Datre 167 – Realities are as varied as an individual

Datre answers Hoyt (Datre167)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Hoyt and his first question is… “Just as we get pleasures from observing other cultures that are quite different, to see alternate ways of looking at things, I’d like to hear information about any particular culture that’s quite different from ours, but not so different that we couldn’t fathom it at all. For example, it is clear that in my reality, there are many animals and civilization remnants on Mars now, as I see in many of the 16000 Mars pathfinder images (see http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Atlantis/1263).

Will you explain in detail the anthropology, history, nature of the technology, biochemistry of what mass consciousness will find there now?”


DATRE: You asked a question that cannot be answered, simply because, you can’t find anything there until you create it. You cannot see anything that someone… your saying your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS creates a great deal. That’s the way everyone views it, is through MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

In other words, if you wanted to create – I think we used this one before – an old lady sitting in a rocking chair on Mars, and MASS CONSCIOUSNESS created that there, that’s what you would see.

I think the one thing that is probably the most difficult for anyone to accept and understand, is REALITIES. Realities are as varied as an individual. Now, you agree on certain ‘basic’ fundamentals of a reality that you are viewing at the present time. In other words, it is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that forms the ‘energy’ to make that which you call a city. It holds that energy to the point that it becomes – what you call – solid. It’s the ‘arrangement’ of energy. Energy can be ‘intense’ enough so that the vibrations will ‘form’ that which you a city. In other words, you have a building here, and you have a store there and a sidewalk and a street and the cars and all of these things – that the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of that area has ‘built’ the energy – shall we say – solid enough that you all participate in it.

You built that for your experience in that particular city. Now, how each one reacts within that city to that energy, is an entirely different situation. But that’s what MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS not only ‘solidifies’ concepts for you to work with, but it solidifies things so that you can ‘see’ them – intensity of ENERGY.

We started that a little bit in the last transcript and we’re going to go further with it. Now REALITIES, are that which you form and experience as an individual. Now, there is ‘one’ city that you are in – this is familiar to you. You go into another area of ENERGY that is ‘un’ familiar to you, but the energy has made another – what you call – city. It has also formed your roads, so that you could get from one city to the other. You have formed this ENERGY into what it looks like today over – what you call – the beginning of your earth ‘time’.

You look at pictures of cities in the 1600s, 1700s, whenever they started making pictures of cities, so that you can go back and see what things looked like and what things look like today – the same city. The ENERGY that the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has used changed it, from that time in the picture, to this time that you call the present. But it’s a ‘transformation’ of ENERGY. So nothing has changed, except, the way it is perceived – because it’s all still ENERGY.

That is why what you call deja vu is experienced by individuals. They can walk down a street – in another country they have never been in – and they will encounter an energy vibration that triggers something within that which you call your recognition. And if that energy is potent enough, that which is being viewed will ‘change’ to another – what you call – point in time. The person next to you is walking along and talking to you, is walking down the same street you’re walking down. But your interpretation of the ENERGY you are encountering changes what you see. That is what is called deja vu. You can call them deja vu, you can call them flashbacks, you can call them reincarnational experiences, you can put any label on it you want to.

But, you’ll say, ‘that was another reality’. And you’re not a bit surprised by making that statement. Why? Because it’s familiar to you? How about stepping into what you call – another reality – that is ‘un’ familiar to you? That becomes something entirely different. These ‘realities’ are all here. Now someone will say, ‘well I don’t want something that’s all finished, I want to do it myself’. You do. You do, but don’t you like to surprise yourself? Don’t you like experiences? You don’t get upset by a “past” experience. But you become upset by a “future” experience.

How can one meet up with – what they call – their ‘past’ childhood and interact with that as a ‘past’ childhood? Step into that which you call another reality. Different realities exist simultaneously. There is no ‘beginning’ and no ‘ending’. The only reason you take pictures of what it was, and pictures of what it is today, and the people that look like they did and people that look like they do, is to put things in ‘linear’ perspective to keep you from going crazy. If you saw all of this at the same time, you couldn’t handle it. That is part of what palsy like spasms are all about. They slip into another reality that is so dissimilar to the one that they’re in that they go through spasms because their body can’t handle it. That is ‘one’ cause of that which you call palsy like spasms.

Now, someone that does not have fear goes into and out of different realities and it doesn’t bother them. But if someone has fear, they go into another reality that is totally unfamiliar and it scares them, and they spasm. They used to call it ‘having fits’. They used to lock people up for that. All they’re doing is going into an unfamiliar reality that they are afraid of. But if you’re not afraid of going into different realities, then you can experience them.

But unless MASS CONSCIOUSNESS puts something on Mars, and solidify the energy to such an extent that it can be seen by ‘others’ – whoever others may be – there isn’t going to be things there. You see this business of physicality is more interesting than you have any idea. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “I know this is a tricky question, so if necessary, please just pick one probable reality that corresponds roughly with what we’ve already found there, and describe it in detail, just so I can broaden my views of what makes a society work.

If you don’t want to do that, please explain why this sort of data is not generally provided”

DATRE: It cannot be provided because you’re the only one that is doing it – and your view is yours, its nobody else’s. All right, let me give you an example. They recently brought up an old submarine. How come they can do that? Its there because they are so sure that it exists that they make it a ‘reality’. This is what archeology is all about. Finding something that they want, to prove an existence of – that is all it is.

You see man has to find a reason that they exist. Archeologist are always trying to find – how did we get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. There has to be a way that you get from here to there. When “HERE” is where you are all the time. THERE does not exist until you create it – HERE exists because you are creating it. Why does it exist? All you are doing is ‘rearranging’ ENERGY.

Has anyone in any book ever told you how many ‘realities’ exist on this planet alone? Realities only exist if you want to make that ‘your’ creation. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “It would also be interesting to hear about some realities that are so different we can’t really fathom them, e.g. Seth has mentioned realities based on musical notes and mathematical formulas.”

DATRE: So, what do you want to know about that? Have you ever listened to music and then you can’t hear anything? The music is ‘off’ in your head. Then you begin to see color, beautiful, beautiful colors that are not like colors that you can describe – because they are colors that you are only seeing at the present time and you can not put ‘names’ on them because they’re a little different than your eyes see. It is beautiful and you become, shall we say, aware of what happened. And the brain says, ‘well what happened to the sound?’. Your ears ‘stop’, your eye’s ‘stop’ and you begin to hear the sound again. Did you step into another reality? Of course you did. You experienced another reality. Could you ‘live’ in the reality with nothing but color? No, you can’t. Because you are tied into a physical body at the present time. This was your agreement, this is where you stay.

Peoples talk about ‘the music of the spheres’. They also talk about the ‘akashic’ records. These are just a few of the realities that people tap into and have put names on them. When you put ‘names’ on things, everyone will use those names because that’s familiar to them. People talk about beings with reptilian bodies – another reality.

Same thing with different realities that you go into. Those are viable realities. How many of you – in a moment of not thinking of anything in particular – or doing something that is repetitive, so you’re not paying much attention to what you’re doing, and all at once, all you’re seeing and all you can see is mathematical equations. You have no idea what they are. Numbers and numbers and numbers and numbers, and they seem to be in little groups here and little groups there and little groups someplace else and they seem to be in motion. Some of them will form a line. Some of them will form other configurations and patterns. Others will just be like one number off by itself or some numbers are bigger and some smaller, some are skewed in different ways. And you become fascinated looking at all those numbers and say, ‘I wonder what that’s all about?’. Then, there will be a noise or whatever, and it’s gone. Have you stepped into another reality – of course you have. But you can’t ‘exist’ there, because this is your existence – this is what you agreed on. ‘I want physicality’. This is what you have.

Daydreaming, you’re exploring another reality. You can’t live there, unless you’re ‘intent’ is so strong that this is where you want to go. But, what happens is, your ‘logical’ brain kicks in and say’s, ‘well I couldn’t exist there’. And immediately you are back in your body. So you’re experiencing different realities all the time. But how can anyone explain to you something else?

You see there’s a lot of that which you call your science fiction. Science fiction, how do you think that exists? How do you suppose those writers of science fiction ever write about science fiction? They tap into another reality. Then they take that as an inspiration and embellish it. That’s what science fiction is all about. They step into another reality. But what happens is, you go into another reality and you come back in here, and unless it is viable to that which you call your computer brain, you can’t translate it. How many times don’t you feel, ‘I’ve been gone but I don’t know where I went, and now I’m back here and I can’t remember anything’. And yet there’s a ‘knowingness’ that you have been someplace else. Why? You stepped into another reality, but you can’t explain it from your physical brain, therefore it’s just a happening.

So there’s no way for us to explain to you what is happening to you in your physicality. There are all kinds of things that exist in other realities. Now, if you’re talking about other civilizations and that sort of thing, that’s an entirely different thing. But realities are there; they’re there all the time. It’s just whatever you happen to connect with – whatever ‘you’ want to explore.

You’ll say, ‘well, I want to remember’. If you’re into an area that your brain can’t comprehend, how are you going to do it? You can’t. Because the brain hasn’t got anything to work with. We have talked to you about the limitations of words. You have so few to be used to explain anything. And yet you keep changing your dictionaries all the time so that you can keep up with the ‘new’ words that you are constantly putting into, that which you call, your language. But your ‘new’ words are nothing but a different description of something you’ve already used previously. You’ve just… instead of saying something is good, you’ll say, ‘oh, that’s real bad’. When you mean its very, very good.

So you see, you don’t change an awful lot. You just keep skewing things around a little bit because its fun. I’m sorry, I cannot tell you any more about ‘other’ things, other than realities exist constantly. Because everything within your ‘bubble’ is existing in different forms. Lots to explore. And you don’t have to sit down and meditate in order to get there. It can happen at any time you so desire, and usually when you’re not expecting it. But you’re ‘dipping’ in and out all the time, you’re exploring, you’re looking. So, next question.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: We thank you.

We are Datre.

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