Datre 150 – If you OBSERVE an action or a reaction, that’s your learning process

Datre answers Hans.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Hans, and his first question is… “I know my Psyche knows who I am. Does my body, do my cells know who I am?”

DATRE: How do you think your Psyche knows who you are? Do you know what your Psyche is? Not many people do, because it is a very complicated communication system between, the body, the ‘you’ expressing in physicality, and the YOU that you are. And it is not a simple thing to explain. I could write many, many pages on what your Psyche is, and you still would not understand it, because I do not have the words to explain it. So, do your cells know who you are? No, and they don’t care who you are. Your cells have a job to perform, and they do it.

Does the CEO of a company care how you package something in the mailroom? No! Does the CEO even know you as an individual working in a mailroom? No! They see you walk by; they know you’re a man or a woman. But do they come up to you and say, ‘well, hello Joe, how’s your job going today, how are you doing, how’s the family?’. They don’t know, they don’t care, because it is not in their area of concern.

The cells work individually and together with other cells that they are next to. That’s it, they don’t care whether they’re in your body or in somebody else’s body, they are still cells. They are doing what cells do. So you can take cells out of one person’s body and put them in another person’s body – the cells don’t care, they still are cells and they’ll do what cells do. So your cells don’t know who you are – it doesn’t matter. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Is there any further way the brain can be trained to know who I am, like self hypnosis, yoga, NLF or anything else?”

DATRE: There’s a simpler way than that. Do you ever praise your body for doing something? You have a task to perform, and you think, ‘how in the world am I ever going to do that? I don’t think my body is capable of doing that.’. But you begin the process. And the first thing you know, what you wanted to accomplish is already finished. And you’ll say, ‘boy, I’m sure glad that’s all over’. Have you ever stopped to think, to mentally or out loud, say to your body, ‘thank you body for doing such a good job for me.’. I’ll bet you don’t.

How are you going to get your body to know who you are, if you don’t pay any attention to it? All you have to do is say, ‘thank you’ to the body. You would be surprised – and this is something you can try – when your body is asked to do something physical that is over and above what it ordinarily does, when the task is finished, you take your hand and pat your leg and say, ‘thank you body, that was a very good job and I appreciate it, we work together don’t we?’. Feel the tingling in your body. You may not feel it the first time you do it, or the first half dozen times you do it. But it doesn’t take too long before the physical body recognizes that ‘you’ recognize ‘it’.

Remember where these cells come from. What happens when you die? They go back into the ground. When you are born, you have all brand new cells. But you keep changing your body constantly. How? You say, because with things that you touch, with the ground that you walk on. You are continually changing and rearranging and doing things with the cells that are in your body with Earth substance. You don’t think about that.

When you train an animal, what do you do? You praise the animal when it does a good job. All right, look at it very crudely, you have an animal body. It may be shaped a lot different than a cat or a dog, but its made of the same substance. It’s got hair, it’s got teeth, it’s got bones, it’s got cells. When you pat a dog, the dog turns around and smiles at you. Why can’t you feel your body smile at you for praising it for doing something? You can do all these other things; I’m just giving you a short cut. Something that takes no amount of time what-so-ever but achieves grand results. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “I recently read a book called the “10 second miracle” written by Gay Hendricks. This book reminds me of many things that Datre is saying. It says that if you feel sad or cross, humiliation etc. Go for 10 seconds into that part of your body that feels the pain, like your chest, throat or stomach. If you do this very intensely you will start releasing the problems especially relationship problems. Is there anything that Datre can say on this?”

DATRE: Well, what we’ve said for quite a while now – be an OBSERVER. That’s what its all about. If you OBSERVE an action or a reaction, that’s your learning process. And that’s fine to eliminate by thinking about what organ is being effected by something. Your organ is being effected by something because its a ‘reaction’ or its being effected by an ‘action’. But, when you reach the point where you have an action or reaction and you want to see the results, go deep inside and find out why you acted or reacted the way you did, and your body will quickly relax – the ‘whole’ body, not just a portion.

You see if you don’t find the answers to actions and reactions and you only eliminate a part that’s giving you problems, like say… you mentioned the throat. All right, so you concentrate on that and you release the throat. That’s fine, you’ve accomplished something because you’ve relaxed the throat and you’ve released the tension from the throat. But have you resolved the question – why did your throat tighten? Why did you get a pain in a certain portion of your body? That is what you need to find out. The body should be relatively stress free. But, it is ‘knowing’ what you are doing that releases the stress and the tension. If you release the throat and you have not resolved the problem, you’re going to turn around and you’re going to have something someplace else. You are going to run into a similar situation again, because you haven’t resolved the one the first time.

That’s just an ongoing process. That’s a process of learning that is a process of going forward. That is your individual evolution. You go to school and you graduate from this class to that class to that class to that class. You go on into college and you keep going. You’re adding to your knowledge. You’re getting smarter and smarter and smarter. And you spend all that time on that, but how much time do you spend on trying to figure out why you do what you do and why you react the way you do? That’s the lesson that you need to learn and you can do it at the same time.

That’s what we’re saying about the mosaics; we’ve talked about that. Make your life the way you want your life to be. You don’t want it all full of stress. You don’t want your throat hurting or an arm or a leg or what ever. What’s the lessons to be learned? Nobody can do anything ‘to’ you but your self. You’re telling yourself something. Did you get the message? It will continue until you do. Continue.

JOHN: And he further goes on to ask… “I feel very much that I create my own reality and I try to remain objective and neutral about situations and feel it helps me a lot.”

DATRE: Objective and neutral, why do you have to remain neutral? You’re ‘structuring’ your self. Why don’t you leave yourself free to express? Neutral is not going to do it. If you are angry, what good is neutral going to do you? Neutral is going to cause all kinds of stress and anxiety. Why is it so bad, shall we say, for people to get angry?

I can tell you, this channel gets angry. She does not sit around and think about it. If she is angry with an individual, she will tell that individual. She put that in front of her, to learn something. This happened just recently to her from someone she was working for. That person got mad because she quit to take a better job. Now, that person was not nice to her, because she quit her job. And this channel got angry and told her off because she did not deserve to be treated the way she was being treated by that individual.

Now, that did two things. The channel learned a great lesson because, this is the second job in a row that she has been taken advantage of, simply because she has allowed them to do it. She has over extended her self to help other individuals and they have not appreciated it. And the realization came, that she was doing them no favors. But you see it had to happen to her twice for her to get the message.

You see, we watch this channel, because you think you’ve got a hard time learning, we are twice… fifteen times… a hundred times harder on her, in her situation, then we are on anyone else. And she knows it. But she learned a very great lesson, because she was not helping these other peoples by being good to them. Over extending her self to help them when it was not appreciated.

So, she goes onto another job, but she knows one thing, ‘I will do everything I do to the best of my ability in happiness and provide a smile for all those that I meet every day, but I do not have to go any further’. There are great lessons to be learned. This is one way to learn them. But, you see, by her anger, she released all the tensions and the toxins built up in her body. In her anger, if she had turned to a friend and told the friend of her anger toward a previous boss, what good would it have done her? She still would have seethed inside.

We’re going into a new Millennium, ‘walk the talk’, ‘be who you are’. And whether people respect you for it or not is unimportant. But respect your self first. Then in respecting your self, if they don’t respond, it does not matter. You put that person in front of you to learn, that’s why you put them in your life. If they weren’t there, how would you learn? It’s a great big picture. And the more you learn what the picture is all about, the greater the learning experience. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “What also happens now is that as soon as I glide back into a reactive, subjective mode, which I often only realize later on, I physically and mentally suddenly feel drained and exhausted to a much worse extent than I used to. Is this something that can be explained? What can I do best to avoid gliding back into a reactive mode?”

DATRE: You’re building tension within your self. This is what we were just talking about. Are you taking actions or reactions and analyzing them at the time? You don’t have to wait a half dozen weeks down the road, do things now. Everything else, in your physicality right now, is moving at a tremendous rate of speed. Everything has to be fast, fast, fast, fast. The attention span of the average person now is about 3 seconds, because they’re ready to go on to something else. Faster, faster, faster, more, more, more. Input, input, input.

But when is the input ever analyzed? You’ll say, ‘I don’t have time, I’m too busy’. Everyone is too busy doing something, but how much time are you taking for your self? If you are not taking time for your self, then what are you learning? You’re just running through a lifetime as fast as you can, likitty split. Then when you’ve gotten all through, what have you learned by it? The learning is not in schools, its not in offices, its not in anything – except, your actions and reactions to situations that occur everyday of that which you call, your waking existence. That’s where the focus should be. And it doesn’t take long.

People say, ‘well, now that I’m older…’. I’ll tell you, the channel is getting pretty sick and tired of hearing that. In her new position, she will not have time to sit around and listen to that foolishness. Look at all your airline hostesses, stewardesses as the call them, that are in their 65 and over, that are still working doing the same thing that the young kids are doing – and probably doing it a lot better.

So they say, ‘we’re getting older and we don’t do things as quickly, and we get tired faster’. No! That is all a mental game you are playing with your self. How do you take these 70 year old women and give them a schedule with an airline that they have kept up since they were young people and have them continue at the same rate that they always did? Well, you’re too old to do that – really? I’m exhausted! You know what exhaustion is? Its boredom and stress. And who causes boredom and stress? No one but you. If you have a situation you don’t like – get out of it. Well I can’t because… Now line up all your because’s. Are you going to use your because’s as stepping stones or stumbling blocks? It’s entirely up to you. But, as you take your first step, in whichever direction you’re going, watch to see why you did it.

Your body does not need to be stressed. The only way you can ‘unstress’ the body, is to ‘understand’ what you are doing. That’s the simplest way. The body is very resilient and ready to go. The excitement within the body is there. The body wants to learn. It doesn’t want to sit in a chair and do nothing. If there’s stress, then there’s not communication between you and your body. You have been given a grand vehicle, work with it. Next question.

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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