Datre 86 – No One That Is An Older Soul Than Another Soul

Datre answers a “veteran.human.being”

JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from an individual who calls themselves a “veteran.human.being”.

DATRE: What is a “veteran.human.being”? Does that refer to somebody who has been here a long time?

JOHN: I have no idea.

DATRE: Now, if he is looking at himself as a “veteran.human”, he is one of two things, either he must be around a hundred years old or he has figured that he has “reincarnated” many, many times. In the “psychic” community they say, ‘oh, you’re an old soul’. Well, the thing that’s very interesting is, that not one of you is “older” than the other. For whatever reason, you don’t seem to understand that. There is NO ONE THAT IS AN OLDER SOUL THAN ANOTHER SOUL.

The thing is that the word “soul” is a nebulous term that man has contrived to explain physicality, non physicality, whatever. But, you may have had many, what you call, “reincarnations”. But how many over a thousand have you had? How many over two thousand have you had? How many over five thousand have you had? If anyone on the planet at the present time, in that which you call, the “living” physical construct, have any idea how many times and how many different physical experiences that they have had, they would be shocked out of their gee bobbins. They have no idea. Somebody say’s, ‘well, I’ve been here, ten – fifteen times’. You’ve been here ten – fifteen “thousand” times. That’s why we’re trying to get you “out” of here, because you’ve done it so many times. Aren’t you bored? Don’t you want to do something else? Okay, get off the soapbox and continue.

JOHN: Okay, his first question is… “We’ve come here to experience the physical. How do we know that we’ve accomplished the prerequisites.”

DATRE: When you know, number one, WHO you are, when you go through the cycle of “birth”, “death”, “day”, “night” the whole thing, in total and complete “awareness”, what else is there to learn? But, first of all, you have to “know” WHO you are. Then when you begin to know WHO you are, then, things will begin to change. Then, your “awareness” of WHO you are will change everything, because you will ‘paint’ different pictures. In painting different ‘pictures’ you will be able to do things that at one point in your existence you thought “impossible”. It is “not” impossible, the only thing is that you set-up too many barriers.

First thing, KNOW WHO YOU ARE. In that, that is the beginning. Many say, ‘we want to unfold’. Start there. But until you get to that point, nothing ‘unfolds’ except MASS CONSCIOUSNESS thinking that you ‘reprocess’. When you begin to ‘think’ from the standpoint of KNOWING WHO YOU ARE, and you’re painting the ‘pictures’ and you’re running the whole show, then you can start ‘changing’ things. Then when you can start ‘changing’ things, that’s when you begin to get to the point where you will be able to experience, any and all things upon the planet, in ‘total’ awareness, with what many would refer to as being “unemotional”, because you will be an “observer”. Then, as an “observer” you can DO anything. Continue.

JOHN: And, his next question is… “According to the calendar; I have maybe 13 years left in this body.”

DATRE: Now, who said you have 13 years left in the body? What are you basing your information on? Are you basing it on medical information that you should live to be so and so years old? What are you basing it upon? Do you want to leave the physical body and go through that which you call the “death” – “rebirth” process again? Or are you going to learn ‘this’ time and learn enough so that you don’t have to do that all over again? 13 years has nothing to do with anything.

How about the woman that died the other day at 110? She was still living in her own home, cooking her own meals, cleaning her own house, doing all of her washing, ironing and all of that other stuff in full capacity. Then she said one day, ‘I think I’ve had enough of this’ and laid down and went to sleep and died, as you call it. Why did she wait until 110? Because she was fascinated with that which you call LIFE. Then when you’re no longer fascinated with that which you call LIFE, then you will die. But, it is up to “you”, as to when “you” want to go out of this physical construct. It will stay, as long as you want it to stay.

JOHN: The body, that is.

DATRE: Yes! The body will follow the brain shall we say, because, you’re the one that “programs” the brain. Then, if you tell the brain, the body is fine, the brain will tell the body it’s fine and it will be fine. So, if you want to put numbers on how long you’re going to stay, that is up to you. But, from our standpoint, we can’t see why one would put a limitation on the “grandest” experiences that you can have, which is called LIFE.


JOHN: Then his next question is… “I like this knowing but understand that I’m an evolving being. I can not find the place wherein I am still physical and learning as opposed to the natural state of mind.”

DATRE: Well, you’re going to do one of two things as long as you’re within this BUBBLE, you’re either going to be in that which you call life or that which you call death. Very simply, there is no place else for you to be. You have that “option” there is no other option.

Now, if you were to get to the point that you understood physicality, beginning to end, then begin to work off of that which is the MIND, which is that which is contained within your BUBBLE, when you work from “that” standpoint, you’re NOT working from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. You’d be working strictly from the YOU that ‘you’ are – which is a “NO-THING”. Then, in that functioning, there is a tremendous amount of information – within the MIND – that is very fascinating. But, there isn’t, at the present time, not one that has their feet on the planet in physicality that is working “off” the MIND, because you’re not constructed to do that yet. You’re in the process of making changes within that which you call your “physical” brain, to be able to “comprehend” the zymology of the MIND. But, until THAT is to the point where it is what we call “completed”, within your brain cavity in physicality, you are “unable” to COMPREHEND the “symbols” within the MIND.

Now, when you work with experiences in your “sleep time”, you are working with the YOU that ‘you’ are, to decide what you want to experience in the physical. But, that’s YOU working with ‘you’. When you’re in the physical, you can do one of two things. You can work “directly” with the YOU that ‘you’ are and ‘understand’ WHAT you are experiencing. Or, you can work off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – there are two choices there. Then from the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS standpoint, you’re not working from any ‘concept’ other than ‘willy-nilly’. In other words, you’re NOT controlling your life at all, from the standpoint of the YOU that ‘you’ are. You’re just being ‘pushed’ here and ‘pushed’ there and you’re living your life, shall we say, in “default”. You’re NOT in control, when you’re working off MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Because, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is so easy to get to, it’s all around you, it’s in your house, it’s in your… as we’ve said before, it’s in your community, it’s all over. Then, if that is the way you want to live, that is entirely up to you. But, if you want to live in physicality, in a physical body, in contact with the YOU that ‘you’ are, and every experience that comes before you – ACT instead of re-ACT – then you are living in an entirely different circumstance.

In that case, when you are ACTING instead of re-ACTING, you are in control of your very life existence. We are beginning to hear from some on the Datre net that are beginning to have “grand” experiences. One individual said, ‘there are times when I have trouble distinguishing between being awake and asleep. I have to stop and think where I am.’

The individuals that are having this experience are working directly from and with their real YOU essence. These individuals are “observing” a continuous flow. For them this is an exciting new beginning.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Where do we fit as painters/sculptors/poets still always needing MORE TIME to express our human limitations?”

DATRE: Well, everybody does something. Even the fellow that is a janitor with a broom. Maybe that is all he is capable of doing, but he does it. Then he may feel that his life is too short to do what he wants to do. Maybe it won’t be sweeping with a broom, but it may be something else that he enjoys doing.

You see your physical activity does not set you apart from anything or anyone – only if you want it to be. A writer will go off, a poet will go off, they like to be by themselves, they like the quite. The musician will go off by him or herself if they are a composer. Or they will go off to practice their instrument, to be by themselves so that they can hear what they’re doing, better.

But, there are also those that are working as, what you call, those that cook in the kitchen, the chefs that work in these big restaurants. They’re working with confusion all the time. But, they are creating “masterpieces” in their minds. So, where do they fit? Where does anybody fit? The man that is cooking something and he gets an idea for the next thing that he’s going to cook, while he’s cooking the one thing. He say’s, ‘next time, I’m going to do this, when I prepare that, I’m going to do it this way’. He does not look at anything but, ‘next time, I will do this’. A painter say’s, ‘next time, I will do that’. A sculptor will say, ‘next time, I will do that’.

But, why feel the pressure of ‘time’? It is yours to command. Do the things you want to, don’t set limitations. If you set limitations, what you’re doing is succumbing to the flow of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Which say’s, ‘this is what you need to do now’, ‘this is what you need to do some other time’. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is the ‘only’ thing that puts limitations on anything. They will put limitations on ‘time’, consistently. Then, what do you hear from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, daily, ‘I don’t have enough ‘time’ to do this’, ‘I don’t have enough ‘time’ to do that’, ‘I don’t have enough ‘time’ to do something else’.

All right, all I can say to you is, where are “your” priorities and what do you want to get done? Then, if you want to run like those squirrels in the cage, that just go round and round, then that is up to you. But, the people that get things done, put them all in an organizational pattern and say, ‘okay, this is what I’m going to do’ and they get a lot done that way. Because, “they” have set the standards of what they’re going to do and when they’re going to do it. But, most people don’t do that. The only way you can be “pressured” by that which you call “time”, is if you allow ‘other’ people to run your life. If you run your own life, then there’s no pressure and there’s NO TIME.

A day can be as long or as short as ‘you’ want it, it’s entirely up to you. YOU paint the picture that is in front of you. When do you want the sun to come up? When do you want the sun to go down? It is ALL within your power of OBSERVATION. If you are intent on what you are doing, and enjoy what you are doing, you have a great deal ‘more’ time than those that are doing what they don’t want to do when they don’t want to do it. That is the difference.

You will NEVER see a Master hurry. He does not know the meaning of that word, because, to him, evolution is a “forever” pattern. In or out of physicality, it does not matter. Eons of ‘time’ do not matter to a Master. He will do what he does when he does it, because he sets it ALL himself. It is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that sets things FOR you, when you buy into it. Then the idea is, to get “out” of it and enjoy that, which we call, LIVING.

Because, it does not matter, if you are in a physical containment or you’re ‘without’ a physical containment. If you are LIVING, then how long is a moment? A blink of an eye or an eon of time? Next question.

JOHN: That was the last question, but that’s an interesting distinction. You cannot LIVE as part of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you can only exist.

DATRE: You exist, yes. You do not “know” what it is like to LIVE, until ‘you’ begin to “know who you are”. Then we can ask any number of those on the Datre list on the net that we know of, that have begun to “know” the difference between ‘existence’ and LIVING. When you reach that point, there is such a decided difference, that even they cannot explain it. It is in the “observation”. It is an “awareness” of what you are doing. If you “know” what you are doing, everyday is a “fascination”, because it is all “different” experiences and your experiences change, shall we say, more quickly. Because when you’ve had an experience and you’ve “observed” it and you “know” the reason for putting it in front of you, and you “observe” in ‘total’ understanding, then you don’t have to do that any more. That’s why your experiences become more and different. Then things begin happening quicker.

Right now, the majority of the individuals on the planet are many years behind in what they have set out for themselves. They’ve said, that they want this or they want that or they don’t want this or they don’t want that. Then when that appears in their physical reality it is probably 5 to 10 years down the road. Then they’ll say, ‘well I can remember, I asked for this, but that was a long time ago’ – yes it was. But, the individual that “knows” who they are will make the same comment, of wanting something or looking for something, and within a matter of days, it will be there. How come? They can paint any picture that they want to at any time. But, painting the picture from “think” is not going to do it.

You can “think” about something as long as you want to, but until you “know” what you’re doing in the “knowing” of the YOU that ‘you’ are, then you will just keep on “thinking”. It’s when you become the YOU that ‘you’ are and become that MAGNIFICENT OBSERVER, you can start painting your own pictures. Then things will change very quickly. Because you don’t have to have an experience for any length of time. In other words, you don’t have to ‘stretch’ everything out. You don’t have to ‘continually’ do the same thing.

Like the woman who’s house burned down, four years ago at Christmas time. This year at Christmas time, her house burned down again, four years later. What is she trying to tell herself? Now, for someone that “knows” who they are, if they didn’t get it the first time, believe me they would get it the second time. There would be absolutely no question as to why they had done that the second time. There are times that you have to get the picture more than once. But, that’s in becoming to “know” who you are. But, from seeing the lady on TV through Aona’s eyes, it was very obvious that she had no idea of what was happening. That is when you’re working from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you don’t understand. There’s a very definite message there for that lady. She painted those pictures, why did she paint them?

Are you continually painting pictures in front of you to get a message through to ‘you’ from the YOU that you are into the physical containment for understanding? That’s what its all about. I think that we have completed that. Am I correct?

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: All right, we’ll leave you now.

We are Datre.

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