Datre 125 – BE the best YOU you can be

Datre answers Susmita

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Susmita and her first question is… “Seth mentioned that each of us have our individual psyche. Do each of our separate selves/aspects has the potential to evolve as separate individual entities? In our Earth bubble are psyches more numerous than entities or at any given moment? I am confusing myself on this, since many of our experiences (e.g. mood swings, early childhood traumas, abuses, adult obsessions, multiple personalities, dream structures) cannot be explained within the boundaries of a ‘lifetime’. Is there simultaneous inner communication of experiences and feelings going on among the different personalities/faces existing now and in different historical periods?”

DATRE: Well, what you’re doing is, you’re getting involved in a lot of words that are confusing you. You all have an individual psyche. You all have an individual brain. The ‘word’ psyche is very confusing, because it encompasses ‘more’ than a brain. But, if you will just begin to work with “today” – which is the important part of your living – it will eliminate a great deal of confusion.

The material about the “psyche”, about the “consciousness”, about the “aspects” and all of that, has been a “background” for you to understand the MAGNIFICENCE and the MAGNITUDE of “this particular creation”, which you call PHYSICALITY. But, it can be very confusing, because “words” can be used “interchangeably” and each individual has a different way of ‘explaining’ something. So, from our standpoint, what we’re going to be working on ‘most’ now, is going to be – what you would call – “be the best YOU, you can be”.

In other words, it does no good to ‘gripe’ about the fact that you’re in ‘physicality’ and that you want to get ‘out’ of it. If you hadn’t wanted ‘physicality in the first place, you wouldn’t be here. If you were in ‘control’ of your life, you wouldn’t be complaining about it all the time. Instead of ‘complaining’, become that which we call the OBSERVER. What is causing the ‘problem’? Why did ‘you’ put that there? Why did you ‘want’ to experience it? No one does anything “to” you, they can’t, its an ‘impossibility’. As an individual, you work from the ‘physicality’ that ‘you’ reside in.

The biggest thing NOW to learn, is that ‘you’ live IN a physical construct. You are the one that is the BOSS. You are always “you”, there is no ‘higher’, there is no ‘lower’, there’s no ‘nothing’ – other than YOU.

We say connect up with the YOU that ‘you’ are. Let’s change that a little bit, to give you another picture, so you’ll have something else to play with. Put “YOU” at the top of a piece of paper, then draw a line down the paper, at an angle, and put the word “SLEEP”. Then from “YOU” draw another line in the other direction and put the word “AWAKE”. Now, who else is controlling the show? It’s all YOU. The only thing that’s different is, you’re ‘controlling’ from a different standpoint. In other words, “YOU” can understand from a greater vantage point when you are “ASLEEP”, because there is not, shall we say, the physical body interference – you don’t have a physical body in “SLEEP”. So “you” can figure out what it is you want to learn and in what way you want to learn it.

You are trying to get the physical body trained to the point that it understands what “you” are trying to tell it. That’s why the Datre concepts are different, because they’re looking at physicality in a different way. Why are there so many “victims”? It’s much easier to ‘blame’ everything on someone else. It’s very simple, when something goes wrong, to say, ‘it was the other persons fault’, because you’re ‘drawing’ from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is a gestalt of “belief systems”. And that is what you are ‘allowing’ yourself to ‘draw’ from. Nobody say’s you have to get your information from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, you don’t have to.

But, it depends on the strength of the ‘individual’ as to how much ‘they’ want to know about themselves. How much do you want to ‘know’ about yourself? Does it ‘scare’ you to realize that you are in ‘complete’ and ‘total’ control? It does many people. “FEAR” is what ‘blocks’, they’re afraid of “themselves”. Now, that may sound like a strange thing to say, but it is ‘fact’. We see it, when we come into physicality, and can walk in a physical body and OBSERVE. We see people that are ‘afraid’, they’re ‘afraid’ of everything, because they’re feeding off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

You don’t have to feed off of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Why don’t you find out ‘who’ you are? What are you doing? Why are you in physicality? What are you learning? It is ALL up to “you” – and that’s scary. But that is true. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “I wondered why Seth in his communications through Jane devoted so much explanation on one particular religion “Christianity” and not others like “Buddhism” for example? (Personal note: I was born in a Buddhist family in a sect, which is a tiny unknown minority in India; and I used to wonder about that! I am glad now that I did not grow up with a concept of GOD).”

DATRE: Why did Seth spend so much time in that area? Simply because, that was something that was part and parcel of Jane’s and all of her, shall we say, ‘aspect’ selves or other ‘life times’ whatever you want to call it, or ‘other’ physical experiences. She had a dichotomy going. In other words, she was afraid to give up God, and yet, she was ‘afraid’ to step into the future because the Seth material was so far ‘different’ than anything ‘she’ had ever been exposed to. And that most ‘other’ people had not been exposed to.

So, she was ‘afraid’, and ‘fear’ will lock you into many areas. You see, once you get locked into the focus of ‘fear’, that does not only relate to ‘one’ thing. It’s attached to ‘everything’ that you encounter on a daily basis. In other words, you become ‘fearful’ of everything.

It may look like ‘that’s silly’ – no, it isn’t, because we can OBSERVE it. FEAR becomes dominant, and when ‘fear’ becomes dominant, what’s running the show? The body. The ‘body’ is what’s afraid. “You” are not afraid. When you find that there’s a ‘distinct’ separation, between ‘bodily’ reactions, and ‘you’ ACTING in a situation, you can see, there’s a great deal of difference. “YOU” are not afraid, the body’s afraid.

And because of ‘her’ belief in God – and that is a ‘belief’, just like everything else – she was afraid to let go. Had she let go, she would have ‘resolved’ the issue of ‘fear’. Then she would not have died as she did. She died being completely ‘immobile’, because she was so ‘afraid’ that she tied herself in so many knots, that she was unable to ‘move’ the body – physically.

And what did it? She let the body run the show. She had ‘magnificent’ capabilities. She could ‘travel’ with her own ‘psychic’ ability to many marvelous places. She could do many marvelous things. But, she would ‘not’ allow herself to know ‘who’ was really running the show. Continue.

JOHN: She further goes on to say… “Many times I anticipate something and that is what I get. Sometimes I chose to act on that and sometimes I do not, even when I see the consequences would be undesirable for me or others in the short-run! But for sometime now I have not been able to distinguish whether it is my prior belief (anticipation) about something that attracted/caused/created certain events or whether I am tapping into the future where the event already exists! Can you elaborate on this a little more for those of us who wish to create with full awareness/consciousness (I know these are different). Or is full awareness possible in physicality?”

DATRE: Is full awareness possible in physicality? When ‘full’ awareness is realized in physicality – you won’t be here. When ‘you’ have learned, what ‘you’ wanted to learn, and you understand from a deep knowingness – why stay? There’s no need. When you understand ‘what’ the game is all about – that you’re playing with yourself… In other words, there are people that sit and play card games, and they win and they win and they win, and they’re fascinated by that winning. There are ‘other’ people that will sit down – this is a new game, this is the way you play it – they play it until they win. When they win, they don’t play any more.

Two different ways of approaching things. You see it’s all up to you. Then what ‘you’ see and what ‘you’ OBSERVE, whether its past, present or future does not matter – it really doesn’t matter. What are you going to do with it ‘now’? This is the moment of ‘action’ or ‘reaction’.

You see, you set things up, and then you ‘assume’ that ‘this’ is the way it’s going to be. Everybody else is going to die, but you never think of yourself as dying, because you keep that a secret. You’d be surprised the ‘games’ you play with yourself. So, you’re the one that knows. But, what difference does it make, whether its something you’re dredging up from your ‘past’ or whether you’re seeing something that’s in your ‘future’? You can’t do anything about either one of them. You can’t do anything about that which is ‘past’. You can’t do anything about that which is in the ‘future’. So why draw any conclusion on either one?

Today is the ‘only’ day you’ve got, and if one is ‘over’ and one hasn’t started yet, you can’t ‘do’ anything. It’s no different than playing a ‘game’. Right now ‘football’ is very important to many people, because its ‘excitement’. It’s excitement, watching ‘other’ people do what ‘you’ don’t want to do. So, you enjoy sitting and watching them. But, they can’t play the game until the whistle blows and they say they can start it. Same thing with you’re days. That’s why it does no good to fret about ‘yesterday’, it does no good to fret about ‘tomorrow’. Today is the ‘only’ day you’re living. You can’t be anxious about either one. You’re wasting valuable time of OBSERVATION thinking about ‘future’ and ‘past’. Continue.

JOHN: She further asks… “Seth said in his Dream book II, something like sensation/feelings can and do exist without “senses” and the pure land of the psyche is something like “a world without beliefs”, where (adding Datre’s description) beings just “do what they do” in full awareness. In such a state how does evolution/creativity continue, if one is doing the same thing over and over (each time little differently)?”

DATRE: Well, you’re kind of mixing things up there. Because, what Seth, in his explanation there, is describing the ‘land of the psyche’. But that isn’t where you’re living. You’re living in a physical body. “YOU” can be said, to live in the ‘land of the psyche’. The “YOU” that’s at the top of the page that I had you draw. You can say the “YOU” are is living in the ‘land of the psyche’. But, when “YOU” come into physicality, you’re working with a ‘physical’ instrument. Which is like ‘you’ driving a car.

You have to know where the lights are, and the signals are and the horn and the brakes and all that other kind of stuff. Then you get in the car and ‘you’ run that physical car, and you get out of it. Has that changed ‘you’ from the time you got ‘into’ car until the time you got ‘out’? You look at your physical body and it looks the same, doesn’t it? Same thing with “YOU”. But, you don’t ‘know’ it. You don’t know that ‘you’ are the one that is in the ‘sleep’ stage. ‘You’ are the one that’s in the ‘physical’ stage. It’s still “YOU”, its nobody else. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question continues on… “What is ‘pure thought’ (something like ‘Thoughters’ do)?”

DATRE: You can say that. We used the ‘Thoughter’ analogy to know it’s ‘not’ something that’s a ‘think’. So, if you understand ‘Thoughters’ – ‘Thoughters’ and ‘thinks’ are two different things. ‘Thinks’ are brain oriented. ‘Thinks’ are the brain making connections. Putting things together for your understanding. ‘Thoughters’ is that information that ‘comes to you’ as you say, ‘out of the blue’. Its different than what you recognize as, what is in the brain. And it is never ending, until ‘you’ decide to end it. You pick and choose as long as you want to. When you have had enough, you say, okay, I’ve had enough – release it, let it go, and go on to something else. That could be called ‘pure thought’ – the information from a ‘Thoughter’. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question asks… “Is there a framework ‘three’ and how is it related to framework 2 and 1? Is Datre focused in framework three?”

DATRE: We don’t know, that is Seth material. And if there is such a thing, then that would have to be explained by him. The ‘frameworks’ are not anything that ‘we’ have worked with. Those are the terms he used to explain situations for helping you to understand. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “If everything in physicality is a symbol, then what do the human body and its parts (five fingers and toes for example) symbolize?”

DATRE: I don’t know that the body parts symbolize anything. It’s a vehicle for you to function ‘through’ – that is it. It’s just like the wheels of the car, which allow the car to move down the road – but it is still a part of the car. If you take them off, then you haven’t got that to work with, then you have to figure out something else. The same way with physicality, the people that don’t have legs that have been hurt in ‘accidents’ and stuff. They don’t have legs, how are they going to get from here to there? They get a chair with wheels on it to get to where they want to go. They still have to maintain a semblance of physicality to be able to ‘function’ in it. But, it has no meaning. Symbols are ‘exterior’ pictures for you to OBSERVE. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Lately I was having a lot of problems with my stomach, (bloating, pain, etc.) And I have observed that the slightest conflict between my rational mind and feeling mind triggers it? Am I right in my conclusion? I also have back pain (sometimes like a tight knot in the middle of the spine) with the slightest physical exertion sometimes.”

DATRE: all right, stop right there. As to the ‘bloating’, you will find that if you watch television for ‘one’ day, the majority of the commercials are ‘antacid’. Something to take before you eat, something to take after you eat, something to take while you’re eating. Your bodies are changing and the one area that’s being affected by change is your ‘digestive’ system.

You will hear people talk about, ‘oh, I’ve got such gas pains, I’ve had to take extra strength something or other’. The bodies are changing, and you’re so ‘tense’ in your body construct, that you’re ‘tightening’ your body.

JOHN: What they’re doing is restricting the ‘natural’ flow of the gases that the body needs.

DATRE: Well, that’s true, the body needs gas to run on – that’s what your body runs off of. The thing is, if you would ‘allow’ the body to ‘eliminate’ it’s excess gas without getting all upset about it… just go some place and do whatever you would need to do to get rid of the gas. Allow the excess gas to exit from the body – don’t ‘hold’ it. I know you work in big places, where there’s lots of people, and you want to ‘burp’ and you’re afraid to – go someplace, in the hallway or something and ‘burp’ and get rid of it. But, most people are afraid to do that. ‘Well, I can’t go away from my desk right now’. Okay, which is more important – stop and think – which is ‘more’ important?

That physical construct that you’re working with is not going to work properly if you’re ‘restricting’ it in every area. Gas is a big number now – coming and going. The other thing, about the back. If you watch any kind of sports, and I don’t care what it is, what is the thing that they refer to constantly? Back pain! We’ve gone through that before. Your ‘backs’ are changing. The little ‘pads’ between the bones are ‘expanding’.

All right, if you’ve got bigger ‘squishy’ things – these pads – if they’re bigger, and they move, it isn’t going to take a great deal of movement to make an ‘oww’. You can move something that’s ‘squishy’ a lot faster than you can move a bone. If you’ve got mostly bone, what’s to hurt? The bone doesn’t hurt; it’s the ‘squishy’ stuff that hurts. Why does the ‘squishy’ stuff hurt, because that’s what carries the ‘nerves’. So, back pain, you’re going to hear a lot more of it. As those bodies change and those ‘pads’ expand, the back is going to become more of what you call, ‘vulnerable’. Continue.

JOHN: And she continues along and says… “Is this due to changes in my body? I prefer not to go to doctors and usually such physical discomfort alleviates within 2/3 weeks or so. But I feel my body has become very sensitive. Do we really have abdominal brains as Cayce noted?”

DATRE: Every part of your body has ‘sensitivity’ to varying degrees. You have, what you call brains, in every ‘function’ of your body. If they didn’t have a ‘brain’, how would they know what to do? Now, its ‘not’ a ‘brain’, its a ‘function process’. The ‘molecules’ know what to do. How do they ‘know’ what to do? I don’t know how they ‘know’ what to do. I don’t get into a body that often and to tell you the truth, I’m not much interested in it, as long as it works. And that’s the way it is, unless that happens to be your field of endeavor to figure it out. But, when I get into the body, as long as I can crawl in and use it – that’s fine.

That’s the way it should be with ‘everybody’. But, if you’re going to put ‘restrictions’ on it, you’re going to have all kinds of aches and pains. What difference does it make? If you focus on ‘that’, you ‘intensify’ it. Put your focus someplace else. This is what we’ve told people before. Even the doctors are beginning to realize what they can do with cancer patients – when they change their focus. It’s a well known fact. But, “you” are the one that has to change focus. If you change focus, you can change how you feel in the body. Continue.

JOHN: She further goes on to ask… “Whatever I find myself significantly occupied with at this life at this time also has some connection with my other lives. Is that statement true?”

DATRE: What difference does it make? We’re trying to get you away from relating ‘your’ existence to ‘others’ existence. We’re trying to get you to be an INDIVIDUAL. In other words, how are ‘you’ going to know ‘you’, if you keep comparing ‘you’ with something else or someone else? It is ‘imperative’ that ‘you’ become an INDIVIDUAL – because, that’s what you came here to learn. And, ‘comparison’ is not the name of the game.

Teenagers go through that, wanting to “become”, because that is part of their ‘evolution’ at that particular span of their physical existence. So they make ‘comparisons’. But, when you get ‘past’ being a teenager, then the focus “should” shift to being an INDIVIDUAL. Then as an INDIVIDUAL, then ‘you’ become “yourself” – ‘you’ become your own BEING. And when ‘you’ become “yourself” – your own BEING – and become INDIVIDUALISTIC, all the people that you will gather around you, will become INDIVIDUALISTIC too, because ‘you’ set an example for them. Setting an ‘example’ of being an INDIVIDUAL, is farther reaching than any ‘book’ or anything else.

But, don’t ‘pattern’ yourself by making comparisons. They say, “be the best ‘you’ you can be”. Those are very profound words. So it’s in a commercial, nobody pays any attention to it. If you were to look at some of your commercials today, you would find little ‘snippets’ of things that Datre has said, coming into focus on your TV screen. There’s probably just a little phrase here or a little bit there, but as we’ve said before, ‘words’ have strength and they carry’. Peoples are picking up, on little bits and pieces here and there. And ‘you’ in the physical can be a GRAND example of an INDIVIDUAL, if you don’t ‘talk yourself into it’ – but BE one.

You see, so many people want to be ‘important’. They go to someone to learn something ‘magnificent’ and therefore, because they have that ‘knowledge’, ‘they’ are magnificent – just ask them. It goes nowhere! Because, an INDIVIDUAL, that IS an INDIVIDUAL, doesn’t walk around ‘proclaiming’ to be an INDIVIDUAL, because that person is so busy being THEMSELVES. To tell you the truth – who cares? It is YOUR ‘evolution’ – nobody else’s! Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “I feel a strange connection sometimes with the wind, trees, animals and they seem to be attracted to me; although I never had a pet. Is everything on earth connected in a subtle yet deep emotional level? Our earth really looks like a most magnificent jewel in space! Are there other planets as diverse and as beautiful as earth in the Universe?”

DATRE: No, there are not. You don’t realize what you have. But, your connection with animals, with the wind, with the trees, with everything, is, there again, ‘your’ focus, ‘your’ connection. ‘You’ are making the connection. There is a ‘vibratory’ pattern that is carried by each person in physicality.

Now, how many times have you heard it said, that ‘if an animal doesn’t like a person, that person is ‘not’ a good person’? That is an old, old, old saying from way back when. They say that if someone comes and knocks on your door, and your kind, gentle dog goes up and starts snarling and barking, that is someone to be avoided. What is happening is, the animal is reacting to the vibration of that person.

You don’t realize, but that is the way ‘you’ make connections with ‘other’ individuals, with your vibratory patterning. That is why you are ‘attracted’ or ‘repelled’ by different people. Some people you want to be around, you can’t get enough of being around that person. Then ‘other’ people, you don’t want any part of, get away. You’ll walk into another room to avoid one person. It’s your vibrations, it’s the vibration that you carry.

Now, vibrations are many times misunderstood. Someone that carries a very ‘distinct’ high vibratory pattern, will ‘frighten’ other people. They’re frightened because, they have ‘secrets’ they want to hide, and if you get too close to them, you might find out what their secret is. Here we get back to the same old thing, we’re back in the belief of ‘fear’ and of ‘victims’. Now, who’s running the show? Are ‘you’ running the show? Or has the body decided that ‘it’s’ going to run the show? It is all up to you. Continue.

JOHN: Her last question asks… “Existence without any kind of containment sounds very exciting to me; but I just do not know how that is like or what is there to do. But nobody goes anywhere without some understanding and all I know is that I had to have some inkling in order to be excited about something! Am I right?”

DATRE: Well, you wonder what its like. That is why we’re telling you to find out ‘who’ you are, because ‘that’ is what ‘you’ will take with you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does, its what ‘you’ do. That’s why we would like to take ‘some of you’ that have been in physicality, that ‘know’ who you are, and take them out into the Universe, to find out ‘what’ they’re going to do. Because ‘we’ don’t know.

But, if ‘you’ know ‘who’ you are, and you take that package of ‘knowingness’ out into the Universe, I’ll guarantee, you’ll find something to do. And it doesn’t matter what. But, in being on this planet, you’re a CREATOR. So, I would assume probably the first thing you would do, is find some way of gathering up something, to ‘create’ something. That is what I would assume. And we would all watch. But, you see, there again, you would have to know ‘you’. There’s not going to be anybody to tell you what to do, because nobody can.

You’re different, you’re unique – recognize your uniqueness – and recognize your POWER. Don’t be afraid of your POWER. Don’t be afraid to be an INDIVIDUAL. Now, I didn’t say, be an ‘egotist’ – I said, be an INDIVIDUAL. There’s a great deal of difference. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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