Datre 182 – Revitalization

Datre answers Debbie (Datre183)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Debbie, and her first question is… “I have had AH-HA moments, I guess I have called them revelations. What I would like to know is when you have an AH-HA this is obviously the MIND. At the moment of this revelation does the BRAIN get it at that point. Does the BRAIN then accept this new information?”

DATRE: Well, that AH HA doesn’t necessarily have to come from the mind. You see your brain is an accumulator. And as you bring experiences, emotions, you read, you hear, you bring all of these things into the brain and the brain is trying to set up a filing system. In other words, with your computer, what do you do? You set things into categories or into folders. And in the categories, they can be very simple, like one is the transcripts, and one is music, and another one is artwork, another one is news information, and things that you want to keep – storage. Its like a file cabinet and you’ve got the draws all labeled.

Your brain is trying to do the same thing. Can you imagine the amount of storage that the brain goes through in but an hour? Just think of all the things that you interact with through all your physical emotions – your taste, your touch, your smell, your seeing. All of these things are being recorded – constantly. Your ‘aura’ is out there picking up all of this information. So, what you’re doing is, you’re collecting all of this constantly. And where do you store it? It has to be stored someplace. So, for now lets say, we store it in the brain.

Okay, now as we’ve said in the previous transcript, you have energy construct ‘triggers’. Now, in getting an AH HA, that can come through an energy construct trigger. It can come from a ‘brain’ finally finding a place to connect a bit of information you’ve just received – and the brain says, ‘okay, I’ll put it in here, lets see if this piece of information fits in this category’. So it goes into the file and the brain sees all these different things and that’s another piece of the puzzle. There’s a ‘click’ – its an energy click – its an AH HA. The brain has found a piece of information that makes this ‘other’ information its been filing make sense.

You see why you like puzzles? You see why you like mysteries? Its what your brain is doing constantly. So when the brain has a puzzle – a jigsaw puzzle, a crossword puzzle out of a newspaper, it has a mystery, it has something to solve – its excited because its a much simpler situation than trying to figure out where to put all the information you put into it.

Now, this is very simplistic, but it’s trying to help you understand ‘how’ this system works. You see it’s an automatic thing. You don’t have to think about – well now, I’ve got this piece of information and where am I going to file it? You’ve filed it as an energy construct in the brain. And you see, that is what is important, is that the brain finds something that it can connect with.

Now, this can also come from the mind. Because the ‘mind’ is different than the brain, the brain is making connections. The mind information is different. And it may take the brain a while to assimilate the ‘mind’ information – because it is uniquely different. That is why we try to convey to you different ways of looking at things and thinking about things. Because in doing that, your brain is more readily able to ‘accept’ the mind information and find a place for it.

So, you see, it can come different ways. But an AH HA is still an AH HA. And an AH HA – depending upon your evolutionary process of what you are trying to achieve and what goals you have set forth in front of you – these things may take years – in what you call your time counting. Take for example, that one called Kahlil Gibran. How many years did it take him to write his famous book “The Prophet”? The Prophet is not very big as far as books go. There are books that have thousands of pages in them, and there are books that have a very few pages, but have substance beyond measure.

But you see the ‘impatience’ comes from wanting to have the answers ‘now’. The answers of evolution are not ‘now’. ‘Give me the answers so that I can get out of here in a hurry’. It doesn’t work that way. The brain takes ‘time’ to assimilate information. And the time it takes to assimilate the information depends upon your evolutionary process being able to make the connections to make sense.

Now, we’ve talked about OBSERVERS many, many times. In OBSERVING, that also helps to assimilate different information that the brain uses constantly. So you see, you have many, many ways of getting an AH HA. We’ve often talked about the aura and how important an aura is to each and every individual. That is why we have said – many times – that when you work with patients in a hospital, you work on people in healing, you work with people in cutting hair, polishing fingernails, massage, anything that you have ‘physical’ contact with another individual – as again, we have said many, many times, showers and baths are very beneficial. Water is a substance that you do not understand, it has unique properties – when you are working… even to eat in a restaurant, be you the server or you are the one that is being served, it is very important for you if you are in an energy construct that is uncomfortable to you or very volatile, or whatever, that you wash your bodies.

Because, everything you touch permeates that aura. And the aura is what is used to contain the physical construct. Your aura, what your aura picks up is what is used by your body.

So you see, there’s many different ways of getting an AH HA. You may have come in contact – in some way-shape-or-form with an individual during the daytime that can trigger an AH HA. Because that individual has an aura that has some information that your aura interacts with. I’m taking you into different fields that you are probably unfamiliar with but it is to make you think what a wonderful construct you have to exist in.

So, your AH HA’s are GRAND. Because, what that does is, you take a giant frog leap into an area of different understanding. Next question?

JOHN: And her next and final question is… “Also how do you know when the information is from the MIND and not just a notion from the BRAIN?”

DATRE: That is very hard to discern. But something that feels familiar will be from the brain. Usually, something that comes from the mind is very different. It’s… what do you have a saying… its like coming in from left field. Its probably so different, so outlandish, such a revelation, that it causes a big, ‘whoa, where did that come from?’. Those you can easily discern. But there are those that come from the mind that are very ‘indiscernible’ simply because, as we’ve said, you dip in and out. You dip into the mind during the day – many times. But because you’re not paying attention and it isn’t important, you either reject it or accept it. Just like you do with something that’s from the brain.

It really doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter – except for those that are interested in making changes. And, how are you going to know? By being an OBSERVER and ‘tracing’ – see if you can trace where it comes from. If you have an AH HA, see if you can trace. It is a grand experience. And it’s a grand experiment. You may not be able to do it, do not become frustrated with it. But, if you have an AH HA, check it out. You see most peoples don’t take the time to study anything because the input is so great. Your physicality now is so bombarded with energy that it’s scattered, that it’s difficult for you to maintain a balance of any kind.

You’re out in the workplace, and you can come home at night and say you are so tired – why are you so tired? Because you have actually been walking in a hale storm. Your body has been bombarded all day long – by noise. Noise has a very debilitating effect on you. But you don’t realize that. If you were to go out in a hailstorm and the hailstones were blowing at your body, you’d find shelter. And yet you go out in a hailstorm of ‘noise’ every single day.

That is why – every one of you needs a quite time. Then you’ll say, ‘well, I haven’t got time’. You give everyone else your time. You give your time to your employer. You give your time to your work. You give your time to your family. Your significant other. You give your time to organizations. You give your time to everything else. How about taking – at least fifteen minutes – of quite time for yourself. You don’t need to sit and meditate. You don’t need to sit and think. You need just fifteen minutes to just sit and be quite. Don’t you deserve that? You give to everything and everyone else but you don’t give to the revitalization of ‘you’.

So you haven’t got time one day for fifteen minutes – how about when you lay down in bed? You usually don’t go right to sleep anyway – very few people do. Take that time to totally sink into the bed and just don’t think just relax, don’t fight it, give yourself ‘that’ peace that you need. So that when you go to sleep your body can restore itself.

So, I think we got a little off the track. But that’s all right; we had something to tell you. I hope we have answered your questions in a way that can help you – we’ve become very simplistic in our answers. But this is to help you in understanding. No one ever gained a great deal from a teacher that talks in great big words and explains nothing. We try and simplify it to explain. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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