CEO’#8217;s and high ranking officers. world military leaders. It holds power and leadership beyond the icon status of the 4th level.These people are allowed to perform without orders because their belief structure is guided by the sixth level members. In other words, they would not be in their position if they did not have the right stuff (ha, ha). They do though compete with each other, however competition serves the power structure. They will engage in wars against each other, however those wars only serve the higher two levels. Should they go to far, they are removed. The man Napolean Bonaparte was of the fifth level and taken out when he went too far in his conquests. Sixth level is always quiet and always maintains control over the fifth level.

The man Alister Crowley was a fifth level member, as was the man L. Ron Hubbard.

Many other fragments will choose a lifetime as fifth level and fourth level members. There are now fifth level members in the tens of thousand and fourth level members in the hunderds of thousands. fourth levels are normally quite unaware of this hierarchy, to wit your president. Many are used by the power circle as: pop singers, actors, sports players, any and every kind of celebrity imaginable. They have a need to protect themselves and this is their vulnerability. The man Tom Brokaw, a mature sage, is essentially told what to do. His reward is a false power, that is, public recognition. The woman Britanny Spears is also a fourth level. Fourth levels can have celebrity status, or more accurately, most fourth levels have celebrity status while fifth levels have it at a lesser degree. Celebrity status for fifth levels is more of a detriment. Often it is unavoidable as in the case of Henry Kissinger.

There are of course a total of seven levels. The level one, the level of least power, are children in poverty, women in poverty, and the desititute. The second level are the undereducated, those that choose to remain ignorant, factory and farm workers, peasant farmers, and prisoners. You could call them the serf class. The third level are small business owners, government workers, police and military, doctors and nurses, scientists, teachers, or the world’#8217;s middle classes. These third level members are the ones who maintain the system. They earn enough reward to give them generally comfortable lives. Many third levels dream of becoming fourth levels. There are thousands of third level artists who want to become the one fourth level artist. The same goes for atheletes, musicans, scientists and on and on. The fourth level is the great carrot for the third level majority. It offers fame and wealth, or, simply fame. Wealth can certainly be gained at the third level but with fame comes entry into the fourth level.

What we have described here is a control structure which is governed mainly through fear. You could call it a prison structure that subverts choice. For many it is inconsequential. To the rising rock star it makes no difference who controls the economic power. If Britanny Spears did not receive a check from Pepsi, she would receive it from someone else who desires to use her celebrity status to sell a product. To the billions at level one and many at level two, all that matters is enough food to eat. When the needs of food are met, then the maintaining accostomed needs, such as clean water, shelter, a variety of food, clothing, family relationships, is important. Who cares who controls the money as long as the money keeps coming.

We will conclude here that the power structure as it exists now will eventually divide into smaller units. The young souls who supply the soul energy that occupies the bodies of the high administrators (seventh levels) are losing the desire to continue with these very fourth level young souls lessons. The agreements made, essentially by members of one entity of servers and kings, is coming to a close. There would be nothing gained for these beings to continue playing the game this way. Certainly there are fourth level young fragments who would want to take the place of their elders, however the agreements cover multiple lifetimes and require numerous incarnations. The same fragments occupy the same position for numerous lifetimes, and from the level of essence, this can be quite boring. Certainly living in a French Chateau and having servants is much desired by many beings, however the lifestyle becomes stagnating after a few incarnations. Thus, to hold the position of sameness, goal of stagnation is chosen but with a slide into dominance. Again, the agreements, all agreement for that matter, are based on complicated karmas that span numerous generations. These are difficult positions to fill.

The future brings a breakdown of the system for the evolution of it, if it were to continue, would result in a race simlar to the Borg of startrek. A belief system becomes so overbearing the the members lose their identity and become members of the one. Power structures will result in a pyramid or leveled triangle. Humanity, especially in its upcoming mature soul age, will still require power structures. What we see though is multiple pyramids rather than one. What makes this different than baby soul age structures is that there will be little or no competition of the level sevens in each pyramid. Think of 200 power pyramids each with a leader, that is, one who has no one above in power. The top members do no compete. They can only cooperate – the positive pole of the mature soul age. Thus the power position of each group cooperates with the power position of the other 200 groups.

Interestingly enough, with the negative pole of the mature soul age, that is, melodrama, it will be more difficult to keep a secret. With melodrama there comes a need for exposé thus there will be a stronger desire to expose deception for the sake of the drama. Thus it is a lose/lose proposition for anyone for anyone desires to return to the older power structure. The mature soul period will simply not support it. Since we are in the first level of the mature soul age, there will be a strong tendency to play the game in the young soul way, however, this is becoming more difficult. The deceptive methods of controling power are becoming less and less effective as the humanity’#8217;s energy makes its shift

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