Datre 145: COLORS

Datre answers Lee.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Lee and the first question is… “I agree with Datre that we are in the midst of growth process for those of us incarnated here (present, past and future) which will carry mankind and probably this planet to another level. What will it take for this process to reach ‘critical mass’?

DATRE: That is a good question, I do not know. It’s not only the critical mass, it’s also the ‘timing’ with other things that are happening on that which you call, other planetary existences. Many things are involved when change takes place.

It’s not only the people on your planet, its people on other planets, if you want to call them people. There are many changes taking place on many other planets. You’re not the ‘only’ existence. There are many ‘other’ existences but because they’re ones that you probably would not have any recognition of, you don’t think that they have an existence.

All the equipment that you put up on your planet to connect up with ‘others’ on other planets, you have spent… I don’t know… every little group puts up a whole bunch of sophisticated equipment to find out if they can get answers from anyone from outer space.

You must realize, that your ‘focus’ and your physical construct that you’re working through, only has the ability to comprehend, that which is on your planet. If you go out into space, and go up on that space platform with the Russians, you’re still working with planetary people. Your eyes, ears, your sensory perception, are ‘set’ for ‘this’ planetary existence.

Now, we have talked about the evolution of that which you call your physical expression. And we’ve talked about color – I don’t know when, but it has been talked about. We recently received information from an individual that in their study had come across these very interesting pieces of information, from the book “Cosmic Consciousness” by Richard M. Bucke MD.

“A most fascinating example of the sense of color, which did not evolve to its present state until quite recently.

“Max Mueller (in his Science of Thought) makes the statement that; “It is well known that the distinction of color is of late date; that Xenophanes knew of three colors of the rainbow only – purple, red and yellow; that even Aristotle spoke of the tri-colored rainbow; and that Democritus knew of no more than four colors – black, white, red and yellow.

And again, “Lazarus Geiger (in his Contributions to the History of the Development of the Human Race) points out that it can be proved by examination of language that as late in the life of the race as the time of the primitive Aryans, perhaps not more than fifteen or twenty thousand years ago, man was only conscious of, only perceived one color. That is to say, he did not distinguish any difference in tint between the blue sky, the green trees and grass, the brown or gray earth, and the golden and purple clouds of sunrise and sunset.

“The poets of the Iliad, Odyssey and the Bible ignore the blue color of the sky completely. Given that the skies in the areas of those compositions are the most vivid blue on the planet, this omission can hardly be attributed to accident. Etymology assures us that at that time the subsequent names for blue were all merged in the names for black.

And once again, from the same book we have; “It does not seem possible that at the time when man recognized only two colors, which were called red and black, these appeared to them as red and black appear to us–though just what the sensations were that they so named cannot of course now be ascertained. Under the name ‘red’ it seems they included with that color white, yellow and all intermediate tints; while under the name ‘black’ they seem to have included all shades of blue and green. As the sensations of red and black came into existence by the division of an original unital color sensation, so in the process of time these divided. First red divided into red-yellow, then that red into red-white. Black divided into black-green, then black again divided into black-blue, and during the last twenty five hundred years these have split up into the enormous number of shades of color which are now recognized and named.”

You see we have spoken of how your eyes are able to ‘see’ such a wide range of color. If you were to go back… you don’t have to go back as far as Aristotle. You talk about Aristotle as if it’s going back ten years, because it’s familiar to you. So in your talking of Aristotle, you don’t think of a long ways back – I mean, that’s comparatively close. It is comparatively close when you stop and think of the thousands of years of your existence on this planet and the evolution on physicality ‘on’ this planet.

Then you’ll say, ‘well, how come they could only see three colors?’ Because, evolution changes ‘everything’. That is evolution of the ‘physical’ species. And as each thing is discovered, the physical bodies change the… what you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, it all changes.

For example, people of only 100 years ago could not ‘see’ many of the colors that you have today, their eyes hadn’t evolved to that degree yet.

The very existence, in other times, is a fascination for you. You look at the Renaissance and say, ‘oh, that was such a grand period of time’. You look at these Renaissance fairs that are very, very, popular within the last years of your existence. They dress up in all of these costumes and they sing madrigal songs and they play these strange instruments and everything – and its wonderful because the colors are all beautiful. And the music is very different.

But, you must realize, those colors are the colors you are seeing today – not the colors they saw then. You’re interpreting the music as you think it should be today and not as it was then. You don’t even have to go back very far to watch your evolution in your music. Everyone all over your planet has music written and played from the basic simple one note (concert A) that they start everything on. They’ve rewritten all the music of your marvelous composers.

As an example, the one I am speaking through does not like Bach. And yet, when Bach was played on Bach’s instrument that he composed on, in the key that he composed the original music, it is absolutely unbelievably beautiful. But, because everybody on the planet plays the same music, you made it all the same. It does not have the clarity of tone. It does not have the beauty.

So you see, some things you have changed one way, some things you have changed another way. But that is evolution. How far does this planetary existence wish to evolve, before it decides to reach critical mass? It is not important when you reach critical mass.

How does anyone that is reading this information know that they are not going to be in that which you call the ‘death’ stage? You may not be living at the time critical mass is reached. So, what happens then? ‘I’m dead, how can I evolve? How can I reach critical mass? I’m dead, I can’t do anything, and yet I can’t live forever.’ You see what panic you set up within yourselves?

It’s like your Y2K. You have two exact opposite poles that people are functioning from on your planet. I should probably say three. There are those that are excited about the year 2000, and what it is going to bring. There are those that are stock-piling food and all necessities, because the Y2K program is not going to work and all our computers are going to be down, the telephones won’t work, we won’t have electricity, we won’t have heat. Be careful, be fearful, be fearful, be careful. Stock up, of course we don’t want to do that because we want to leave plenty for other people, but I want to be sure that I get enough so that I’m taken care of. What are you afraid of?

All right, now you have two opposite poles. Then you have the other people that could care less. They say, ‘I don’t care, I’ll wake up in the morning and I will ‘live’ the day’. Which do you choose?

You are fascinated by the Renaissance, the year 2000 is another planetary renaissance, how are you planning to view it?

Critical mass, does it matter when it happens? Today is the day that’s important. Continue.

JOHN: And the next question is… “Since we are all at various stages of ‘growth’ and this is the reason for attaching a vehicle (body) to this planet, what happens to the less well informed and thoughtful people with this move to the next level?”

DATRE: Well, there again, you see, that is so much the New Age community thinking, that you have to reach levels. The highest level that you can reach is recognizing and functioning from the ‘total’ you.

Remember, the YOU that you are and the physical body and that portion of ‘you’ that you have separated to experience the physical, are all ONE. It is impossible for anyone to know the extent of the “less well informed and thoughtful people”. You can only view what the physical expresses. There are many people on your planet that will have no problem making the transition from this reality to another. They may know nothing about Datre or any others but are living each day in a ‘connectedness’ with their ‘totality’.

For example, you can look at a man, sitting on the side of the road, watching people go by. Some people will be compassionate to him and want to give him money. Some people will say, ‘I don’t know why he doesn’t go out and get a job?’. Some people will not even see him there.

Now, look at it from the standpoint of the man sitting beside the road or woman sitting beside the road watching people go by. What are they thinking? “For everyone that passes me by, I have been there – I know”. That is the difference.

The man or woman sitting there, and watching the parade of people is not concerned because they have experienced it, they have been it, they know it and they are ready to leave this physical existence, to exist within your planetary bubble without the encumbrance of a physical body, because they understand it. They ‘know’ it. Continue.

JOHN: And the final question is… “As it affects this evolutionary process, could Datre comment on how the learning from past incarnations, our ‘individualized’ physical vehicles and race or ethnic memory can be or is coordinated in this process?”

DATRE: It is only coordinated in this process if you wish it to be. If you want to go to someone and have them take you into a reincarnational period so that you can view it for whatever reason you want to view it, that is up to you. If you wish to sit down and through changing your focus from ‘this’ physicality in ‘this’ reality to another physicality in another ‘time’ space to view a situation, you can do that.

You can go to another part of your country or another part of what you call, a European country, or an Indian country or a South American country or whatever. And you will walk someplace and you will have what you call Deja vue. You’ll say, ‘I have been here, I know what this is all about, I’ve experienced this’. And because something will trigger your focus, it will take you into another ‘time’ span, and you will experience it, and then as you see something else that is familiar to you – in ‘this’ reality – your focus will shift back. And you’ll say, ‘that was a marvelous experience’. But that is it, they’re all experiences, and they’re all yours.

But, does it affect how you function today? That is what we’re trying to get you to do. Evolution of the species is one thing. Evolution ‘individually’ is something else.

If you look at reincarnation and you lived in another ‘time’ period, and you look at that and discover something through that experience, that is fine. But it doesn’t matter. Its what you do today and how you do today. Its paying attention to what’s happening.

And what color skin you have, whether you’re male or female, what experiences you’ve had in the past, all add to your ‘total’ experiential package. But it is like an article in the paper, where a writer had said that he was beginning to understand more and more about women and the role they are playing in today’s existence. What a scramble it is for them to achieve. And, because men have always been the dominant factor, they wrote the books, they wrote the rules. They told you how you were to live your life.

Then, when you look at it from that vantage point, you have two things going, but OBSERVE those things and learn from them. And keep emotion out of it. Keep the anger out of it. Look at it with clear eyes. Does it affect you today? Not particularly, probably, from a male or a female standpoint but look at it as an evolutionary process.

You see, your life is very interesting, if you will look and see what is happening. But that is something that you have to do and no one else can do it for you. You are your own teacher, we don’t teach you anything. The only thing we ask you to do is be an OBSERVER. But that is only a request. And we do not ‘teach’ you how to be an OBSERVER, its something you need to do yourself. Next question?

JOHN: That was it.

DATRE: That was it? All right, we thank you.

We’re Datre.

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