Datre 163 – You and the mass consciousness

Datre answers Mert

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Mert and her first question is… “If I become an individual and do solely what I want to do, that seems contrary to the concept of cooperation. If I follow the precepts of cooperation, then don’t I become one of the crowd–a follower of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS pattern of thinking that governs that particular group?”

DATRE: No, in cooperation with others you do not become one of the crowd UNLESS you are cooperating from the stand point that you are cooperating against how you truly feel inside. You can be in a crowd and not a part of it. In being an individual you are listening to information coming from the ‘outside’ into the conscious and listening to information coming from the ‘inside’ and when you get to the point of not shutting off either source of information, and allowing both to work in cooperation with each other, your outer actions will be those of who you truly are. As you can see, the first cooperation has to begin with input from ‘outside’ and input from ‘inside’. When you are ‘balanced’, you are comfortable with yourself and actions that you take are made from that standpoint. You will no longer feel pressured into cooperation but, as an individual, you will take action in total alignment with yourself and others.

Disagreement is not something to be avoided. Remember, people are in your life because there is an interaction that you desire and they desire. When people are comfortable with themselves, they don’t have to be liked or disliked to be comfortable within themselves. So, someone doesn’t like an idea, a person, a situation – what difference does it make. Remember, those people that are not needed in your life will disappear from your life. Why put a situation in front of you that is of no value to you in what you want to achieve in your particular growth pattern of becoming an individual. Feeling pressured to conform is not to your advantage unless you find out why you feel that way. The vast majority of people feel that they have to conform to situations. If you look real carefully at any given situation, from the ‘outside’ input and the ‘inside’ input, you will see situations in an entirely different way and you will either stay in the situation or get out of it and be perfectly comfortable in your decision.

JOHN: And her next question is… “My question is, how do I become an individual when I feel pressured to conform by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS? The concepts of individuality and cooperation seem to contradict each other.”

DATRE: You, and the majority of the people on this planet, feel pushed and pulled in many different directions. If they are only listening from the ‘outside’ they are confused and uncomfortable. You are constantly giving yourselves messages on the ‘inside’ and trying to make them conform to the messages you are receiving from the ‘outside’. The messages you receive from the ‘inside’ are very simple and uncomplicated. The messages you receive from the ‘outside’ are funneled through your belief system. What most do not realize is one of the biggest influences on your ‘belief’ system is the ‘ego’. In other words, the ego says, ‘I want what I want when I want it’. The ego ‘colors’ your belief systems. If you were to get paint on your body, when you were painting, you would not be concerned because you know you can wash it off. Now, the painter who gets paint on them self and thinks that the paint is part of them, is a painter who can not see them self as they truly are.

The ego is the ‘paint’ that colors your belief system. As many times as it is pointed out that the ego is coloring the belief system, that is the most difficult to discern. This is one of the reasons the ‘inside’ information is adjusted to match the ‘outside’ information. It is difficult to discover because it has become so much a part of your beingness. From the beginning of your humanity, little by little, the ego is manipulating thru the everyday interaction with the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. The information that you carry with you – through your genes – is passed on to other generations, colored by ego. Allow your ‘inside’ messages and ‘outside’ messages to be viewed as clearly as possible. Don’t try and make them conform, analyze them separately, become comfortable with your decision.


JOHN: And she continues on and asks… “If I am becoming more aware of who I am, why do I feel so pushed and pulled in so many directions? How do I assimilate and integrate all these ideas and feelings and still maintain my sanity, for lack of a better word? How do I maintain my identity?”

DATRE: From the ‘inside’, all things are working together. From the ‘outside’, things are working thru individual belief systems. You agree with others that have the same or a similar belief system. If your belief system is in contrast to others, then you will feel pushed and pulled. If you are in harmony with the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, if you are in contrast to others, it will not bother you, you do not need outside approval from others. People feel that they have to be liked and loved by others because they do not love themselves, are not comfortable in their own bodies, are not truly comfortable in their belief systems and are looking for validation from others in one form of recognition or another. It is pleasant to be liked and loved, but is it a need that is satisfied from the ‘outside’ only. If the need is satisfied from the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’ THEN the ‘outside’ likes and love is doubled, so to speak.

JOHN: And her final question is… ” In the bigger picture, I intellectually understand how individuality and cooperation work together to create the whole. But, within my smaller perspective, I have difficulty uniting the two. It’s like I have two selves or two perspectives. From the bigger picture I understand; from the smaller picture I can’t reconcile the difference. I had a dream that I was living in a group that was not going according to “the plan” and that I had the knowledge that would “fix” the group. But, I had no desire to fix it. I was secure within myself because I had the knowledge and that was enough. I felt capable of living within that group with calmness and serenity. Why can’t I live that way in physicality? My emotions seem so contrary and conflicting sometimes. I consider myself a jack of all trades and a master of none. I have many different talents and abilities. But, I feel a pressure to focus on something (anything!). But, I want it all! But, my brain isn’t capable of handling it all at once and it is totally frustrating.”

DATRE: Emotions are volatile. Emotions ‘stem’ from the ‘ego’. The ego wants gratification. The feeling of ‘wanting it all’ is a huge MASS CONSCIOUSNESS belief that is affecting people all over your planet. Since 2000 began, people have been trying to find a ‘direction to go in’. If you will notice many changes are taking place in thought/think patterns. These appear to be random, popping up here and there, but as more and more of these changes take place, the greater the ‘impact’ will be and MASS CONSCIOUSNESS will be changed accordingly. According to what they call ‘statistics’, most young people don’t stay at a job longer than a few years. They want to have it all. I must have a husband/wife/significant other, house, two cars, several children, all the household conveniences, satisfying job, enjoyable leisure, etc. All ‘outside’ things to satisfy me (my ego).

O.K. Are they nervous, uptight, need pills to sleep, pills to get up, pills to avoid pain? These are the pictures you constantly see on your TV. If you don’t have all these, who are you? A very unhappy person because you are patterning your life after something you haven’t got. You all have something very precious and you don’t even know it, yet. You have YOU. Listen to the ‘inside’ (that information that is coming from the MIND) listen to the ‘outside’ (that information that is coming from BRAIN processing). Live from that point of understanding. Watch your belief systems. Watch your ego – see if you can find it and watch how it functions. As you become more comfortable with yourselves, you will see how things change. No one else can change them for you. If you are content within yourself, then others will wonder ‘what has he/she got that I haven’t got and I wonder how I can get it’. You have it all. Use it. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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