Datre on the Universe

JOHN: As a result of watching a recent Nova program on PBS concerning the latest discoveries on our “expanding” universe, I have some questions about how the universe works in this regard. What about this idea of the universe compressing or expanding?

DATRE: Well, we have to start with a very simplistic principle. Now, are you talking about the Big Universe or your bubble universe?

JOHN: Our universe here, our ‘material’ universe, the one that is all that we can possibly see.

DATRE: All right, now that’s everything you can see. This Big Universe is in a bubble (an energy configuration that forms a containment).

JOHN: Right.

DATRE: Okay, that’s what we call right now, we call it the Big Universe because…

JOHN: That’s not the Raw Universe, that’s just all that we know about.

DATRE: Yeah, the Big one, not the Raw one. So, talking about the Big Universe, you talk about contraction and expansion. Now, lets go back to a very simple principle. What is a universe? A universe is… no you asked about containment didn’t you?

JOHN: Yeah, is the universe just a containment, a bubble? Something that holds everything within it and therefore has no inherent value in and of itself except containment?

DATRE: That’s.. The bubble is a containment – period. That’s all it is. All it does is separate from the Raw Universe.

JOHN: Right, the bubble is it’s the border.

DATRE: You see if you didn’t have the border, how would you hold anything? It has to have something, because if you look at the Big Universe, as we’ve said, even your little one with your bubble, you have what you call ‘space’. Well, there is no such thing as ‘space’. Within a bubble there has to be something.

Those stars and planets and nebula and everything – they can’t be in space. So you have this ‘black Jell-O’, as we call it. Everybody knows that the further you get away from your planet, the further you go out, the darker it gets. That’s why you see these beautiful pictures that come back from the Hubbell telescope – that’s all surrounded in blackness.

Well, if you have a Central Sun – why isn’t everything white instead of black? So, everything is black. But it’s ‘not’ nothing. Everything within a bubble is something. We call it black Jell-O because its something you can understand. You can understand the ‘pathways’. You couldn’t have a ‘pathway’ in space if it was nothing. Your science has recently discovered that the universe is filled with ‘dark matter’. This statement alone implies that your universe is not empty.

You take a simple thing like your airplanes. How could an airplane go up in the sky and go across and come down again if it all was ‘nothing’? Because, your ‘nothing’ refers to a void. Am I right?

JOHN: That’s correct.

DATRE: All right, so if you have a void, how’s an airplane going to fly? It can’t. Its simple logic principles of a “PARTICLE” universe. Now, the only particle universe you understand at this particular point is from the vantage point of physicality and earth.

JOHN: Our local bubble.

DATRE: Yes, because you can’t understand beyond that point because you haven’t been there yet.

JOHN: We’ve sent satellites out beyond our bubble, but we translate everything they send back in earth terms anyway, so we never know what we see.

DATRE: That’s right. You send back a picture from the Hubbell telescope and they have all these colors. Where do the colors come from? The colors come from the mechanical objects that you use to take a picture of them and your eyes translate the energy into color.

There are many different types of civilizations on different planets that don’t have color. They have no need for it. So, if you set them in a room with all the colors of the rainbow, it wouldn’t matter, because they couldn’t see it anyway. Because, their eyes – if they have eyes – are not tuned to it. There are those expressions of physicality – shall we say – that see no need for color. You wanted color, you’ve got color. So we go from that point.

Now, the bubble. The bubble is a containment. Take a little child getting to the point where it knows how to move the arms and the legs to scoot it across the floor. Mother says, ‘I’m too busy to keep watching this child, we’ll put in a playpen that’s got a floor in it and its got wooden bars so that the baby can be contained’. Your bubble for your planet earth is your playpen. Now, in order to have physicality – in the playpen or on your planet – you can’t have it without anything there for that which you call, ‘growth’.

Everything has to have something to spur it on to become more of that which it wants to become. So, put the child in the playpen, with some toys, give it a bottle of water and another one with fruit juice and that keeps the child contented. It can work within its own mind to create whatever it wants to create in its little playpen.

Put physicality on an earth plane – you have to have something for it to play with, something to stimulate it, something to cause it to grow. Otherwise, you would still be back horse and buggy or even further back than that. So, your ‘development’ is what you’re looking for, regardless whether its physical growth or mental growth or whatever. You have one thing in your physicality that is of utmost importance – and that is the LIFE SPARK. That is what entices you to explore, experiment, become more of what you truly are.

So, what happens is, with a child, you give them words of encouragement. You tell them, ‘you can do this, you can’t do this’, ‘this is this way because and therefore’. And the child asks questions and you give the child answers. That’s the way the child grows – from the answers you present to it.

Now, when your earth ‘bubble’ is formed, you have your planet, you have physicality, you have toys – which started out with just your bare ground and trees and animals were put on it – these were your ‘toys’, this is what you were working with at the beginning of your development. But, you needed to have some help. So, within the bubble, you have what you call the MIND of the bubble.

The MIND of the bubble contains all your possibilities and probabilities for the development of this particular physicality, to use and grow with. You’re using your possibilities and probabilities in the growth of that which is ‘you’ extending into that which becomes the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Be it of a house and the occupants there in. Or a store, a town, a city, any kind of an environment. And it just goes on and on and on. That’s why we have talked about the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the United States, because that encompasses the whole thing. But there’s variances, because of what you call the distance involved and the different ways the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in those areas grows. You also have a commonality.

So now, we’ve gotten that far. Now, we’ve talked about the containment and in regard to some information that you received about the television Nova program that surprised the astronomers, because they distinctly could see by the tracking of certain super novas being tracked on their network – that indeed there was “expansion” of that which you call the universe. And they say that it is continuing to expand.

All right, now, it has been said that your planet and your universe is in the process of ‘contracting’. All right, from our observation of that which you call your universe and your planet – lets go to your planet first. Your planet has an action of the bubble that you could call a “breathing” action or an ‘expansion’ and ‘contraction’, which is ‘normal’. Although you like to think of your planet as standing still, it is not. So, in expanding and contracting it is easier for a planet to move with a ‘pulsing’ action then it is if it’s static, if it’s rigid.

That’s why your planet itself does not stay the same size. Sometimes it’s like an orange and sometimes its like the orange has gotten soft and it’s pressed down and its skinnier on top and bottom and the sides bulge out. That’s a normal action of the planet. It’s a ‘pulsing’ action.

That is part of this action that takes place with your universe. It is the expansion and contraction of your universe. When you think of the contraction and expansion of your little ‘bubble’, when you stop and think of how small that is in comparison to the Big Universe – that is everything you can possibly see with whatever instruments – then ‘that’ action is also going to be there and there is going to be contraction and there’s going to be expansion. And we do not see that as anything but a ‘normal’ activity. And this again, will cause the scientists to wonder. Because they will insist that it’s getting smaller and others will insist that it’s expanding – and they’re both right.

But it still is a bubble and it only has its limitations. If you blow up a balloon and you tie it off, and you squeeze it and you let it go, and squeeze it and you let it go. There is no more air or no less air in it at any time, but it still changes shape.

Now, this is not the only universe. If you stop and think about it, in that which you call, the Raw Universe, there are other universes. Well, if there weren’t some flexibility and something to contain each one of these, you would have mass chaos, because you could never accomplish anything, because you could not differentiate.

And that is what we talk about when we talk about realities – it’s the same thing. You have vibrational separations – shall we call them. That is why some individuals are able to experience different ‘realities’ while sitting still, because they have that ability to go into these other realities and come back through them, because they know what they’re doing, its no problem to them. Others cannot see beyond where they are right now – it’s fixed. But that is only their stage of development. And this is also only what they want to experience.

In other words, if an individual is afraid to go into another reality, they won’t go because the fear is going to stop them. Fear is bodily related. So, if you realize that you and your body are working together – but are not the same – then the only thing you need to do is tell the body not to fear, because you can only go so far anyway. You can’t kill yourself – there’s no way.

JOHN: So what we’re talking about with this universe thing is a ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ expansion and contraction similar to what we call breathing? There is no such thing as ‘compressing’ the universe to…

DATRE: No! Because you still have the same amount of air that you had in the balloon. You can push a balloon every which direction but you still have the same amount of air inside of it. Same way with the universe. You’ve got this humongous ‘bubble’ and you can push it and compress it in any way you want to – but the containment still contains the same amount of stuff. The only thing that changes in your expansion and contraction, is the ‘configuration’ of the bubble.

JOHN: If it is really… when we say ‘bubble’, I think we’ve said this once before. We are ‘not’ necessarily talking ‘ball’ shape?


JOHN: We are just talking ‘containment’ like a balloon. It can be any ‘shape’?

DATRE: That’s right.

JOHN: So the universe has nothing to do with ’roundness’?


JOHN: In other words, if you want to see the expansion and or compression, you have to be looking in the right direction. The side may be coming in, and in front of you may be staying where it is – relatively speaking.

DATRE: Or it could be going out.

JOHN: Just like you can stick your finger into the side of a balloon without noticing any change in the rest of the balloon. Or it could be going out – exactly.

DATRE: You see that’s what you can’t see. You look with your telescopes; you bring back all these pictures and put them on your screen. You can see side to side. You can see up and down. And you can ‘project’, is it coming closer or is it going further away? But to put ‘numbers’ on any of that is only for your own convenience so that you’ve got something common to talk about. And that’s what its all about anyway.

So they have big machines and pay salaries to these people that are watching all of this stuff. What difference does it make? They’re excited about a new discovery. That’s their whole life.

JOHN: They’re stirring up intelligence – basically. How it’s used and how it’s applied is each individual’s option.

DATRE: But, these individuals that are doing all of this are expanding their awareness and in turn are expanding your awareness. And that’s all you need to do, is expand your awareness and in expanding your awareness you in turn are expanding others. You see, many people live and don’t expand their awareness – they stay cocooned. And your awareness can be in any direction, it doesn’t matter what direction.

You’re the one that sets the parameters as to what ‘you’ want. This is what ‘creation’ is all about. Your planet and all that is in and on it, is constantly changing – CREATION by the very word itself implies constant search for ‘newness’. CREATION never ends, it is never finished, it is always ‘beginning’. That is why we talk about NOW as being all there is.

That’s why when we… lets talk about expansion and contraction. The same thing is with awareness. You can talk about ‘awareness’ as expanding and contracting. Now what happens is, with anyone that is trying to expand their awareness in any direction, the minute they begin to feel a ‘contraction’ – a restriction in an area where they are trying to gain awareness – they will become totally frustrated, ‘I’m going to quite, I’m not going to do this any more’.

And in a very short period of time, they are back pursuing their awareness in a direction that they were going in to begin with. But, they’re going with greater intensity. They’re going with more fervor because, that is one thing that the Big Universe, the Raw Universe, anything you want to talk about, resists – is being closed down. You are always expanding, in whatever area you are going in.

The thing is, it is just like a child. You have set up children to watch them expand and grow physically. Through childhood, adulthood, old age, to show that that’s the direction you’re to go in. But that does not mean to go so far and then sit on a rock and vegetate. Regardless of ‘who’ it is, they will try to seek to expand in whatever area they can. That is what your LIFE SPARK is all about. It resists standing still.

So even in your physical growth, in what you call your mental growth – that is what your brain is able to assimilate and work with – it’s always that wanting more. And that does not change when you get to where we are. Its always… but you’ll notice, that you will set aside times for yourself – which you could call ‘contraction’, because it is a momentary standing still, before you push again. If its physical, mental, whatever it is, every once in a while you will have that period of what you call ‘standing still’ or ‘contraction’.

Now, do we have it?

JOHN: I have another question. You spoke of movement within the universe, as being by way of ‘pathways’ not orbits. Since the term orbit indicates a repeated circular pattern, is there really such a thing as an ‘orbit’ as we think of orbits?

DATRE: Now, at one point in time previously we spoke about the ‘orbit’ that planets find to travel in. In other words, a planet goes to a place where the energy is compatible. And that’s where a planet will stop and as we say, fall into a grove. We said it was like a bicycle tire energy wise. But, I don’t think we ever went any further with that explanation.

Now, you talk about orbits. The bicycle tire is round and closed. Once you get inside a bicycle tire you just go around and around on the ‘inside’ of it. A planet in an ‘orbit’ does not close itself at the end of it’s circle. It spirals. It can come close to its original course, but it never goes over the same pathway twice. And there’s a reason for that. Everything in the universe is trying to become ‘more’ of what it knows it can become. So why would a planet be any different?

A planet is an ‘intelligence’. That’s why all the pieces of stuff that you see in the universe are ‘not’ planets. Planets have an entirely different composition – because they are intelligent. There is an intelligence that is attached to a planet. If there’s an intelligence the intelligence wants to ‘know’ more of itself. So it won’t retrace itself, but it will continue its movement.

You’ll say, ‘well, this planet is always in a certain relationship to this planet and this planet and this planet.’ ‘When we look through the telescope this star is here and that star is someplace else, so we see the stars in one place one time and in another place some other time.’ ‘But we always know where it is’. Do you really? Everything is in motion. Because of the expansion and contraction of your universe – the bubble that contains your universe – that moves it.

You see, if you don’t have some action, you have things being still – non movement. There are ‘pauses’, but nothing stays still because everything is in a state of ‘becoming’. So expansion and contraction causes movement. And everything is in movement. You think everything here is static – including human beings. That is not so.

As an example, we may have used this before, but it’s a very good one. One time when Aona had people over who wanted to hear Datre and we were trying to get a message across that the bodies are unlimited. In other words, you think that a body can’t be any different than it is at the present time. So in order to prove that the bodies ‘are’ movable and ‘are’ unlimited, we took this body that we were in and stretched it to almost 7 feet tall.

Now, needles to say, that was quite upsetting to the peoples watching. Simply because you see this physical body sitting in a chair, the chair moves back and this 7 foot person stands up, what would your reaction be? And this body is only 5 foot 7 inches. Then you see the body go up to almost 7 feet and then stay that way long enough so that they got over the shock of it, to see that it can be maintained at that height – and spoken through and moved in that configuration.

That is the only way that you can get some people to understand – is by showing them. All the bodies seeing this ‘know’ without a doubt that the bodies are unlimited. Then the body goes back to its 5 foot 7 inches and sits down in the chair again.

Needles to say, it is hard to continue conversation after that. But, you think everything is static, everything stays still. It doesn’t. You never have to look at anything and say, ‘it can not be changed’.

I’m sure many of you have walked into a room in a house that you have lived in for many years, walk from one room to another and as you walk through the doorway into the next room – you look at it and it looks different. Why? Same room that’s been in the house. But, you know what you do? Immediately you lock yourself in and change that room to exactly the way it was previously. You cannot handle change. You have ‘programmed’ your brain to keep things exactly the way they are.

You are the one that has to change. Nothing stays the same. But, because you make the ‘appearance’ the same, you hypnotize yourself into ‘sameness’. But, I’m glad to clear that up about the ‘orbit’ thing because nothing stays… nothing stays static.

You can put your telescopes up and you can say, ‘well that’s the same place it was the last time I looked’. How many thousand of miles has it moved? You have no idea. All right, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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