Datre and Seth 007 – The Wolrd never change it is only you that can change

Answers to James;
JOHN: “Datre – To what extent are you aware of our individual lives? “

DATRE: We are not aware of individual lives, except the channel, John, others that we have personal contact with. In other words, in order to be able to locate an individual, that individual has to have a strong enough patterning that we can become familiar with so that that individual can be located. Other than that we see only gestalts and that which you call mass humanity upon your planet.

JOHN: “Are you aware of us all as individuals? Do you see our various probable pasts presents and futures? “

DATRE: No! We do not as stated above.

JOHN: “When you chose to communicate with us, are you choosing to communicate with a particular probable version? Are you communicating with all of my probable versions? Are you communicating with several? Are you sending out a general communication which is picked up (or not) in it’s own way by each probable me? “

DATRE: That is correct. When we speak of YOU as we have stated time and time again, YOU refers to ALL of YOU. Because we see the mass consciousness as a group of individuals upon the planet. Now, when we speak to you… because we have been able to, through those who have had physical expression upon this planet, have through the channel, been able to tap into that gestalt that you call your net connection. So the information that is given applies to all YOU in the net connection. But we see that as individuals all over your planet that have connections. In other words you have… it looks like to us like a network of wires – lets put it that way – it’s not but we’ll use that term.

All these “wires ” from all over the world are coming into that central point – we speak to that central point. The information that we give you goes out to individuals again on their individual lines – so when we say YOU this is what we’re speaking to – is where everything comes in and everything goes out, those that are connecting there at that point.

JOHN: By the center – you are referring to the center of this gestalt that is called the mailing list?

DATRE: Correct!

JOHN: “When I receive email from you, to what extent are the words that I read mine? And to what extent are they yours? “

DATRE: That is definitely “your ” interpretation. Our words are given to you – the interpretation is “yours “, your choice. How ever you choose to translate the geometrics – or the vibration or the frequency that is put on the paper that you receive. That is why… let me explain – there are thousand’s of people that have read the Seth books. The material that is put in the books, as you know, while being published is the same in every book – it is only the readers interpretation of the symbols upon the page that makes a difference as to what they understand. The understanding and the choice of how YOU wish to interpret is always yours in every instance.

JOHN: And the understanding is individually filtered by each individual’s ability to understand – at whatever level.

DATRE: That is correct!

JOHN: Now, this question is directed to Seth. “When you spoke to us previously through this channel you mentioned that you were disappointed by our progress. (I have lost the exact words that you used) This struck me as a very odd thing to say. Could you expand on your meaning? “

SETH: Very definitely! VERY DEFINITELY! When we first came through this channel into that which you call your “net ” there was nothing but bickering, arguing, dissention – and that disturbed all of us greatly. How could you read ANY literature of any sort of a psychic nature and be as vindictive as you were? There is not anything written that could make YOU “re-act ” as violently towards each other as you were. That is uncalled for – even in the marketplace. Everyone interprets their own reality through their own individual physicality – and I say that with emphasis. You have no RIGHT to FIX someone else – the fixing begins with “YOU ” – and please underline and underscore YOU. You do not remember the very thing that I put in the books – everyone says, “I want to know WHO I am ” “I want to know what it’s all about “.

All right, if you want to know what it’s all about – begin with YOU and I have stated that again and again. The “world ” never changes it is only YOU that can change – and the only way you can change is to find out who YOU are. That is where the disappointment came in. Now, the only way I knew what was going on was for Aona to individually read all of that material.

Which made her sick to the point that she chose to leave the Net.

Now, that was “her ” choice. Aona is not new to us – we have worked with her for over 15 years, we know her well, and her choice comes FIRST. The reason Aona is channeling the information is because she – like Jane – opened the door. In other words – when you – the physical you that you express through, and you physically get in touch with your “psyche ” and allow the “psyche ” to communicate on a pure un-distorted level, is the only time a door is open for us to come in. That has been stated in the “books ” also.

Now, anyone of you – put your mind to it – could get in touch with your “psyche ” and you could be channeling “Seth ” and all the rest. But, it takes perseverance, by you and you alone. What you DO is you take your physicality into your “psyche ” and take your physicality into your “dreams ” and you try and change everything around to the “physical ” instead of letting the “psyche ” come through – and the “psyche ” coming through and working with your physicality will change EVERYTHING, guaranteed.

It took a long time to find Jane – she hollered and screamed long enough and said “I want answers ” – her vehemence is what broke the barrier. That allowed her “psyche ” to work with her. Now the “psyche ” cannot be defined, but it can be expressed. All right, now this channel came along – it was through “Nature of the Psyche ” that the realization of what your physical existence is all about – shall we say – turned on a light within this one and she opened the DOOR. When the door is open we can enter – we can’t open your doors. Your doors must be opened by you and you alone. The doors were opened.

Now, the statement has been made “sometimes I feel Seth and other times I do not “. This channel has brought through – in one session – as many as ten different vibrations from the Universe. I cannot begin to explain to an audience anything about the “planetary grid ” or any of that because that is not my area of expertise. Now, if a question is asked in that direction, then someone else comes in because that is their expertise.

Now what happens is, over a period of time the frequency – the vibration – or whatever you wish to call it of this channel’s physicality has been changed – and changed – and changed, to match a frequency that many who are in the Universe can come “down ” and match. There are VERY FEW who can do THAT. Aona knows them personally – she is not sitting out here alone doing the only channeling of Universal Entities. However, the number channeling Universal Entities – you can count on one hand and have fingers left over. You figure that yourself.

As to asking who they are and where they are – seek and ye shall find. At any rate the choice was made to go off the net. At that time so many messages were received – that it crashed their computer system. So, the ones that we were able to retrieve, were ones from individuals upon your net that were asking for information, people that you people never hear of. I have seen – through Aona’s eyes – the papers that show the number of people on your network list – and yet the number that are making comments on the net are a minuscule number. The ones that we heard from, all over the world, ALL OVER THE WORLD, were those that pleaded with us to please stay and give us the information.

Now, it is your choice to do with the information whatever you please, but because of that, Aona came back on as channeling Datre. I am one portion of that which you call Datre. I asked Aona to let me go through her to put me on the net, she agreed. We have stated before and we will state again “I am not the Seth that channeled through Jane Roberts ” nor are you the same person you were twenty years ago.

It doesn’t work that way. If you wish to stop your progress, in learning, that is up to you in your physicality, but WE do not stop our progress. Everyone wants to know what’s going on physically. “We are making GREAT strides ” “oh, Star Trek is great. We’re going to the unknown where no else has gone before “. All right. But how many people have gone into their “psyche “, which is a “world unknown “. The minute you touch your “psyche ” you get scared and back off. We see this as a mass consciousness. I am speaking to you very “directly ” but I need to get your attention. Your “psyche ” is your pathway to evolution.

How are you ever going to go anyplace or do anything if you “block ” your “psyche ” from allowing IT to teach you in your physical being? You in the physical are trying to tell the “psyche ” what to do. That’s were the confusion comes in and you can’t move. I don’t know how much of this I have covered – but I know one thing – Jane Roberts would have quit a long time ago. There’s one thing you don’t realize – that the words – the thoughts – that you direct to other people are very damaging. Because Jane was a very, very, sensitive individual she would have backed off. Now, the others that are channeling Universal energies are not having an easy time either. In fact when the channels get together they cry. They cry because they hurt
deep down inside.

They are not crying because of what you are throwing at them, they are crying because they can see what is happening. No one is willing to take the “time ” to explore themselves. There is going to be a great happening – in fact many things occurring in this year that you are presently living in – and there are going to be people that are going to want answers. You have played your “games ” on this planet long enough. It is time to move on. The only way you can be secure and live in a quote unquote “safe world ” is to know who you are.

There is no other safety net. Now, this is the last time I will speak to you as Seth. Now, for those of you that recognize the vibration, you will recognize and know I am still a part of that which we have chosen to call Datre.

Now…. very long pause… Right now we are working with the emotional physical body. A switch in frequency has been made again. The frequency has been, as you would describe, “upgraded ” to bring in more information. It does not matter what you wish to do with the information – that is entirely up to you. But I ask but one thing — allow those who wish to have access to this information to be able to do so. It is up to each individual to decide if the content contained in any post – message – what ever you want to call it, rings true to their own being.

It is as it has been since this humanity came into existence upon this planet. The “choice ” is yours. This is Seth – not who Aona claimed to have been channeling – she does not “know ” who she is channeling because she is “out of body ” experiencing other realities – while we speak to you. That which you recognize as the “name ” and I say “the name ” SETH was recognized by an individual in the audience, at which time others recognized the same vibrational quality they were familiar with. So those who still recognize the Seth vibration that will be coming through Datre, that is fine.

For those that do not, that is also fine. You evolve at your own pace if it takes 15 minutes – 15 years – 15 thousand years – 15 million years – it does not matter. Good night.

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