Datre 139 – You have all the answers

Datre answers Shakti and Mitch.

JOHN: Today we have a question from Shakti and that question is… “Sometimes I have “visions” that I can not explain the best way I can. Maybe you can have some input?”

DATRE: Well, as to visions, and to explaining visions, there is only ‘one’ person that can do that – and that is ‘you’. What you are seeing, is what you are ‘presenting’ to yourself, for ‘your’ understanding.

There are peoples that sit and have ‘daydreams’, there are people that sit and have ‘visions’, but there’s only ‘one’ person that can ever tell you what those ‘visions’ and ‘daydreams’ are all about – and that is ‘you’. You are constantly trying to tell yourself something – give yourself information. And in an ‘altered’ state, you can ‘see’ many different things. And if its an ‘altered’ state that comes with ‘ease’, and you are not ‘pushing’ it, then you will get some very good information for your self.

The one thing that happens is, many people ‘push’ themselves into a ‘meditative’ state, and in ‘pushing’ yourself into a meditative state, you are setting up an ‘imbalance’ within your bodily system. Then you can come back from that state and be perfectly relaxed and drained – and you say it is ‘marvelous’. But, the thing is, in pushing yourself; you are doing ‘harm’ to the body. Now, if you ‘allow’ things to take place in a state of complete relaxation, and just ‘watch’ what’s happening, you can get your own answers.

You definitely are never going to give yourself anything that you can’t answer. You will give yourself something that will ‘puzzle’ you. And you’ll say, ‘I can’t figure what that is all about’. But, if you leave it alone – the answer will come. It may be a day, it may be a week, it may be a month, it may be a year, it may be even beyond that, but sometime you will get the answer to what you have ‘seen’. Sometimes you will put things before you, to get your attention, to be on the ‘look out’ for something that will give you a new insight on that which you call your physical existence. But, there’s no one that can tell you ‘what’ that is – except ‘you’.

Visions, or meditative altered states of mind are something that many people want to get into all the time. But, you see, when you’re in an ‘altered’ state of mind, you are ‘not’ living your life. Now, if you are wanting to ‘relax’ during the day, at the beginning of the day or the end of the day, or when ever you want to do that, and you sit down in the complete state of ‘relaxation’, for ten – fifteen minutes, and you ‘see’ something, that is fine – because, then you’re making a good connection. But, if you’re sitting down and saying, ‘well, I have to do this in order to get to that point, and I have to do this in order to get to that point’, you’re ‘stressing’ your body to achieve what you think is important – and you won’t get a ‘clear’ picture. And you will be ‘stressing’ your body. So what ever your ‘vision’ is, if you ‘allow’ it to happen, you enjoy it. If you feel the need to figure it out, you will. If you say, ‘that was a marvelous experience, and I enjoyed it, that’s enough of that’.

But, remember, ‘visions’ are ‘yours’; they’re not anybody else’s. That is what has happened with so many of the things that people ‘envision’, someone else interprets it. To what benefit is that? It’s ‘not’ theirs. They do not ‘know’ you. They do not know what direction you are planning for your life. You are constantly giving yourself different ‘hints’. Different ‘directions’ to go in. Different things to experience. And it has nothing to do with anyone else.

Now, you asked about seeing something in regard to ‘karmic law’. Karmic law is ‘man’ made. It is a very, very, strong ‘belief’ system. Karmic law is no different than any other of what you call, your ‘religious’ beliefs – because, that’s what it is. Your ‘belief’ systems go in many different directions. Those that believe in ‘karma’. Those that believe in ‘God’. Those that believe in ‘Buddha’. Those that believe in ‘Witchcraft’. Its ‘all’ man made. And, it is ‘your’ interpretation that makes it what it is. If you believe like everyone else believes, then where is ‘your’ evolution? Your ‘evolution’ to becoming an ‘individual’ is a ‘singular’ event. If you want to ‘follow’ the crowd in their ‘beliefs’, that is entirely up to you. But, I’m just pointing out, anything that is a ‘belief system’ is ‘not’ a ‘law’. A ‘law’ is what you have put on your planet as things you ‘can’ do and things you ‘can’t’ do. But, if you’re interested in your ‘evolution’, then ‘law’ does not enter into it in any way, shape or form.

Now, that is hard for people to understand. They say, ‘well, you shouldn’t break the ‘law”. Then you do something and someone says, ‘you broke the law’. Now, if you’re ‘evolving’ you will ask yourself, ‘why did I break that law? Was it intentional, to teach me something? Or, was it unintentional, to show me something else?’.

You see everything has two sides to it – that’s the way your planet is. So, as to karmic law, it is only ‘planetary’ belief systems – nothing more, nothing less. If you want to ‘believe’ in karma, that is ‘your’ decision. But, it is very difficult to become an individual under any ‘structured’ belief system. Your belief systems are what you believe at the present time. If you believe one thing today, and something changes, and you believe something else tomorrow – then you can tell you’re making progress. You’re not ‘hanging on’ to anything. A ‘belief system’ is hanging on to something – some structure – that is putting your life going in a certain direction.

If you change your belief systems continuously, your life is free flowing. And a very ‘different’ life. It is a life that goes toward becoming an ‘individual’. And that is all we can say on that subject. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have some questions from Mitch, and his first question is… “It seems to me that there are two basic groups of people but the distinction between the groups is not black and white. For example, everyone seems to have some measure of both groups within them but one side seems to dominate and in some people it dominates significantly. One group appears to appreciate and value free will choice. The other group appears to have an intense desire to control others. Can Datre please comment on this observation?”

DATRE: There again, you have that which you call ‘free will’. When you were given ‘free will’ on this planet, you could decide anything you wanted to – it was up to you. No one can say, ‘this is right and that’s wrong’, because, from our standpoint, it is a learning process.

Now, there are many things happening on your planet now. There are groups of people that are turning to ‘violence’. Why? What are they trying to point out, to show you? You see, one of the things that happens is, you become so ’emotionally’ involved in each and every situation that you encounter, that you can not ‘see’ the whole picture clearly. If you do not become emotionally involved and ‘look’ at each situation, from the vantage point from which it is presented, you will see that the whole planet is very ‘different’ then the way other people ‘see’ it.

How is any ‘change’ ever made, except through an ‘evolutionary’ process? Be it ‘good’, ‘bad’ or ‘indifferent’? You’ll look at something and say, ‘well, that’s terrible’ and get all ’emotional’ about it. Look at it as ‘what is trying to be changed’? Situations “happen” to make ‘change’. Every leader, of every country that you’ve ever had, has made changes. Every child that goes to school changes ‘everything’ in the school. There’s no one that is ‘unimportant’. People draw attention to themselves, because they want to feel ‘important’, because nobody pays any attention to them.

If you are andindividual’, you do not need attention drawn to you, because you’re not interested in that. As an ‘individual’, you go beyond ’emotion’. When you go beyond ’emotion’, you can look at things clearly. Then the whole planet will ‘tell’ you many, many things about it – and about ‘it’s’ people, and about ‘it’s’ life styles, and about ‘it’s’ animals, plants, trees, fish, birds, butterfly’s. All the changes that are taking place on your planet. Your planet is constantly ‘evolving’ – with everything ‘on’ it that is ‘evolving’. Everything is telling you a ‘story’.

If you were to ‘look’ at it, as if you were ‘reading’ a story, it would become far more interesting to you – because, that is what it is. But, because of the amount of ‘stress’ and ’emotion’ that you live with constantly, you are unable to ‘see’ clearly. As you begin to OBSERVE and ‘see’ more clearly, you’ll begin to take the ‘stress’ out of your body. When you take the ‘stress’ out of your body, you become an OBSERVER that can ‘watch’ and ‘look’ at a story. Every day you write a story for yourselves. But, you don’t ‘look’ at the story. The ‘story’ is what is of interest.

When you go through a day, what kind of a ‘story’ have you written? Have you ever stopped to think about your ‘story’? Those few moments before you go to sleep, when you are beginning to quite down, do you go back through your day and ‘look’ at it and say, ‘what kind of a story did I make myself today? What did I put in my story that was of ‘significance’ to me? What kind of ‘data’ did I pick up to put in my storage system that makes ‘me’ who I am?’. These are not flippant questions. They’re questions to help you understand ‘what’ you’re doing. No one is doing it ‘to’ you; you are setting it up yourself. And, if you begin to ‘watch’ your ‘storylines’, you’ll become more interested in ‘what’ you are doing and what you’re setting up for your self. Then in that, when you see what you’re setting up for yourself, you’ll begin to ‘change’ your stories – because you’ll begin to ‘notice’ what you’re doing.

There is an expression that say’s, ‘that individual goes through life fat, dumb and happy’. Well, the person that pays attention, maybe fat and may appear dumb, but has a great deal more happiness then you will ever begin to see. Because, they’ll begin to ‘watch’ their stories and say, ‘I can change those. I can’t change everything over night, it never works that way, but I can change this and I can change that.’. Then ‘automatically’, they’ll begin to change their ‘belief systems’ – because that doesn’t ‘fit’ any more. And ‘that’ old belief doesn’t ‘fit’ any more. Why did I have to do it ‘that’ way? Why couldn’t I have done it another way? And then ‘change’ it. No one can change your life but ‘you’.

You’re on the ‘stage’. You’re the ‘whole’ thing. You’re sitting in the audience. You’re the actor, you’re the director, you’re the producer, you’re the writer – you’re everything there is. And once you ‘know’ that, you can change your life. Because, you will change the ‘writing’. You will change the ‘production’. You will change the ‘direction’ and everything. You don’t give your selves enough credit for how GRAND you truly are. Continue.

JOHN: He continues and asks… “Relative to these two groups of people, there seems to be a great culmination of events coming. The gap between the two groups appears to be growing. It seems to me that the controllers are motivated by fear and insecurity and that the other group is motivated by compassion and appreciation. Is it compassion and appreciation that foster awareness? Please comment.”

DATRE: I wouldn’t say that. What fosters ‘awareness’ is your intent and your purpose of being ‘aware’. As an ‘individual’ you don’t have to get involved in either side of it.

Spirituality has nothing to do with ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or anything else. Spirituality is a ‘growth’ process. You said, those that are compassionate… and something else?

JOHN: Motivated by compassion and appreciation.

DATRE: If you’re motivated by compassion and appreciation, then that is what ‘you’ have decided to experience. But that has nothing to do with another individual. That is ‘your’ intent. Your intent and purpose as to what ‘you’ want to do, has nothing to do with anyone else. That is your ‘singular’ evolution.

But, there again, they’ll say, ‘well, you have to be ‘good’ and ‘kind’ and ‘compassionate’ and all these other things’ – no you don’t. You don’t ‘have’ to be. As you become an ‘individual’ you automatically ‘will’ be that way, but that is not because you’ve been told this is what you ‘should’ do. You will appear to be compassionate, simply because, you’re not getting ’emotionally’ involved in things. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “A mentor once told me that the greatest way to expedite one’s growth is to want it, “desire” being the key. Would Datre please comment on that? If Datre sees it differently, I would like to hear Datre’s perspective on this. Also, how does it work when we have apparently conflicting desires within us? Can Datre offer any suggestions on how one can become better integrated within one’s self?”

DATRE: Well, you all have conflicting desires within you. And yes, ‘desire’ is the name of the game. It’s ‘wanting’ to know. It’s wanting to know ‘what’ physicality is all about. ‘Why am I here in physicality?’ The next thing that is usually said is, ‘I don’t want to be here’. Well, that is not any answer. You’re here in physicality to ‘learn’ what its about, its another stage of ‘evolution’. Evolution is what will ‘propel’ you from one reality to another. From one planetary existence to another. Until you no longer ‘want’ any planetary existence’s, and are ready to explore “Universes” from a different perspective. But it’s a learning process, every step of the way.

You came here. You’re here because you ‘wanted’ to be here. And it is up to ‘you’. It is ‘your’ desire to ‘know’. If you have a hobby, what does a hobby propel you to do? Find out everything you possibly can about it. You read books. You study all sorts of things to find out about your hobby. If you begin whittling on a piece of wood and want to be a wood carver and this is something you thoroughly enjoy, you want to know more. So, what do you do? You get books to read about woodcarving. You get books to find out about different kinds of wood and how they react to different implements that you use to carve with. You talk to other people that are wood carvers. Then you go home and you ‘try’ it. Then you’ll say, ‘well, I’ve almost got it, but maybe I’m not doing something just right, well maybe I should look it up and find out more about this, that or the next thing?’. And it becomes an all consuming passion with you – because you’re excited about the woodcarving. About the wood. About the implements that you use. About the people that you talk and interact with. Interesting people, you’re meeting all kinds of people.

Same thing, when you begin your own ‘evolution’. You’re excited to find out more about yourself. More about other people. It’s the ‘desire’, that’s the motivating factor. But it has nothing to do with anything other than the ‘desire’ to ‘know’. Its not something that has to have a lot of words connected to it. It’s not a ‘religion’. Its… no one can tell you, what is right for you. You act and react the way you want to. And then ‘watch’ what you’re doing. What has you acting and reacting in a certain way?

But, being compassionate is not always the answer. Being compassionate and helping, depending upon the circumstances, can be very detrimental to another individual. You can take today’s world. It was not too many years ago – too many generations ago – that when a child got old enough to go to work, either they went to work and stayed in the house and brought money home to the household, to maintain the household. Or, they went to work and supported themselves. We see today, that parents need to supply their offspring with ‘all the things they never had’. ‘I never had this and I want my child to have it.’ So it’s given to the child. ‘I want my child to have a better education’. So a couple of years after they are married, and there’s the first baby, they start putting money away for the education.

Are you ‘helping’ the child? Or are you hindering the child’s growth? Gratification for an individual comes from having done it themselves. The child that puts themselves through college, and has to work for it, appreciates it a great deal more then one that is ‘sent’ to a college, because its the ‘best’ they can afford. Then they’re to learn something they don’t want to learn – because that’s what the parents want. They’re fulfilling ‘their’ life through ‘you’.

That is looked at as ‘wonderful’ parents. Compassionate people. They’re doing so much for their children. Are the doing so much for their children, or are they ‘pushing’ them into areas that they don’t want to be in and not allowed to ‘express’ themselves? You see, you can look at… everything has two sides. And as you become an ‘individual’ you will see the two sides very clearly – in every situation.

So, if those that want to be compassionate, they can be compassionate. Those that want to be mean, despicable and ornery, they can be mean, despicable and ornery. What does it have to do with you? If you put yourself in that situation, OBSERVE ‘both’. And learn from both. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Datre has referred once or twice to other channels of universal energy like Aona. Can any details be offered on where to find the information coming in through those channels as well?”

DATRE: We have referred to those that are bringing through information. But, we will not comment any further than that. Simply because, if the information is pertinent to you, you will find it.

Many instances where people have had to search for something physically that they wanted, and they searched and searched until they found it. And it was of great importance to them and others, who had not ‘looked’ for anything in particular and had very valuable things given to them along the way. Valuable teachings, valuable things as far as ‘jewelry’ that is important – so they say – all of these things. If these are to come into your life, you won’t have to ‘struggle’ to find them. Regardless of what it is – it will be there. If you want to find others that are bringing through “Universal” information – start looking for it. That is the best way.

You see, for us to tell you what is ‘right’ for you is an impossibility. We don’t know what you need for ‘your’ evolution – we have no idea. We have no idea what is needed for John and Aona’s evolution. That is their decision, this is their life. There’s a saying that says, ‘seek and ye shall find’ – its true. And you may find something that is wonderful for you, but has absolutely no relevance to anyone else. But you will find what you want to. The same way with the Datre information. It is nothing but black and white symbols. What you read ‘into’ the information and read ‘out’ of the information is ‘your’ interpretation. That’s why people that are in the state of ‘evolving’ can read the same information and not understand it. Or, they will only understand it ‘intellectually’. But, what ever works for you. If you have the desire, you will find what you are looking for. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last one.

DATRE: We thank you.

We are Datre.

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