Datre 128 – What is actually occurring during a lucid dreaming state?

Datre answers Kevin.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Kevin and he outlines his questions as follows; “I’d like to get some comment from Datre on the following: The other night I had a rather curious experience while “dreaming”: At some point during the “dream” I recognized that the events I was witnessing were rather extraordinary and became suspicious that this was a “dreaming” experience. For me, this realization is normally what triggers a “lucid dreaming” experience which then causes me to begin to OBSERVE my surroundings very carefully.

However in this particular experience I became somewhat confused due to the “realization” of my surroundings. It seemed the more closely I focused on this scene the more tangible everything became, right down to the cold crispness of the air, the sounds, smells, colors, tactile sensations, etc. Typically, my “lucid dreaming” experiences are not quite so vivid or so “convincing”. It was only by analyzing the somewhat implausible nature of the events taking place that I was able to conclude that this was in fact a “dream”. My ability to maintain this focus and state of awareness however lasted for only a short while before I became swept up in the story line and then it was lost.

What is actually occurring during a “lucid dreaming” state?”

DATRE: Well, you see what happens is, as we have said many times – ‘you create your own reality’. And that’s a ‘hard’ one for you to understand. But, when you play around with, what you call, a ‘lucid’ dream, you’re picking up another option of something, that could be a story line that you wanted to take part in. When you got to the point of smelling and feeling all of these experiences, you ‘actually’ were ‘experiencing’ those. So what started out as what you thought was a ‘dream’, was a “switch” in a reality that you were writing the picture for.

Now, at some point, there was the realization that that was something you didn’t want to continue, because you said, ‘the experiences became bizarre’. You did that to, shall we say, switch you back into the pictures that you had before you went to sleep, or went into your ‘dreaming’ state. You see, in sitting and wondering what an experience is like, you can sit and experience a situation to the point that you are ‘actually’ in the situation. You feel, you smell, you taste, you touch, everything in that experience. Then when the experience is over, to your satisfaction, you come back into that which you call, your ‘normal’ awake state.

Now, that does not say that the experience that you had when you were ‘dreaming’, was not equally as valid as the ones that you have when you’re “awake”. You see, you don’t have to ‘physically’ experience everything, it is not necessary. But, if you want to experience something, and not go through the ‘trauma’ of it or the ‘excitement’ of it or what ever, you can, in the ‘dreaming’ state, have that experience, and how does the brain know which direction its coming from? Your brain is your ‘computer’, it does not say, ‘this one is valid and that one isn’t’.

So, the dreaming experience, whether you set it up for yourself ‘knowingly’, or shall we say, go into the dream state and just experience, the brain does not know the difference, and the brain doesn’t care. But the experience is yours. So, that’s what happens in the ‘dream’ state.

Many people will say, that the dreams are so ‘real’. Well, they are! Just because the body happens to be sleeping, you’re not. See, that’s the difficult part for you to understand, that its ‘two’ separate things working together. When you are “asleep”, what are you doing? You’re not just sitting on a wall up in heaven, dangling your legs back and forth and wondering, ‘well, I wonder when the body’s going to wake up?’. It doesn’t work that way. When the body’s asleep, you’re not there. Why would you want to hang around an ‘inanimate’ object for? It’s a waste of your time.

You take your ‘dream’ state, you’re ‘sleep’ state, and go someplace else for another experience. The thing is, if you go someplace else and have another experience, why not enjoy it? If it is something so ‘bizarre’ that you can’t translate it into your brain upon awakening – you don’t remember the ‘dream’ experience – it’s as simple as that.

When you ‘experience’ in ‘other’ realties that are not describable to the brain in ‘this’ reality, you’ll say, ‘well, I don’t dream’. Well, your brain can only comprehend so much. It depends upon how you have ‘trained’ your brain in the ‘learning’ process.

You see, you ‘train’ your brain, through books, like history, geography and mathematics, and reading and writing and all that kind of stuff that you ‘train’ the brain with. But, you don’t think of training the brain in knowing that the ‘body’ and ‘you’ are two separate things. You have no way of doing it, because it doesn’t come in a book. There is no book written that can tell you ‘exactly’ how to do it, because everyone does it different. You can go to all kinds of people that will tell you, to do this, that and the next thing, but, why not ‘experiment’ yourself and find out what its all about?

But, understand that your brain does not know anything that it can’t ‘attach’ something else to. In other words, with everything that you learn from the time you were a baby, through the growing up period and all of that – its ‘progressive’. Now, when you get into something like this, where’s the ‘progression’? There hasn’t been any ‘progression’, because up to this point, “you never thought about anything like this”. So you have to train the brain to understand what’s going on, and to understand that you ‘work’ with the physical body, and the body learns from you, but who else is going to ‘teach’ the body?

Now, when you’re not in the body – when you’re dreaming – and the body is asleep, if you have something that you enjoy in a ‘dream’ – you bring it in and remember it. There are lots of people that have what they call ‘precognition’. They can see something happening, and it ‘will’ happen – how come? How come, good story. They wrote the pictures, and they made the pictures “come true”. It’s a very simple thing. Very simple, and very complicated, because it has been made that way. Simply because, there has been no one to tell you that ‘you’ and you’re ‘body’ are not the same thing.

You start out with this business of, ‘you are born in sin’. That’s a good beginning. But I don’t know what its the beginning of. You’re given ‘guilt’ the minute you take your first breath because, how were you ‘conceived’? Oh, that was a naughty. You know, from our standpoint, it’s a very ‘strange’ situation that you have worked yourself into.

But, you see, you start out ‘backwards’. You start learning ‘all’ things in books. Why are children fascinated by a computer? Because, they can make things ‘move’. They’re more fascinated by a computer than they are a ‘toy’, because when you get a ‘toy’, it only does so much. And what has been lost is that which you call ‘imagination’. They’ll say, look at that poor child, they don’t have any ‘toys’. That child has a cardboard box, that is their world. That is a castle, it is a fort, it is a dollhouse, it is anything that child wants it to be. Yet, it’s nothing but a cardboard box. He or she is writing their own story lines. They’ll say, well they’re just ‘pretending’. What are ‘you’ doing? You are just ‘pretending’ that you have no control. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “Is the physical brain involved in this process at all?”

DATRE: It’s involved, in that you’re showing it to the brain – but the brain is NOT making the pictures. The brain is taking the pictures that you are putting in front of it and translating it for your own use. But ‘it’s’ not making the pictures – the brain doesn’t make those pictures – “you” make those pictures. The brain ‘translates’ them and stores them into the brain for accessibility. That is why you have a brain, you have a brain to ‘remember’. You have a brain as something you can access for information. That’s what a brain is all about. It’s an access to information, so that is what you call ‘memory’.

JOHN: Question?


JOHN: If the body is asleep, and the brain never turns off, and I am out of the body, how does that dream connect to the body and the brain?

DATRE: Because you ‘can’ connect it. There’s no reason why you ‘can’t’ connect it. The reason being is that you’re “always” connected – there’s no ‘disconnect’. The only thing is, that the brain cannot disseminate and understand a great deal of your dreams, but that does not mean you’re not connected. You have that which you call, that ‘silver’ cord – so how can you disconnect? The only time that can be ‘disconnected’, is that time which you call death. So, it’s a perpetual connection. Continue.

JOHN: Okay, his next question is… “Why is it so difficult to maintain this “lucid” state of awareness in the “dream” state?”

DATRE: Well, that is entirely up to you. What advantage is it to you to maintain it? If that’s a ‘reality’ that you strongly desire to go into – that you’re experimenting with – then that is exactly what you will do.

You can ‘skip’ realities. You don’t realize it, but you can. Those that ‘skip’ from one reality to another, have no ‘close’ physical ties in the area that they’re living in. You can’t just do it, simply because people would get all upset if you just ‘disappeared’. But, if you packed your bags and left an area, and people will say years latter, ‘I wonder what happened to so and so, we never heard anything from him after he left here or she left here?’. That makes it “valid” in physicality. But, when you left the area, it was your desire to go into another reality that you had “dreamt” about – so why can’t you go? If that was your ‘desire’, you would. Continue.

Wendi.comJOHN: And his last question is… “Have our “dream” experiences also been affected by the new wave energies? Might this explain why this dream appeared to be so “convincing”?”

DATRE: You’re going to find that the new energies are going to do many things. You see the “new energies” are also bringing in new – what you call – “think” patterns. Now, peoples are not that much aware of it, but, if you’re aware of it, you will see that there is definite changes in many areas – that you’re not even aware of.

We’ve had Aona writing down things that are on the TV. You have commercials ad nauseam. But, there are commercials that have statements in them, that are ‘interesting’ to the OBSERVER. Many of the things that we have been talking about – for many years – are showing up on your TV screens. How did they get there? Because, someone picked it up. As we’ve said before, what stops a ‘think’? What stops something that’s been said? It is there in MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to be picked up by who ever wishes to pick it up. You have many statements that are coming on your TV screens that are very interesting.

Now, you’ll say, ‘well those are nice sayings’. Stop and think about what those saying say, to you. You are giving yourself ‘messages’ all the time, which you absolutely ignore.

Now, we have no idea what programs, what commercials, these came from. But, one of the first ones was a car commercial, and they kept saying – “life is a journey, enjoy the ride”. Does that not sound like a Datre quote? But, because it happens to be a car commercial, it’s not that important. You know, they think of it as, ‘oh, enjoy the ride in the car’. No, that is ‘not’ what’s being said. It is a good place to put it, but, an OBSERVER, will pick up that statement, and it will be a ‘reminder’ – this is what you’re here for. There’s another one – “be all that you can be”. I think that the last part of it is in the army or the navy or something, I don’t know. But, that statement – BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE – take your physicality and ‘be all you can be’. Here’s another one – “go confidently in the direction of your dreams”. Now, there again, very good.

“Live the life you’ve imagined”. People will say, ‘well, its just my imagination’. What else do you have? What’s a ‘dream’? Imagination! What is your life? Imagination! If you can’t ‘imagine’ something, you can’t do it. They say, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? It had to be the chicken. It had to be the chicken, then they had to find out how to get it to go the other way. You have to have the “end” before you can have the “beginning”.

All right, “You can’t depend on your ‘eyes’, when your ‘imagination’ is out of focus”. How good can these get? Watch, be an OBSERVER. This is the last one, “Life, is turning the things you want to do, into the things you’ve done”. Now, are things changing? Yes, they’re changing, because these are very good statements applying to your everyday life.

Regardless, of what the commercial is about, it doesn’t matter. Its the ‘words’ that are important. The words on a billboard, you’ll say, there’s billboards all over the place. Watch what those billboards say – they’re important. Sure, for each one that’s important, you’ll probably find twenty five that aren’t. But, that’s immaterial. Watch what people in stores are saying. Watch what people in businesses are saying. You will notice, that there are changes in peoples attitudes. Sure, you’re always going to get Mr. and Mrs. grump, but that’s part of this reality that you’re existing in. And regardless of what you say or how you interact with those people, it really doesn’t matter, because they’ve got the switch turned off. Turn your ‘switch’ ON, watch what is going on. These are very good.

JOHN: There’s an old saying that answers that – “its not the ‘messenger’ that’s important, its the ‘message'”.

DATRE: That is correct, it doesn’t matter where it is. REMEMBER, “YOU” ARE THE ONE WRITING THE MESSAGE, WHAT DO “YOU” WANT TO LEARN?
Thank you.

We are Datre.

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