Datre 193 – A world of changes

Datre answers John (Datre193)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from John, and his first question is; “Does the destruction of the Trade Center towers initiate possible new plans for the New Millennium?”

DATRE: Everyone was so devastated about the Trade Center bombing. All right, I do not know how far before the bombing of those two towers some computer programs came out – two computer games came out that were designed around the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. Both were terrorist activities in these computer games.

Now, isn’t it interesting that the individuals that put out those two computer games were not sitting around in psychic circles? Where did they get their information from? The Humanity as a whole, or what we have called Mass Consciousness? They were ahead of the event. But they picked it up. Interesting! Very interesting!

As you can see many on your planet tap into the Mass Consciousness gestalts and pick up ‘possible’ projected events. In order for large changes to take place, the ‘the Humanity as a whole’ (including both the ‘live’ and ‘dead’ zones) have agreed on possible/probable events to use as triggers for setting in motion directions for desired changes. Because the United States is a large country with a great deal of focus on it, this will attract more attention than a smaller country.

Many bombings on Embassies in different parts of your planet have not drawn sufficient attention needed to bring about changes. Why the two Trade Center towers? Because that symbolizes “International monitory impact”. Individuals from many countries contributed in this particular event. There were individuals from over 30 countries killed in that event. This was needed to get other countries, as well as the United States, involved in change. What is more dramatic to all peoples than the loss of human life (as you call it)?

Any time a significant change takes place on your planet, new “guide lines” need to be put into motion. As an example, for many, many years man has wanted to be able to fly. When ‘the Humanity as a whole’ agreed on the basic principle of flight, man began his experiments in that area of exploration. These principles were not always there. The completed principle must be there before exploration can begin. This is an area in which the Dead Zone plays a significant role. There must be sufficient thrust in any given direction before it will be implemented.

‘The Humanity as a whole’ used the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, and the other ‘planned’ government buildings to highlight money, military power, and government power. These three elements are common to all countries. This is a common denominator for all nations.

JOHN: And John’s next question is; “You have said many changes are going to take place. One of the questions today is why is ‘time’ so changed?

DATRE: The element of ‘time’ has never been absolute. At the beginning of your known civilization, your planet was spinning at a much faster rate. As an example, as recently as the time of Julius Caesar (45 B.C.) there was an attempt to organize a type of calendar. Prior to this time your orbit and rotation speed was so erratic that it was unpredictable. Caesar’s first calendar had 445 days – based on sunrises and sunsets.

The next change that took place was during the time of Pope Gregory the XIII (1582). His new calendar contained 365 days. Pope Gregory also added today’s Leap Year and also changed the beginning of the New Year from March to January. This changes your Christmas from Spring into Winter.

The dates and the individual’s names were taken from various sources of information, because we thought it important enough to research this information before presenting it. We knew huge changes had taken place in your recording of ‘time’ and thought it would be of interest to you.

Your planet is slowing down even more and constant adjustments are still being made to make your ‘illusionary’ time consistent. It has been said that not only does ‘time’ change but your ‘past’ and ‘future’ also change. The reason you don’t notice the change is that you change with it.

The words have been used so many times that you don’t pay any attention to them. YOU WERE, YOU ARE, YOU WILL BE. Then look at the other one – THERE’S NO TIME. Everything is happening – there’s no beginning and no end. You put ‘time’ – linear time – on events so that you can keep track of where you are. But as you begin to change, you’ll find that those lines become very blurred.

A day is no longer a day, its just a group of events. You wake up in the physical construct, you have events and events and events and events and pretty soon the sun goes down and its time to put the body down so it can rest and repair itself – and you leave. You look at the clock from time to time to see where you are and that sort of thing but, the more you get into living ‘events’, you’ll find that ‘clock time’ and events don’t fit.

JOHN: John’s next question is; “Have noticeable changes taken place in any other areas in physicality?”

DATRE: Yes, your television has become very stagnant, in that you either bring back the old programs and rerun them, or you maintain a very, very narrow scope. Sex, violence, cartoons and then you have what you call situation comedy. How many years are you going to watch that? People sit in front of it and watch this and where does it go? It goes no place. Now, here again we have ‘the Humanity as a whole’ taking a ‘new’ direction.

When your new movies and television programs come out, what is the most popular of all movies? What were the most popular books? Books that were written for children. Children’s books called Harry Potter. Who read the children’s books called Harry Potter? Not only the children but mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers. And who is going to the movie? Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. The big question. WHY? Because its ‘magic’. Children recognize ‘magic’. To them the world is a playground of discovery. Grown-ups want to regain that sense of ‘magic’ and discovery. They call it wizardry and this upsets some people but what is the difference between wizardry and magic? It’s just a label that you have put on it.

People are looking for ‘magic’ – because they can’t find the ‘magic’ in their own lives. So, if they can ‘see’ it, it makes them think and look and see something that is different. And where does it come from? A ‘child’s’ book.

Everyone looks for ‘Magic’.. “Why can’t I teleport?”, “Why can’t I do all these ‘magic’ things now?”.

You are all looking for ‘magic’ and yet it is with you all the time and you can’t even see it. You want teleportation and all of these other things so you can ‘see’ the ‘magic’. How often haven’t you thought of someone and within hours or maybe a couple of days, you are contacted by that person? Magic! You say that happens to me a lot – big deal.

How are you going to discover the ‘magic’ in your lives if you don’t pay any attention to it in your everyday lives? You all expect big things right away. Recognize the little things and the process will grow. Each time you recognize “magic” you will feel happiness and that will build on itself just like a child builds with his blocks on the floor.

Magic is ‘natural’ to all of you. This is your existence whether you recognize it or not. Clock time is fine for your work-a-day world, but a person who recognized the “mystery” of life lives in a different ‘time’ that is not constrained by a clock, and yet, when you recognize the ‘magic’, you will see that everything falls into place more easily. We have consistently spoken of ‘observation’.

Large events are easily observed. Watch for the ‘unimportant’ things. The body sets up a rhythm of its own that is more relaxed. The trees, animals and plants all have their own rhythms – your body needs its own rhythm, especially if you are involved in the world of the arts. That is why computer programmers are given “free reign” in the development of their programs. They are allowed to create to their own ‘body’ rhythm.

The other thing that is very, very popular now – again, and probably even more so this time then it was previously because the ‘timing’ is different – that is “The Lord of The Rings”. That is not new. That has been around for a long time. Why are people watching that? There again, you have a story with a form of ‘magic’ and excitement, but the ‘magic’ is there. Then you have another one that is coming out that everyone has watched for many, many years, a new episode of “Star Wars”. People have watched those movies for years.

But it’s because there’s a different type of relationship with different types of people. You’ll notice that all the people are ‘people’ like you are. If they have animals, they will have alligators and so forth acting like people. It is all ‘people’ related but it’s the interaction and the suspense with a bit of ‘magic’ thrown in. In the whizzy-bang-wow of the Star Wars you all like to watch these great big humongous pieces of metal flying around in the sky and that gets you all excited because its ‘out there’. Then you have the ‘magic’ of switching realities portrayed in the new movie ”Kate & Leopold”. Where a 19th. Century English gentleman finds himself in the year 2001 in the city of Manhattan.

Now, why is NASA all upset? Because they’re not getting the funding they want nor are they getting engineers in the engineering schools because the young people are not interested in going to learn engineering. So they don’t have the minds that are needed to produce the ‘tin cans’ that they want. Now, that must tell you something about the change in ‘the Humanity as a whole’ in that the ‘thrust’ is not in the ‘mechanical’, the ‘thrust’ is in another area.

Which is your fastest growing area of exploration on your planet? Medicine and biology. The discovery of the workings of the human body. That has become the fascination. They have all the ‘drugs’ and all the rest of it but why all the drugs? Why all the studying of DNA? Because individuals on the planet have decided – why live such short lives when I don’t accomplish as much as I want to accomplish before that which is the ‘biological’ body says, ‘death is needed’.

So what is happening is, people are becoming more productive in many areas because their bodies are able to sustain a valuable, viable life for longer periods of time. What about the women basketball, baseball and soccer players. These women that are in their 40’s and 50’s are out there playing these games competitively. Now, you go back even a few generations and you’re not going to find that. My goodness, could you imagine people at that age going out and doing strenuous sports like that? No, absolutely not. They were too busy staying home, raising children and cooking and taking care of the house (no dishwasher, no microwave, no frozen dinners, no clothes dryers – just to name a few) and that was such a very short time ago.

Look at your evolution in a ‘blink’ of an eye. Then you’ll say, ‘where are we going?’. The Humanity as a whole has decided where you are going in possibility/probability parameters and you’ve all agreed on it. The Humanity as a whole’ I am speaking of is comprised of both the ‘living’ and ‘dead’ zone. Now, as John S. says, ‘you don’t have to have a program to enjoy the show’. Sit back and OBSERVE what ‘the Humanity as a whole’ has decided upon for your evolution. You have no idea how GRAND life can be if you don’t ‘watch’ what’s happening. It ‘is’ going to be different.

Your bodies are going through changes; they have been for the last number of years. And they’re going to continue going through changes. There are parts that you’re not going to need any more. There are other parts that you’re going to have to develop to be sustainable in the new environment. All of these things are going to take place. So, there are many things that are going to be happening. Then you’ll say, ‘well I don’t know anything about that’. Maybe not in the physical, but ‘you’ don’t spend all of your time in the physical.

And when you become part of ‘the Humanity as a whole’ in the areas that are ‘not’ physical, that is when many of your decisions are made. In the physical, you’re only ‘acting out’ what you’ve decided. You’re making it ‘visible’ so you can interact with it. Your New Millennium is going to be exciting. Watch what is happening.

DATRE: Are there any more questions?

JOHN: No, that was it.

DATRE: Okay, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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