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Datre answers Barrie (Datre200)
Continued from Datre199

JOHN: And Barrie’s next question is; “It is from within this inner realm that we “conjure up” the objects of physical reality that we then experience when focused back in that physical reality. And we use knowledge or information from this inner realm to help us with each decision we make while physical. Or, in other words, our waking conscious self has access to all this inner information via the subconscious – which it uses to make its decisions be those decisions seemingly trivial or seemingly highly significant.”

DATRE: Well, the only time you work with consciousness is when you’re in the physical construct. Other than that, you work on an entirely different ‘wavelength’ shall we say. Continue.

JOHN: Barrie next goes on to ask; “One of the most difficult things for a physical being to accept or understand, is the concept of simultaneous time. Simultaneous time can only be understood from this inner perspective – a perspective that completely counters what our physical senses try to force upon our waking selves.

But all questions of beginnings and ends, cause and effect, firsts and lasts – only make sense from the point of view of linear time. Physical reality acts as a prism of sorts, so to speak, and divides “timelessness” or “now” or “simultaneous time” into what is perceived by the physically focused form as past, present and future. Our language is so steeped with linear time and images, it is difficult even to discuss simultaneous time.”

DATRE: What do you mean by simultaneous time? In other words, you’re referring to simultaneous time as connecting with others in other ‘time’ periods or what. I don not understand your simultaneous time – because all ‘time’ is. And the time that you experience the ‘now’ that you’re in at the present time is ‘now’ and it is ‘now’ and it is ‘now’ and it is ‘now’. And it is still ‘now’. But, in order for you to keep your perspective, you have set it up as ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’.

When you get to the point of beginning to experience each ‘now’ disconnected from the ‘past’ or the ‘future’ and you move from ‘linear’ time to a different time, which allows you to step in other directions, then you will be able to perceive ‘other’ times per se. And you will discover that it all is ‘now’. When that happens, there is a great deal of disorientation. Because your brain cannot handle ‘now’, it was not designed to handle ‘now’. The only way that you can, at the present time – using the word ‘time’ again – is for you to be able to leave the physical construct and go into that which you call the ‘void’ where there is total nothingness. It is in all undifferentiated energy that you experience ‘now’.

But that is an area that cannot be described. Because it has no ‘time’ element involved in it. Then you go and you come back and your physical clock has not moved one second. But that is the time of ‘now’. But you cannot in a physical construct exist in that.

Now, as to simultaneous time, I don’t know what you’re referring to. Your time in the physical construct has movement. What causes the movement of ‘time’ are events. This is difficult to explain and I’m going to do the best I can. That space between events has no ‘time’ connection what-so-ever. In other words, in order for ‘time’ to exist, an ‘event’ must take place. There has to be ‘action’ from a physical construct otherwise you don’t have time. Continue.

JOHN: Barrie next goes on to ask; “With any decision we make, we experience all the probabilities of that decision and choose which one we want to physicalize – with agreements with all involved, including all witnesses and those who know those involved in whatever the event is – be it so called trivial or so called significant event. And we alternate various probable realities into our physical reality all the time, so to speak. And each probable reality not physicalized, continues on in its own.”

DATRE: Now wait a minute, that last sentence – each…

JOHN: Each probable reality not physicalized, continues on its own.

DATRE: Now, wait a minute, realities don’t have time. They don’t continue on their own – there’s no way. All realities are there continuously. Unless an ‘event’ is actualized, its just there. As we’ve said previously, you do not see a picture of possibilities and probabilities and all that sort of thing. You have a concept and you work from a concept. That’s why the outcome of any of your ‘plays’ is constantly changing. Because, in your part in the play the ‘concept’ is to bring forth this type of action – reaction. The other people are having this action and this reaction.

But because it’s not cast in stone, it’s very, very malleable. This action that you take, the other person may take an entirely different action than was expected. So, there’s an alteration that’s taking place in order to get the direction going to another way – because you’re going in the wrong direction now. So this has to be changed. The other person doesn’t agree with the change and either makes the change or adapts it and continues or completely leaves.

So this is what you’re doing all the time. You don’t realize what kind of a play you’re setting up, because the play is all in a concept. You write a proposed script, but that does not mean it’s going to be followed and things don’t continue on. A possibility and a probability, these are only concepts of how ‘you’ perceive a possibility or a probability. Its nothing that you can feel, touch, taste, smell, whatever. You’re not in the physical when you’re experiencing a possibility or a probability; you are only experiencing a concept. You’re putting together different types of energy and rearranging it to get what you think is something that is feasible for your information, for your education.

Another individual could take that same set of possibilities and probabilities and end up with a totally different outcome. You can’t say the outcome is going to be the same, because a possibility or a probability is only the concept of that one that is putting together the information. The outcome has to be, totally different for everybody, because there are no two things alike. They may appear alike, but they aren’t. So in the multiplicity of the possibilities and probabilities, you have every direction to go in. Continue.

JOHN: And Barrie’s final question is; “Each physically focused self creates an almost infinite number of dream and probable selves as it lives his/her life and makes his/her daily decisions. And each one of these dream and probable selves, in turn, creates an almost infinite number of its own dream and probable selves as they live their lives and make their decisions about what to do.”

DATRE: Now, stop right there. Number one, you are working with one physical body. You are not the one that is choosing the possibilities or probabilities from a ‘physical’ standpoint. The physical is to act out the ‘play’ – not make the decisions. The decisions are made for you by you – the possibilities and probabilities are there for you to experience. But you do not make the decisions from the physical standpoint. The physical is strictly the experience.

The physical creates the ‘events’. But you in the physical do not choose the possibilities or probabilities. And that’s not to say, ‘well there’s someone else that’s doing this ‘to’ me’. No, it’s you doing it to you. Except that you don’t recognize you when you’re out of physicality. And that’s done on purpose. When you get to the point that you ‘know’ and you know yourself in the dream state as well as in the physical state and you know that its all ONE, then you have found the answer to physicality. But it has to be experienced before it can be understood. And there is no way that you’ll ever be able to explain it to anyone else.

It’s a ‘knowingness’. And that’s not to say, ‘well its hidden and therefore we’ll never know’. No, you are hiding it from yourselves so you don’t go mad. You could not, with your physical brain, could not handle it – no way. Until you get to the point that you have trained your physical brain to the point of understanding then you have that experience with a great deal of ‘basic’ understanding that you have gained, then when that event takes place then you will say, ‘I know and I understand’, and you won’t go crazy because you have taken yourself ‘to’ that point of that understanding. There’s no way you can get there without that understanding – without the ‘knowingness’.

This happens on a very gradual scale. It does not happen in one lifetime. At one point in what you call your physical time, it could happen in a lifetime – because your lifetimes were different than they are now. You have your lifetimes so separated, so segregated, so set into minutes, everything is nanoseconds, so you’ve compartmentalized everything. Even your teachings are so regimented, so sterile, so basic, that they have lost all of the spontaneity, the understanding of a concept that brings you great joy. These things have to be experienced.

So you try and put everything together in its neat little boxes and then wonder why everything doesn’t fit. It doesn’t, it can’t because LIFE in and of itself is ‘fluid’. It’s not static. You have tried to make it static.

It is like watching the television the other night when they are trying to explain Easter Island. We won’t get into that. But there again, you are looking at everything from the standpoint of ‘this’ is the way it ‘had’ to be. If you were to look at it from the way it really is, you would laugh, because you’re saying it has to be this way because this substantiates this and these are these buildings and this went on in these buildings. And you know what you’re doing; you’re continually making this ‘picture’ all the time according to your STANDARDS OF TODAY. You’ve got all of this and it has to be that way. It was so many billions of years ago and these people did this and they did that and this is the way they lived based on ‘YOUR’ THOUGHT PATTERNS ‘NOW’.

You see what happens is, you try and regiment everything. It is not in the regimenting, it is in the ‘allowing’, it is in letting go and lets see what is happening. Try and figure out what is happening. As we have said so many times before, learn to be an OBSERVER. You’ll say, ‘well I don’t know why that person is so happy?’ Its simply because they’re experiencing life. Now, if they’re really experiencing life, that is a happiness that you can’t buy, shall we say. People can be happy with things. People can be happy with no things. Like the person that is beginning to understand what this ‘wild’ play is all about, and is all of a sudden getting little glimpses. Somebody opens the curtain just a little to peek out to see who’s out there watching the show. Then discovering that they are sitting in the audience. That’s when it begins to be fun. Forget the process. Enjoy watching the ‘magic’. We will leave you now, we thank you.

We are Datre.


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