Datre 164 – How mass consciousness influence you

Datre answers RJ and Dorothy (Datre164)

JOHN: Today we have some questions from RJ and the first question is… “Am I to understand that ONLY the SPOKEN word contributes to mass consciousness?”

DATRE: To put it very singularly, yes. That is why we use a vehicle to bring forth any information that we give you. There is no other way for you to communicate. You can say, telepathically, but telepathically only works with individuals that are within the same proximity of each other. In other words, if you have an individual in the same room with you, you can work back and forth telepathically, but that is only between two individuals. Someone may be able to tap into that, but not very likely.

So telepathy, or anything else does not work, as far as getting the information out into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “If this is the case, would reading the material aloud possibly prove more beneficial than just reading silently and thinking about the information?”

DATRE: You can do whatever you wish to do. If you feel that that is something that you would like to impart to others, mass consciousness that is fine. Some people find it’s more beneficial to read out loud because they get a different impression of the material. As we have said before, ‘as words are spoken, what’s to stop them?’. Words become nothing more than a vibratory construct and vibratory constructs are not changed – they’re only changed by another spoken word. But that does not change the ‘original’ words that were spoken.

In other words, the saying, ‘the word was God’ has a great deal more meaning than that which you think, is God speaking words. It is far ‘grander’ than that. The words that you speak, are those that ‘make’ your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS – those are the ones that are important. Being spoken as you call it, very spiritually, or cussing – its all there. The rap singers that sing all these, what they call, dirty songs, its there. That forms your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS as much as those that speak ‘spiritually’ – as you call it.

So you see what a conglomeration you have in your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Now can you see why some people are drawn to some areas of a city, as opposed to ‘other’ areas of a city? Or some people are drawn to one country, as opposed to another country? It’s a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that you are comfortable in, that you stay in, and become a part of. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has more to do with ‘where’ you live than the climate. People will say, ‘well I want to go to such and such because the weather is such and such’. That, initially could be what it is. In other words, it’s warmer rather than it’s colder or it’s colder rather than its warmer, because either you like to swim or you like to ski. That’s the ‘initial’ draw you tell yourself, but it is a great deal more than that. Because, within the ‘warm’ or the ‘cool’ climates, you will find an area that is compatible with ‘your’ thinking – which is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS that you are most comfortable in.

Why do some people drive through a town and say, ‘I don’t even want to stop here for a cup of coffee’? It is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the town – the town is immaterial. It’s the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of a town which attracts you or repels you. And what forms the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? The spoken word.

So, you see, all of these things work together. And if you feel its of benefit to you and to others to read this information, or any other information that you think is important to go out into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, by all means read it out loud. If you think that that’s of benefit to both than do so.

So, you see, the ‘spoken’ word is very important. And the saying, ‘the word was God’, it… actually, in a way, if you want to look at God as an ‘electromagnetic’ force, then that’s what it is. So you see, what goes around comes around. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Am I understanding correctly that being REALIZED basically means evolution and growth has stopped?”

DATRE: No, it does not. And that word ‘realized’ perhaps was not a good analogy. That does not mean ‘stopping’. When you ‘realize’ something, it is like an ‘understanding’ of something. It is a ‘recognition’ pattern that you are comfortable with – that does not mean ‘stop’.

Now, when you are ‘painting’ your pictures, when you are putting on the play, and you are the writer, the director, the actor, that one sitting in the seat watching the play, the money provider, the stage director, the costume designer, and you ‘realize’ that is what you ‘are’, then that does not stop you. It expands your ‘awareness’ beyond the point you ever thought it was possible to expand. Because, by that time your recognition becomes so ‘grand’ that you take off your limitations. If you are all those, you ‘are’ realized in the sense that you ‘realize’ WHO you are.

Then, from that point of recognition, you are expanded to a tremendous, tremendous, amount of understanding. You have thrown away all your crutches. That is what we have talked about many times is, at that point of ‘realization’ you do not need ‘validation’ from any other individual upon this planet – because you’re secure. If you’re doing the whole thing – who’s to blame? If you’re doing the whole thing, then if someone makes a mistake, who’s mistake is it? You see, it all… and at that point of being, at that point of ‘realization’ you are not stopped – you understand what its all about. And then you will see your ‘unlimitedness’ for the first time, because ‘you’ are You and once you reach that point, what the rest is, is unimportant because, you can change any thing in any direction you want it. Continue.

JOHN: And the question continues on and asks… “That whatever is REALIZED just IS what it IS?”

DATRE: That is correct. That ‘you’ are YOU. And that is what you are looking for. You’re looking for YOU to ‘realize’ WHO you are in physicality. You know WHO you are. But the minute you come into a physical construct – you forget. It’s getting your self in physicality to ‘know’ WHO you are. That’s the name of the game. Continue.

JOHN: And RJ’s final question is… “Understanding that things like color, and sound are just a way of interpreting certain aspects of energy while in physicality, is it possible that now that we’ve learned to interpret energy in this way, that when we move away from this physicality, that we (being the whole YOU that is you) can take the ability to other areas of the universe (be it physical or not)?”


DATRE: Yes. Now, if you take it into an area that is non-physical, then you will have a different way of working with it. That doesn’t mean you’ll loose it, but you will have a different way of ‘processing’ that information. You will be able to ‘interpret’ vibration – which is music and color. So, you will use it whatever way you want to.

So you see, the ‘knowing’ here… anything that you ‘know’ is not taken away from you. The only time it can be taken away from you is if you give it away. No one can take anything from you – it is an impossibility. You cannot hurt another person, you cannot damage this that or the next thing, because remember – it all your pictures. But, you can ‘give’ away.

There again, we get back to the last transcripts that we’ve been working on and that which you call a ‘belief’ system. If you ‘believe’ that you have ‘sinned’, and someone say’s, ‘I’ll take away all your sins’, and you’ll say, ‘here, take them’. Then you turn around, and you’re in the dead zone, and you’ve given away all these – what you call your sins – and you are what you called a ‘bad’ person – that was your belief system – and you look at it with clear eyes, you’ve got ‘five minutes’ out of a lifetime that you thought you were ‘good’. Belief? There we go again.

Now, we have talked about ‘belief’ systems we have talked about ‘ego’ systems, lets go a little further. You take a ‘belief’ system and you “want to get rid of it”, what are you going to replace it with? You can’t leave a hole. The brain will be very disturbed, because something has been gotten rid of, so to speak. And it will continue to pop up every once in a while. And you’ll say, ‘I thought I got rid of that’. And bingo, here it comes again.

Now, analyze a ‘belief’ system. You’ll say, ‘that is something I’d prefer not having, so I will replace it with something else’. So, think of what you will replace it with. Then you’ll say, ‘well what can that be?’. It is up to you to discover what you are comfortable with. But don’t leave an open hole.

It’s like a man out in the back yard digging a hole. And a fellow says, ‘what are you going to put in there?’ and he says, ‘I don’t know’. But you don’t walk away and leave a hole in the ground, you put something in it, or you put all the dirt back in it again. Then if you don’t put anything in it, with the wind and the rain and all this, the dirt will go back in by itself. Then every time you come up against it, here’s this hunk of dirt again. It will bother you, because you’ve got a hole there. The brain is a ‘worry-wart’ – it will rut. You’ve heard of a rutting brain, it keeps bring up the same thing over and over and over and over. And you’ll say, ‘I don’t want to think about that any more, I’m not getting any place, I keep worrying about this same thing, a dog chasing its tail, around and around and around’. Well, if you don’t put something in its place what’s going to stop it from going around?

When a dog starts chasing its tail, what do you do? You throw it a ball, distract it, and then it quits. And the second time it does that, you throw it another ball, and then it quits. It finds that the second time its more fun playing with the ball than trying to catch that silly tail so it quits. You do the same thing with your brain.

If you have a computer and something pops up on the screen and you say, ‘well I don’t like that’ and you go on, and the next time you come to that, ‘oh I don’t care for that’ – why not erase it or put something else up there? FOCUS! Here we’re getting back to FOCUS again. You see how everything ties together? FOCUS on something else. Replace it. Change a ‘belief’ system. But you can’t ‘change’ unless you change it TO something else. Continue.


JOHN: We now have a question from Dorothy and it is… “In recent year a large number of people in the US and other countries have experienced spontaneous rising of the Kundalini energy… often with no attempt to do so and no spiritual understanding. Many of these people experience great physical pain and/or go into a different state of consciousness, which is seen by doctors as mental illness. There seems to be no help for this in traditional medicine. Can you comment on this, please?”

DATRE: Well, your physical bodies are very interesting. There has been another phenomena that has been happening in the last few years, and its astounding the medical profession who can’t find any answers to either, and that is opening up a body on an operating table and having it explode. Why would that body explode and send pieces all over the operating room? There is a great deal that the medical profession doesn’t know about the physical body or the ‘mental’ body, as you call it.

The psychiatrist work with ‘brain’. So, if they’re working with the ‘brain’ that’s all they have connection to is the ‘brain’. But, the individual… the indwelling individual has a great deal more than what they express and work through the ‘brain’.

And, here we’re coming back to the last transcript – working from the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’. That can be a point of confusion. Change a ‘belief’ system – a radical change in a ‘belief’ system. That will change the ‘electrical’ conduit of the body, shall we say, that will change its vibratory construct.

Now, it can be dramatic, and because it is dramatic to, that which you call, your central nervous system, which is a vibratory construct again, it will cause disturbance within the physical construct and the brain cannot understand it.

But, again, the only person that can regulate is – the YOU that ‘you’ are in connection with the ‘you’ that inhabits the physical construct. And you’ll say, ‘well, to change that is no big deal, lets give it a go’. How do you know how much it’s going to change? You don’t!

Why do you have that which is called ‘human spontaneous combustion’? People that wake up and find that their leg is gone from the knee down? And all that’s lying there on the bed is ashes. The rest of the body is fine.

You see, you have a lot that you do not understand about ‘vibratory construct’ on the planet. Now, you talk about the Kundalini. Why do these people go through that when they don’t know anything about it – have no ‘spirituality’ or anything else? They feel these strange vibrations within the body and they feel all these things happening, and they panic and they fight, because it’s unfamiliar to them. If they knew anything about it they would relax and let it happen, and nothing would hurt them. But, it is ‘fighting’ against many things and especially that which you call your Kundalini – and there again, how do you ‘know’ its Kundalini if those people are to the point that you can’t communicate with them? How do you know that’s what they have experienced?

Also, they’ll say, ‘well, that person opened up their Kundalini and another individual walked in’. No, another person didn’t walk in – it just changed their whole vibratory construct to a point that they were no longer recognizable to others or to themselves – so they thought they were a ‘walk-in’.

Now we can go around and around and around on all of these subjects, and we’ll try and help you in any way that we can, but there again, many of these, so called, ‘accidents’, if you stop and think very seriously about this, if you are the ‘only one’ that is doing ‘all’ of these things, how can anyone else ‘know’ or be responsible? And try and figure out what’s wrong with you.

How do they know its Kundalini? How do they know that you didn’t have a different ‘brain’ synapse? How does another person ‘analyze’? They can tell, very quickly, when you break a leg or have something ‘physical’ happen to you – they can analyze that. But anything that comes, shall we say, connected with your brain or your ‘mentality’, or your nerves, there is no way that they can register it.

They can monitor your heartbeat on a machine. They can do a body scan and find out what’s wrong with you. But how come they are not able to work with the brain? They can take out something in your brain that’s a tumor or something like that. But they can’t go in and rearrange your electrical system in the brain because; they don’t know anything about it. It is far more complex than a computer – because when you’ve got all of that in your brain, they wouldn’t have any idea where to start. How important are the ‘ridges’ in your brain compared to the ‘smooth’ part? What do they fix?

Then you’ll say, mental illness. Now, if they’re in another reality, but their body is still here, how do you know how unhappy they are? Maybe they’re perfectly content. There are many that go back and forth between here and the ‘dead zone’ all the time – how do you know whether they are here or whether they’re there? People go into meditation, now a doctor comes in, opens up your head and looks at your brain, how does he know you’re meditating? How does he know whether you’re in body or out of body? There’s no way of knowing.

So you see, you have a unique means of learning. What greater instrument, or whatever you want to call it, could you find to function through, than a physical body? Extremely interesting. But you don’t like it – but still you come back into it.

So you see, you’re playing a game with yourself and you don’t know it – and you don’t realize it. And if people have got Kundalini rising, what have we told you about the changes with the vibrations of the planet?

You see, they say, ‘well the planet is getting hotter’. No big surprise to us, because that’s the direction you’re going in. Your planet ‘will’ get hotter and it has continued. They say, ‘well, its because of El Ninja – you have to put a word on it to explain it. That what we are struggling with most of the time. Its put words on something to explain the ‘unexplainable’. Because, every single person that puts their foot on the planet in a physical construct, is ‘seeing’ everything entirely different. And I don’t care how close you are to a person or how distant you are, you have no idea how the other person is experiencing the exact same environment you are. Two people in the same house, ‘this place is a dump’. The other person says, ‘oh, I love my home’. They’re in the same environment.

There again, you see, you are so unique in your uniqueness, you don’t see it. That’s why we say, ‘when you ‘realize’ you’re the whole ball game, you’re painting this whole picture, you’re on the stage, you’re the actor, the writer, the director, you’re the whole thing’. This is ‘your’ experience – yours and yours alone. And how do you become an individual? By finding out ‘who’ you are. It is a GRAND revelation. And nobody can tell you how to do it. Simply because, every road map is different, because you’re the one that designed it. You’re the one that knows how to get ‘into’ physicality and you’re the one that knows how to get ‘out’ of physicality.

No one can sit beside you and tell you, ‘this is the way you are going to be born. This is the way you’re going to develop in a womb’. Who can tell you that? ‘Well, it’s in the mother’s womb and it develops by dividing and dividing and dividing and this happens and that happens and something else happens’. How does it happen? You’re the one directing it. You’re the one that’s saying, ‘this is what I want; this is the way this baby is going to be. And when it comes out I’ll get into it and see what I can do with it.’. Sound like fiction? No, its not. But you don’t realize what a powerful person you are.

This is a reality of creativity. There’s no way you can come into this reality, into these physical constructs, unless you are a CREATOR. If you are not a creator, you’re not coming in here – plain and simple. Because, if you can’t ‘create’ – your physical construct and everything around you – you can’t be here. So it is ‘your’ CREATIVITY. And those people that go through the Kundalini are going through it in full ‘knowingness’ and they’ll say, ‘oh, that’s no big deal’. Then they come into the physical and they foul it up – because they don’t know the physical construct. When you know the physical construct you can work with it.

So you see, you have a vast amount to learn and you’ve taken all this time – thousands and thousands of years – and you’re still standing there saying, ‘but I don’t know how, tell me how to do it’. And yet you do it every time you come into a physical body. After sleep, after death, after birth, whatever. ‘Well I don’t know what’s going to happen to me when I die’. Well, how many thousands of times have you done it? You KNOW, you just pretend. You pretend you don’t know and the only reason you pretend is to ‘fool’ yourself into staying here. Realize what you’re doing. And in realizing what you’re doing you will set yourself FREE. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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