Datre 177 – You form your own reality

Datre answers Sue (Datre177)

JOHN: Today we have a question from Sue, and it is…”I was wondering if you could say something about the merging of the universes or realities that is going on now? The vibes are very chaotic!”

DATRE: There is no merging of universes. And there’s no merging of realities.

Now, perhaps this is as good a time as any to get into that which you call ‘realities’. Realities seem to be something that you are confused about. Realities are not something that is made by someone else for you to experience. In other words, it’s not a foreign land that has been set up by “others”, whoever others may be. You form your own reality.

Let us begin with that which you call ‘thoughts’ and ‘thinks’. Nothing happens until a thought or a think – which is… a ‘think’ is a brain connection of ideas. Nothing happens until a ‘thought’ or a ‘think’ is put into action. At the time a ‘thought’ or a ‘think’ is put into action then that becomes a ‘space’ in time – in the reality you are presently in. That causes what you call ‘time’ to gain movement. So, when a thought or a think is put into action and is acted upon, that creates your ‘time’, and time is ‘movement’. Now, this ‘movement’ of energy is what creates your present reality.

Now, we talk about ‘different’ realities that you go into. Because everything happens simultaneously – you have different movements, or ‘time’ movements in different realities. We have said, for every action other actions are generated. In other words, what we spoke about in the last transcript was the JFK assignation. It happened and it didn’t happen, and every variable in between. Each one of those variables falls into a different reality category. Now, it has been said that everything has been lived before, so therefore, everything that you do has been but the ‘living’ of the lifetime of another. In other words, it is ‘predestined’. That is not the case. Take the one instance, how many different variations from that point of JFK’s death. How many ‘other’ scenarios can be written from that point? And which of those variances and realities did you wish to follow?

You’re given constant choice. And I think that’s why you’re all beginning to feel chaotic, is because the choices are so many and you’re beginning to understand that there ‘are’ many choices, and you’re becoming frustrated. Because of the intensity of the energy level on your planet, you’re becoming scattered and you don’t know which way to go. It’s very hard to keep even in communication with yourself and your body in today’s activity because of the noise and confusion. So, you’re having difficulty finding out what way you want to go. You don’t realize how disturbing that is to you in the physical. You, outside of the physical, function perfectly fine. Its when you crawl back into the body to begin a day, it does not take long for you to begin to lose connection between you and the body.

Now, what happens is – and it’s so difficult for you to, shall we say, find your way, because everything is so chaotic. You are the one that has to take ‘thought’ and ‘thinks’ and put them into action in order to maintain a reality. In other words, you’re trying to maintain a reality and make choices as to which reality you want to experience. If all is calm and peaceful and quite, it is not that difficult for you to make constant choices. You make choices throughout the day, because the physical body – in action – is what creates a reality.

A reality is ‘not’ created by an outside source. Every reality on your planet is created by a physical construct or ‘constructs’ working together in a certain area of ‘think’ patterns. So, when you go to another reality, and you’ve been in meditation and you come back and ‘oh, this reality was so marvelous’, that reality, at whatever point in time, was created by physical individuals and you experienced it. Now, you’ll say, ‘why isn’t it pre-destined if I can go into these and they’re already done?’. But, that isn’t already done, because there is no ‘time’ – you only put ‘time’ into a sequence so you don’t get yourselves too confused.

There are those that have already done a ‘future’. There are those that have already done a ‘past’. There are those that have done a reality that you’re in. But, when ‘you’ enter ‘that’ reality, that is already “there”, your very presence – with your ‘thinks’ and your ‘thoughts’ – going into that reality, changes two things – you and the reality both.

The Chinese I believe, are the one’s that have the saying that, ‘as a butterfly’s wings flutter it changes the air currents around the world’. Now, that sounds like a statement that is far out – it is not.

Men and women on this planet, have for whatever reason, become so ingrained in the think of being insignificant – that they don’t recognize their SIGNIFICANCE. Every one of you is very significant not only to your own evolution, but to the evolution of everyone and everything within your reality.

Now, lets get right down to the nitty gritty, you’ll take a neighborhood that is run down. Its a mess, its full of crime, its full of screaming children, its full of unhappy parents, its full of this that and the next thing and you call it a slum. Then some women begin to get together little by little and say, ‘nobody is doing anything here, so its up to us to do something about it, I’m tired of seeing our children killed, our children on drugs’. And what happens. The mothers get together and they begin to change things. They begin to clean up their houses, fix them up, paint them up. What happens? The children begin to change, they’re anxious to come home from school to see what’s happened – what has mother done today?. And eventually the whole neighborhood gets changed.

And now, instead of people wanting to get out of the neighborhood – they’re looking for housing to get into the neighborhood. The reverse is also true. You have a beautiful old neighborhood, but the older people begin to die and one trashy family moves into the area. ‘I don’t want to live in this neighborhood any more’ so somebody else moves out. Another trashy one moves into the area. Then the next thing you’ve got is a slum.

But what we’re saying is, you don’t recognize the significance of the individual. You’re the one that makes the realities. And, until you recognize how significant you are, change cannot take place. People say, ‘well everything’s the same, nothing changes’. No, that is not true. The only thing that needs to change – is you. Then you’ll say, ‘well, I’m only one person’. But how many times have you seen ‘one’ person make dramatic changes? Are you going to be the one that moans and groans and complains and says, ‘I want to get out of here’? Or are you going to be the one person that takes a good look at themselves and says, ‘changes is needed, I will change myself first and see what happens to the rest’.

Now, these areas that you drive through, or walk through, or go by in that which you call the slum areas – that is not your reality. The only time that becomes your reality is if you are going to move into that reality and become a part of it. That is the same thing that we talk about, where people are getting upset by what they read in the paper, or see on television or any of these other things they become emotionally involved in. You are at that point, viewing someone else’s reality or reading about someone else’s reality – but it’s not yours. So, the emotion is useless unless you want to take it and go down into the very depths of it in your being and become so emotionally involved in it that it becomes a ‘real’ experience to you that you do not ‘have’ to experience – but ‘have’ experienced it to such a degree that it becomes ‘yours’.

But, to just be emotionally involved with ‘surface’ emotions is fine, but then, after the surface emotions, then drop it. It is just like a movie that you have seen. You get involved in movies and you cry or you laugh or whatever. So you’ll say, ‘but this is reality’. Its reality, but its not ‘your’ reality. The only time it becomes your reality is if you go down into the depths of your emotions and experience it – so that it becomes ‘real’ to you. Other than that, you’ll say, ‘well, you go by and you see this tragic accident and you see all these people hurt and all that’. Is that ‘your’ reality? Or are you just ‘looking’ at a reality? Is that ‘real’ to you?

Are you going to get out of the car and get involved in it? Then it becomes ‘your’ reality. If you ‘view’ it and go on – view it as a picture and then go on – then it is ‘not’ your reality. It is only your reality when you get into it physically. And if you ‘stay’ in it, stay and help all those people until the ambulances come and get all involved in it – that becomes your reality. But, if you’re driving by in a car, it is not your reality. These are subtle differences – but they are very, very important. One is total emotion in making it real, making it ‘your’ reality. The other is ‘viewing’ a reality that is in existence.

Now as to the chaos on your planet, what is happening is, the energy that is coming onto the planet, as we have said before, is different. It is different than the energy that you have experienced for a number of years. What is happening is, the inability of individuals to be able to work with the new energy.

You have a tremendous number of people on your planet. And, when you have a tremendous number of people on a planet, you have a tremendous amount of, what you call, ‘think’ spoken word vibrations along with, what you would call, pure energy. Now, when you take, what you would call, a pure energy that is ‘undifferentiated’ energy that is coming on your planet that is a different vibrational quality, mixed with all the vibrations of the human voice ‘thinks’ that are being transmitted all the time, you have a very different combination of vibratory energy.

One of the things that are causing a lot of this – if you want to call it – chaotic energy – is the fact that people speak more than previously. In other words, you have all these people on telephones. You have all these people on these cell phones that they put in their ear and walk down the street with. And you have these people, shall we say, talking to thin air, because they’re talking into a mechanical device. But that vibration of that voice is going out. All over the world you have these telephones that people carry with them. You have tremendous amounts of television – which is voice. You have radios – which is voice.

Then you have all of the heavy voice noise that takes place in all of your sports events – all over the world. And now you are starting to talk to your computers and send voice e-mail.

You have numerous kinds of equipment that is carrying different vibrations. You have these big towers that transmit constantly. You have those cell phone repeaters spaced every so many feet to accommodate your cell phone traffic. They are picking up your voice down here, you’re talking on the street, in a car, in a building, and that’s being picked up by a repeater and the voice signal is repeated and if it doesn’t go far enough its repeated again. How many times has that voice vibration been transmitted? So you have all of this ‘static’ filling your planets atmosphere and you can’t get away from it – its within everything.

Everything is transmitting, transmitting, constantly. The thing is, when you have all those repeaters – they’re killing your birds. People are wondering why certain kinds of birds are dying in certain areas. It’s because of that magnification of the voice that is picked up and transmitted with a greater intensity. And the birds don’t know that that’s not someplace that they should be. So around these repeater towers large numbers of birds are dying.

Then you have the noise from your airplanes. You have the noise from your cars. You have noise from construction work. Your whole planet, in say the last 50 years, the ‘noise’ on your planet has intensified to such an extent that if you were to take a person that has not lived through this time period, but from 50 years ago, and immediately transported them into ‘this’ present reality on this planet – they would go mad just from the noise level. Their physical construct could not stand the vibration and the noise level on this planet.

Then you have these people that are singing – they call it singing. They’re standing up with the microphone and they’re screaming and the audience is screaming. So, you don’t realize that your planet is not quite any more – nowhere. And then you wonder where the chaos comes from. People cannot get away from it – there is no place to go. There is no place to go where it is quite. You can go to the most remote regions on your planet and it is still there.

You’ll say, ‘oh, its so quite’. That’s because, it’s in comparison to – what you are used to. That is why people that live in comparatively small communities go into large cities. And, if you like that type of stimulation in a large city, you will be happy with it because your body will be so revved-up from the noise and the chaos that you will say, ‘oh, this is good’. And those that live in it all the time don’t even hear it.

But you see, you wonder why there is chaos. That is one of your biggest reasons of why everything is chaotic. So, you’re asking about the realities. You’re asking about the universes, it doesn’t matter. If you’re talking about any reality it doesn’t matter – because all realities are on your planet. And your planet is noisy. Your realities are not quite because; in your realities you don’t go backwards, you go forward.

There may come a time when you will have more quite on your planet. But that will be a while. Simply because of the population of your planet – and because ‘I have to be heard’. No one wants to listen. And it is in listening and observing that you as an individual make your greatest progress. Because, in observing and in listening and analyzing for yourself, you will find your self. You’re not going to ‘find’ your self, if you’re always chattering. Because, you’re not ‘allowing’ your ‘self’ your connection. You need to have that connection with your self.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop working. That doesn’t mean you have to meditate. That doesn’t mean you have to do anything. But you can’t talk all the time. Because, take… let me give you an example. Let me give you something to play with, everyone in the psychic community wants something to play with, they want a ‘lesson’ or whatever. I will give you a lesson, and it doesn’t matter what country you’re in or where you’re at, your age or anything else.

Take one day, and at the end of the day, starting at the beginning when you wake up until you’re ready for sleep again, go through all of your conversations all through the day. Now, how much of that has been substantive and how much has been chatter? It is a very interesting thing to do.

You’ll say, ‘well I have to talk at work’. Yes, we understand that because we’re speaking through someone that works. You have to talk at work, but how much do you have to talk? You need to talk, you need communication. But, you also need ‘contemplation’. Which is something you don’t do any more. A woman says, ‘the greatest time I have is when I get into the bathtub, I have candles and scent and all this and sit in the bathtub, because that’s one time I’m not disturbed’. If that is what you enjoy doing, then get into the bathtub, and listen to what you’ve gone through all day long.

Women and men with children – you don’t have to talk to children all the time. You’ll find that a contented child is a quite child. It’s not a rambunctious child, it’s a child that’s interested in everything – but is not constantly chattering. They learn the chatter from you. It’s the only way a child learns, is by following what you keep doing all the time. And if you’re constantly chattering, what does the child do? They think that’s the way of life. Then you’ll buy him or her a little toy telephone and they’ll talk, talk, talk – because that’s what mother and dad do. You see what you’re teaching them? A child will follow your actions and very often will not listen to a word you say. So when you stop and look at what your actions are, it makes a difference.

Try that. See how many things you thought were important to say, and how many things you could have done without saying, and were saying just to be talking. You see you don’t always have to say things. A smile suffices. When someone says, ‘have a nice day’ – they’re so used to saying it now that it doesn’t mean anything – but if a clerk says, ‘have a nice day’, smile and say, ‘thank you’. You don’t have to go into a great big long rhetoric.

This is interesting. You planet has become a planet of ‘chatterers’. And the thing is, when you’re chattering, you want to be ‘seen’ or you want to be ‘heard’. This is the only way you can find your validity. The ‘squeaky wheel get the grease’ – ‘so I must make myself a squeaky wheel so that someone will notice me’. Someone notices a ‘quite’ person. And you will be surprised, because people will walk by and say, ‘I didn’t know you were there, I haven’t heard you say a word’. What’s there to say?

You need to be cordial to people – yes. But, they don’t care about your life story, any more than you care about theirs. You pretend to be interested, but it really doesn’t matter, it’s only an office acquaintance any way. A friend is different. But, then when you’ve spoken for ten or fifteen minutes, how much more have you get to say? Continue.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: Thank you.

We are Datre.

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