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Datre answers Kevin – “changes” – add on

DATRE: Now, just a little while ago we did a question thing from a man called Kevin (datre084) and he asked about any changes. Then because of Aona reading the newspaper today, we want to add something to that. Now, John, you read that one there that I’ve got marked.

JOHN: “Crime rate in US continues dropping, numbers are lowest in 23 years of survey”.

DATRE: Now, why is that happening? You wonder why that’s happening? ‘Oh, it’s because of this and it’s because of that and it’s because of something else.’ What did we tell you way back when, about the individuals making decisions as whether they were going to WORLD I, WORLD II or WORLD III. That was quite some time ago. Now, you will, from now on begin to see evidence of those that have made the ‘decision’ or NON-decision, as the case may be, to go to WORLD I.

Now, they are beginning to leave the planet and go to WORLD I. You don’t have to sit in front of TV and watch the news, you don’t have to constantly listen to the radio news, you don’t have to constantly have your nose in the newspaper, to see dramatic changes taking place. Aona doesn’t have time to fool around with all of that but, she goes through a paper and reads the big letters (headlines) in the Sunday paper, because that gives pretty much the information about what’s happening.

Now, those that are going to WORLD I are those that are shall we say, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS individuals who are ‘unaware’ of WHO they are. They are functioning solely from the bodily standpoint. In other words, they don’t know the difference between themselves and their body. Their bodies are them and that is where they function from – solely from the body. Those individuals would not have any idea about anything else other that the bodily needs, the bodily wants, ‘I want to have’ and that is where they function from. They’re not functioning from anything other than ‘base’ emotions. Those are the individuals that are going to WORLD I.

Now, there is nothing wrong with going to WORLD I. It’s NOT a hierarchal system. It is an ‘evolutionary’ patterning. The energies are changing, on this planet, choices are being made. Then, as choices are being made, changes take place. You see, those individuals that are working from a bodily construct of ‘base’ emotions, are finding it very difficult to maintain what you call, physical life on this planet, because they can’t handle the increased… I guess your word would be ‘velocity’, of the incoming energy waves. So, they need to leave, one way or another.

Now, that has to do with these that are into heavy crime. Where are they functioning from… base emotion. In other words, if I want something, I’m going to get it and its not only ‘need’ for survival, as far as food and shelter is concerned, but it is also, ‘I want’. You’ve heard of the young people that shoot someone else in order to get their shoes or their jackets or something like that. That is base emotion that they’re functioning from.

Now, those individuals are finding it very difficult to live upon this planet. Those are the ones that are beginning to go to WORLD I. That will give all of them a common base for their evolution. In other words, they’ll, when they go there; they are… just like in the death process, you don’t remember ‘who’ you were when you died. Okay, you don’t remember your last existence, shall we say, on this planet. When you’re born again, it’s all brand new. Okay, this is what will happen to them on WORLD I. It will be as if they “died”, because actually they are doing that, they are actually dying here and being, shall we say, re-born on another planet, which is what we have referred to as WORLD I.

Now, when they are “reborn” on this WORLD I, they will ALL start out from a whole different construct and that is good, because from that standpoint they will be able to be all basically of the same make-up, so that they will be able to progress from that point. Now, here’s another one I want John to read, where I have it all underlined.

JOHN: It say’s… “Heavy rain pounded Ethiopia again Saturday, feeding overflowing rivers that have killed some 2,000 people and are threatening to create an inland sea in Somalia. The death toll is rising so fast aid agencies can only guess at it.”

DATRE: Now, that will give you an idea of what is happening. You see, those people that are taking part in that scenario or that drama, are one’s that are going to WORLD I. Now, you see, if you have the understanding of that situation, you will not be looking at it from an ’emotional’ standpoint. In other words, people that look at a statement like that can become ’emotionally’ involved, because they see the ‘tragedy’ of it.

Now, if you have the ‘understanding’ of WHY these things are taking place, it is very easy to look at something like that, ‘unemotionally’, because you ‘know’ that those individuals that are taking part in that scenario are going to be placed someplace else and it is going to be far better for them. But, because it is looked at as 2,000, people look at it from an ’emotional’ construct, because they don’t have the ‘knowledge’ that the Datre material has been giving you for your understanding of what is happening and why it is happening.

Because, this planet can not continue in it’s existence with the ‘different’ stages of evolution of individuals upon ONE planet. So, you will begin to see more and more of these things and in seeing and ‘observing’ with understanding, you don’t look at it as a ‘tragedy’, but as something being very ‘helpful’ to everyone. The ones that are leaving the planet and the one’s that are here on the planet in the present existence.

So, are changes taking place? Yes, very definitely, changes ARE taking place. They’re taking place in the scientific communities. They’re taking place in your technology. They’re taking place all over. Then because those are the things that are in the forefront, those are the things that are what you call, ‘in the news’ that you see all the time, about the scientific breakthroughs and about the technology. You probably hear more about your technology and your Met and all of that. But, where is this little article about 2,000 dying in Somalia? It is stuck way back in some section that nobody ever looks at.

That is why we have said, ‘be OBSERVERS’. Watch what is happening, not only on the front page of a newspaper. Not only on the news on your TV and your radio. But get back into your newspaper on the pages that nobody looks at. There are all kinds of advertising and stuff and there’s a little tiny thing that’s put in there, for ‘you’ to see and ‘observe’ and realize ‘what’ is happening.

So, this is sort of added on to the one question that was previously asked. So, we hope this will be of help to you; this will help you in your understanding of ‘what’ is happening and ‘why’ it is happening. Now, those peoples that are leaving this planet, in what you call, death, will find themselves in a new environment.

JOHN: Much more conducive to their development than this one.

DATRE: Absolutely! So, anyway, that is all we have to tell you.

We are Datre.

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