Datre 130 – The spirituality of animals

Datre answers Pat and Claude.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Pat, and her first question is… “I was wondering if Datre would comment on the following, taken from the book Seth Speaks channeled through Jane Roberts.

Animals have varying degrees of self-consciousness, as indeed people do. The consciousness that is within them is as valid and eternal as your own, however. There is nothing to prevent a personality from investing a portion of his own energy into an animal form. This is not transmigration of souls. It does not mean that a man can be reincarnated in an animal. It does mean that personalities can send a portion of their energy into various kinds of forms. (Seth had mentioned that he had a dog fragment personality still living on earth).”

DATRE: Well, I think at one time, we explained what this ‘birth’ from different existences was all about. In other words, when a ‘birth’ occurs, if a decision is made by those that are going to go through the ‘birth’, that this is the vibration that they wish to continue to carry for an extended period of time, then they will ‘stop’ at that point.

Now, cats, dogs, other animals, fish and birds going through a ‘birth’ at one stage of existence, stopped their vibratory construct at ‘that’ point. That vibratory point is what they carry, regardless what existence they desire. Now, a cat or dog, carrying ‘that’ vibration here on this planet, going through the ‘birth’ or going to another planet, if they wish to continue with that vibration on another planet, they could have an ‘entirely’ different form.

You see, ‘form’ and vibratory construct, have nothing to do with each other. Now, evolution of a vibratory construct in a physical body – like you have now, if you were to say, ‘I like what I am right now’. Okay, you go through the ‘birth’, you will continue with that vibratory construct regardless of what planet you go on and whatever you decide to do. But, because the ‘majority’ on this planet are highly enough evolved, so that they will want to continue in something that ‘looks’ like a physical body but it doesn’t have to be the ‘same’ kind of body you’ve got here. You may say, ‘I don’t particularly care for this kind of body because…’. So you will go where you’ll find something you want to experience through.

So, same with cat and dog. They carry a vibratory construct, that vibratory construct will say what ‘kind’ of existence they will have. I know that sounds strange, but that is what actually happens. So a cat or dog here will not necessarily become a cat or a dog on another planet. They could look like a crocodile, but it would still have the same vibratory construct. In other words, the crocodile would have the ‘intelligence’ per se, of a cat or dog. Which would make the crocodile entirely different than what it is here.

JOHN: What about the question of having a particle of himself in a dog, how does that work?

DATRE: Well, let’s go onto the next question, I believe there’s more on that.

JOHN: She goes on to quote another part that says… “He simply adds some of his energy to that present in the animal, mixing this vitality with the animals own. This does not mean that all animals are fragments in this manner.”

DATRE: All right, now, that is ‘experiencing’ from the point of the YOU that ‘you’ are. In other words, you can’t – here on the physical planet – put a part of your self into a dog or a cat. You can influence them by the way you train them and work with them. Why not? Evolution is experience and experience is evolution, and there’s no way you can separate the two.

But, there are those dogs that are extremely, what you call, intelligent; they act entirely different than another animal. Now, that could be an influence of a portion of the YOU that ‘you’ are, or it could just be the evolution of the animal. Here in physicality, you can’t tell the difference. But the YOU that you are ‘knows’ what he or she is doing, because at that level, there’s numerous possibilities and probabilities. That’s the point that many are trying to achieve. You see, from Seth’s point of existence, he IS the YOU that ‘you’ are. In other words, he has achieved that ‘knowingness’ that he is all that he is. Continue.

JOHN: Her final question or quote is… “Consciousness both in the body and without finds its own range, its own level. A dog then is not limited to being a dog in other existence’s.”

DATRE: The only limiting is like I said the vibratory construct… those are the only words you have that I can use that can explain, because there is no other. That is your… its actually… its what ‘you’ express. It’s that portion of YOU that ‘you’ express.

And as said before, the dog carries that vibratory construct. The knowledge that a cat or dog has, that’s it. Now, it evolves, but it evolves at a different ‘rate’ than you do. The dog and cat evolves from entirely different experiences. The animals in the water evolve at a different rate than you do. They have talked about the intelligence of whales and dolphins and how intelligent they are. But that’s their vibratory construct that say’s ‘this’ is the way they experience. You could someday find out that they’re much smarter than you are. But because of their ‘particle’ representation, you classify things as being ‘intelligent’ and things being ‘not’ intelligent and so forth.

But, intelligence of a ‘species’ has nothing to do with form. But, it’s a ‘vibration’ that you carry. And you have a grand opportunity now – with the new energies that are coming on the planet – to be able to understand things more quickly than you ever have before. Look at the ‘input’ that you have daily, from every direction possible. But it’s all related to ‘physical’ existence.

The amount of information you have now, coming through ‘channels’ and books and everything else, is more than it’s ever been. Then you pick and choose what ‘you’ want, because of where your evolution is. Some peoples are satisfied with this much and think they have the whole ball game – this is all there is, and quit searching because they think they have it all. But that is up to them. We’re trying to push ‘you’ to not be satisfied, but continue ‘your’ evolution because, at the time of the BIRTH, the vibratory patterning – the evolution that you have gained in this particular segment of experiential evolution – is what you’re going to take with you. So its up to you as to whether you want to continue being like you are OR take the next evolutionary step and go on further. There is that ‘thrust’ within some individuals that will not give up and say, ‘well, there can’t be any more than this’. The person that is, shall we say, ‘driven’ within themselves to find out more and more and more and more, those are the ones that are going to continue. But, that is ‘your’ evolution, its no one else’s. All right continue.

JOHN: We now have some questions from Claude, and his first question is… “I am beginning to understand the concept of the body and the “one that I am”: for me, the body is like an extension of the “one that I am” as a foot is the body, but the body is not only the foot. My question is the “one that I am” chose to experience in material via my body, but, how can he allow a perpetual repetition like live and die and live and die without permitting him to remember? Couldn’t he live a lot more profitable experiences if he helped the body in a best way?”

DATRE: That can be. But you have to make a more ‘solid’ connection with the YOU that ‘you’ are. When that portion of the you in physicality and the YOU that ‘you’ are begin to work in synchronicity, you won’t believe that physicality could be so different. If it is your ‘desire’ to live and die and live and die, then through your ‘teacher’ – which is YOU – will teach you HOW to go through living and dying and never losing any continuity. Its being done, its being done by those that have reached that level of understanding of ‘knowing’ that the body has nothing to do with your evolution. It is for your ‘experience’ and for your ‘evolving’, but it’s not necessary for your evolution, because it’s only a ‘vehicle’ for experience.

You are a great deal more than you give yourselves credit for – we have said that before. You don’t ‘know’ WHO you are and that’s why you struggle. Then someone will say, ‘well, why go through all of this?’. It’s because you desired to. You can evolve and learn a great deal more and a great deal ‘faster’ through a physical expression than you can out in the Big Universe, simply because you have something to ‘push’ against. You have the ‘opposites’, and the opposites were chosen for your evolution. If you want to look at ‘life’ and ‘death’ as opposites, okay, fine. But, once you understand ‘life’ and ‘death’, you will not look at it as ‘opposites’, you will look at it as ‘progression’ – continuous progression, evolutionary progression. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “I don’t remember hearing Datre talk about sex. To me it seems a powerful energy that is certainly not only available for reproduction and fun. Would you give us more details on that subject?”

DATRE: Datre has not gone into sex, because it is a subject that can go on and on infinitum. Regardless of what we tell you about that which you call sex, you’re never going to be satisfied. You will never be satisfied, because sex is an ’emotional’ experience. It is a ‘particle’ experience – and that is fine. You were put here many; I don’t know how many thousands of years ago, as a CLONED reality. So, where was the sex? If you decided you wanted to have another one of your species, you just had another one of your species. You did it within your own ‘thought’ processes. You did not have male – female.

So, you decided you wanted more than that. Okay, we had to figure out how we could give you something that would be ‘more’ than that. So you had that which you used as male and female for making children. But, there again, it is like everything else, there is ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ – and that is ‘your’ decision. There again you have your ‘opposites’. If you want to know more about that which is sex, then there are other books where you can read about it, but it is not a subject that we wish to spend our time on. Because, regardless of how we went at it, and what we said about it, it would not make any difference. Because, like everything else, it has to be an innate ‘knowingness’ within yourself when you begin to understand the process – and what it’s all about.

Those that get to the point that they do not ‘desire’ sex, it is not through ‘abstinence’, it is through understanding. Continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “We are approaching the end of the millennium, and it is a subject of panic for many on this planet. We know that we are ending a cycle, as there is a lot more energy coming. Am I right if I say that the year 2000 has nothing to do with it? The measure of time as we know it was invented by man and isn’t it a coincidence that the cycle ends at that time? And what about the millennium bug?”

DATRE: Well, the thing is, you set things up for yourself – it is an “agreed upon” situation. You “agreed” that this would be your time frame. The calendars are all ‘wrong’ – if you want to get technical about it. So, the year 2000 really has nothing to do with anything. It’s not going to be the ‘end of the world’. But, it will be the end of many individuals ‘anticipation’.

Now, the ‘doom’ and ‘gloomers’ are going to anticipate that ‘God’s’ going to come, that ‘Buddha’s’ going to come, that the ‘UFO’s’ are going to come – everybody is going to come to ‘save’ them. From what? Save them from what – themselves? That’s the only one you can never run away from – you can’t do it.

The other thing is, those that are looking forward to 2000 with the excitement of all the ‘new’ things that are coming. Now, the scientist’s would be shocked out of their boots – and they probably already are – if they ‘knew’ where your “planet” was headed. You see they’re beginning to understand that by looking at the ‘stars’, they’re in just a little bit different place than they used to be. And they don’t dare tell anybody – even themselves – because they don’t ‘know’ what’s happening.

JOHN: The same with the Sun coming up.

DATRE: Yes, the same with your weather patterns, they’re trying to find all kinds of ‘words’ for explanation. They’re trying to figure out – why things are so different. Your planet is beginning to… is going to move out of its orbit, we have told you that before. Its already started – it’s getting to the edge of breaking out of its ‘original’ orbit, which you have been in. Why is this happening? EVOLUTION!

But, there again, if people ‘knew’ that you were moving out of your orbit – panic. Well, what are you going to do? Where are you going to go? You can’t get off. So, it’s up to them to stew and fuss about it. And it’s for you to sit back and watch and understand it. Remember, your physical bodies are but representations in physicality for you to experience through. We say once again, you are NOT your body. But your ‘energies’ are changing, and that’s why they’re changing – one of the reasons you’re changing. When you change where you’ve been, you’re going to hit other ‘energy’ patterns.

You know, they talk about taking the ‘ships’ and going here, there and the next place. Do they realize the ‘different’ ENERGY patterns they run into when they do those things? Oh yes, we’re going to go here, we’re going to go there and we’re going to go the next place. Not until you figure out ‘how’ you’re going to get there. Then by the time you figure out how you’re going to get there, you’re planet is probably going to be in a ‘different’ location, so you’re not going to get there anyway. But that’s not ‘doom’ and ‘gloom’, those are ‘facts’.

But you see, because you have, as a civilization, for all these thousands of years, stayed ‘status quo’, its very difficult to realize that there are changes that are taking place. But why get panicky about it because it says 2000? This started many, many years ago. A planet doesn’t just all of a sudden decide, ‘well, we’re going to move’. This has been gradually moving. But, as it gets closer to the ‘edge’, its going to accelerate. So you’re going to find, the whole ‘thrust’ of your planet is going to be ‘different’. Your weather patterns definitely will change. Your ‘bodies’ will change. Your ‘thinking’ patterns will change. And, if you’re an OBSERVER, you will make great strides in your evolution, because you begin to OBSERVE and evaluate ‘everything’.

You know, if you just go through… you talk about ‘life’ – ‘death’, how about ‘day – ‘night’? Oh, it’s the same old thing, I’ve got to get up and I’ve got to make breakfast and I have to make sandwiches for the kids for school and I have to make my own and my husbands sandwiches. Then we all run off to work and we do the same thing, and we come home and its scattered and halter skelter and we don’t have enough time and everybody’s running around. Then all you’re doing is running around in physicality and not ‘seeing’ anything. Yet, how do people, that have families, that are running around in your halter skelter world, react with ‘calm’? How do they manage to evolve? They do, because in being an OBSERVER, they’re constantly ‘evaluating’ physicality. That takes a little ‘work’ I’d say – probably. But then, how much is it worth to you – to evolve, to OBSERVE? After you get used to being an OBSERVER, you don’t pay any attention to it, because that becomes your way of life. Then in being an OBSERVER – that is the ‘beginning’ of your EVOLUTION.

Up to that point, you’re in ‘particle’ existence and you run around and not have time for anything, then the next thing you know, its all over and, ‘I wish I’d done this and I wish I’d done that’, and you’re DEAD. Then because you have no… ‘Well, I want to get out of here, I want to get out of here’. Okay, so now you’re dead, ‘I don’t want any of those past remembrances, I don’t want any of those things, oh, I want to forget all of that’. Okay, so you forget all of that. What are you going to do when you’re ‘born’? You haven’t got anything to ‘start’ with. So you start as a baby, Ga, Ga, gooo, gooo, and have nothing to ‘build’ on. Those that EVOLVE have been OBSERVERS. They’ll say, ‘I’m going to hang on to every bit of this, good, bad or indifferent, it’s MY experience and I don’t care what anyone else says about it, because it is not up to them, its not their evolution. They can do theirs and I will do mine. But, when I leave, through death, I’m going to hang on to “me” and carry all of this with me, because next time I’m going to have ‘that’ understanding to build on.’.

So, millennium, I wouldn’t get all excited about millennium. What I would get excited about is what am I going to do today. This is the one that’s important. As we’ve said before, ‘oh, its going to snow tomorrow’, so you spent all day worrying about how much snow we’re going to have tomorrow. So, tomorrow the sun shines. ‘Oh, what happened, I thought we were going to have a storm’. So then you can talk about everything you talked about the day before. My goodness, if that’s ‘evolution’, I don’t think I know many people that want any part of it. EVOLUTION is ‘yours’ – go for it. Continue.

JOHN: What about the millennium bug?

DATRE: Well, what about the virus Melissa? So you got all excited, you crashed a lot of systems, you got it fixed, and now its business as usual. What about the Y2K? There will be glitches, and panic by those who are looking for excitement. The problems will be solved and it will be business as usual. We thank you.

We’re Datre.

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