Datre 178 – The emotion behind the words

Datre answers Will (Datre178)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Will, and his first question is… “A question I have is, what exactly is THAT type of information? Would your wordings be referring to the words sword type of information… the spoken word, or printed word?”

DATRE: I cannot figure out exactly what you are talking about having read the preceding information. How ever, speaking of that kind of information, it must have been in some transcripts – and there are many of them – when we tell an individual we cannot give you that ‘type’ of information, because they have asked ‘personal’ questions. We cannot answer ‘personal’ questions regarding individuals and their lives. So, that type of question cannot be answered by us. That type of question regarding ‘personal’ matters need to be addressed by either those in the physical or in the dead zone. We have done many transcripts saying that we are unable to address personal – individual – questions. Continue.

JOHN: And he goes on to ask… “If so, then I ask, what exactly is the DEAD ZONE, per Datre’s definition or explanation?”

DATRE: Just exactly what it says. You walking around in a physical construct, on the planet, and doing what you call ‘living’ in the physical – that’s living, that’s the ‘live’ zone shall we say that you’re drawing your pictures on for your experience. Now, the ‘dead zone’ is when you lay down the physical construct – the one that’s made of earth matter – and continue your existence in another vibratory construct – which you call dead.

As anyone knows, you’re ‘not’ dead; the only thing that ‘died’ was the physical construct. And that’s not ‘new’ Datre material. Anyone that has read anything for as far back as you can find out the writings of people that talked before they learned to write – they’ve always known that dead is not the end of anything. It’s a continuation in a different vibration. That’s all it is. But, because the body is dead, ‘oh, that person was so wonderful when they were alive and now they’re dead’. No, they’re not dead; they’ve just gone into another vibratory existence. We call it the ‘dead zone’ because everybody knows what ‘dead’ is – from their interpretation. So, that’s what the dead zone is.

Now remember, the realities constructed in the dead zone are realities constructed by those that are existing in ‘that’ vibration. So you have as many varied realities in that which you call the dead zone as you do in the ‘live’ zone, created by the ‘thoughts’ and the ‘thinks’ of the individuals. That’s what creates realities.

So, you don’t stop ‘doing’ because you died. In fact, there are many who say, ‘that was the best part’. Because, that’s when they really felt alive. They felt ‘dead’ in physicality. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “While reading Datre’s words through your printed wordings, I was moved to share with you the slight mis conceptions of the power of the word, here in the physical.”

DATRE: Now, I don’t know what you mean by ‘misconceptions’ of the power of the word. The ‘word’ in and of itself has no power. The only thing that gives any word any power is ’emotion’.

Now, you take a sentence, and you say, ‘go home’. How many different ways can that be interpreted? If there’s a lot of emotion in it and you’re talking to a child, and you’re angry with the child and you say, ‘go home’. The emotion that you put into those two words sends fear through the child and the child runs home. It is the emotion behind the words. If someone turns around and says to you, ‘oh, go home’. You’ve been working at the desk for many, many hours and your tired and someone comes up and sees you still working. Puts a hand on your shoulder and compassionately says, ‘go home’. It is the emotion of the words that makes you feel relieved, ‘oh, that sounds so good’ and you pack up and you go home.

You mention ‘go home’ in a group of psychic individuals and what is the first thing they think of? Oh, we’re going home. We’re going back to our original planet where we came from. Or we’re going to Venus or Jupiter or some other place. And they get all emotional. But it’s the same two words.

There’s no power in the word. It’s the ’emotion’ that is connected to the word that contains the power. You can sit and read anything you want to, and what is the emotion evoked by the words within you? A sentence, in a murder mystery, and you get shivers. It’s the emotion evoked within ‘you’. It’s not the words. Somebody else that doesn’t care for murder mysteries can read that and say, ‘I don’t know what that was all about’. No emotion. It didn’t stir their emotions in any way-shape-or-form.

Take a very popular one. You’ve heard it on television all over the world for many years – ‘going to Disneyland’. Everybody is supposed to get excited. This is where we’re going to have fun. And everybody gets excited; the commercial shows everybody getting excited. Except the people that are so sick and tired of seeing that commercial that they say, ‘why don’t they do something else?’. Two emotions – same words. Or emotion, because maybe this is someplace we can go this year. But what’s the word – Disneyland.

It’s not the word; it’s the emotion it creates within you. So, I don’t know where you were going with your ‘word power’. But looking at it from our standpoint, they all have the same vibratory construct, until you put ’emotion’ behind it.

That’s why some people are good speakers. They take a ‘canned’ speech that someone else has written for them – it’s not even their own words – and they get up and they deliver that speech with emotion and people just go crazy. Emotion! The words have nothing to do with it.

Why are there good actors and bad actors? The emotion created by them in the words that they give to you, the audience. The words have no power without emotion. If you’ve got somebody up there that’s just reading the words in a play, it wouldn’t take you very long to get out of the theater.

People have emotions that they put into words – that’s what makes them different. We thank you.

We’re Datre.

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