Datre 121 – The BIG fear of going out of body

Datre answers Kitty, Robert and Barbara

JOHN: Today we have a question from Kitty, and her question is… “How can you explain visions? Visions appear to me and in a few weeks or months they happen.?”

DATRE: That is not unusual. They are not what you call ‘visions’, but what you’re doing is, you are showing yourself the up coming events. There are many people that do that.

You see, if you were to reach the point where you would be an OBSERVER, you would be “following” your “visions” all the time. That would be a ‘natural’ thing. But, you wouldn’t have this ‘time’ span of a few weeks or a month or whatever. When you begin to connect up, it will almost be like when you ‘see’ something, its almost as if ‘I’ve seen it before’. Because, what you’re doing is, you’re bringing your ‘experiences’ that you are ‘anticipating’ into your physical existence. That is what is happening, it is ‘not’ a vision. It is bringing what ‘you’ want to happen, into physicality. Now, that is very ‘beneficial’, because, when you “see” these things, you will be able to, at that time, decide on many ‘options’ as to how you want to handle that situation.

You see that’s why there’s such a difference in those that live a life of ‘tragedy’ and those that ‘seemingly’ have no bumps in the road. The thing is, that they have had that ability to be able to function from, what you call, ‘now’. Because, when they ‘see’ something happening, regardless of what it is, good, bad or indifferent, it has a ‘familiarity’ to them and they decide as to the option as to how they want handle any situation. Then as that becomes more and more a part of your everyday experience, you no longer question it, because it just something that comes ‘naturally’.

Now, there are those that know ‘how’ to do that, and desire ‘not’ to do that, because that takes away the fun. The ‘fun’ is being surprised by what’s coming up. Now, you have to do one ‘first’, before you can do the other, because, if you don’t do the ‘other’ one, the one that ‘shows’ you what’s coming up, and experience that, then you will never notice the difference. So, when you ‘see’ things and then they happen, that is showing you what you are capable of doing.

You see you don’t have to rely on another person to show you or help you through this physical existence. You do it by yourself. You do it alone. Then in doing it alone, you’ll have that feeling that, ‘I don’t have to rely on another person’. You see, you are all in such a ‘belief’ system, that you have to rely on others – you don’t. Then when you begin to feel that, ‘I don’t need to rely on anyone else, I can be my own person’, it gives you that feeling of ‘security’ that people that don’t understand it don’t have. You become ‘secure’ in the knowledge that, in any given situation, ‘I can handle it. I can handle it because, I will not panic, I will not be afraid of it, because I wouldn’t have put it there in the first place, if I didn’t think I could do it at all. I’m the one that chose the experience, nobody else did it to me’. You chose the experience yourself. And you would ‘not’ have chosen it, if you didn’t think you could master it. Then, in mastering it and feeling that, ‘hey, I did it myself’, you become secure in the knowledge that you don’t have to rely on other people. Enjoy your experiences. Continue.


JOHN: Now we have a question from Robert, and his question is… “Is there any form we can assume to actually “explore” this physical universe? It is such an amazing and beautiful construct, I know that in these physical bodies we will never really be able to fully experience and explore it, and I would love to be able to “see” all of its wonders!”

DATRE: Well, if you were to get out into the Universe and see all the different planets, all you would see would be planets. You would not be able to experience anything beyond that point. If there was ‘life’ on the planet, you couldn’t see them anyway, because they would be of a different vibratory construct. You see, the Beings from ‘outer space’ are nothing but “you” and you don’t realize it.

But, the thing is, why would one go and look for things in the Universe? Because, it is not ‘grander’ out there than it is here. Do you ever stop to realize the GRANDNESS ‘of’ this planet? That is why you’re ‘not’ going to come back on this planet, because ‘others’ want to have the experience ‘of’ this planet, which is ‘unique’ and very different. But, you’re all sick and tired of it. You don’t realize the ‘evolution’ that has taken place on this planet. The ‘evolution’ of all your plants, your animals, your birds, your fish, plus you humans. You have many, many, things that are beautiful, and yet you’re so tired of them, because you’ve had them for so long. And yet, you’ve never stopped to realize the beauty in any of it.

They laugh at those that used plants and animals to give them answers to things. That is something that you don’t even think about experiencing. You don’t experience the ‘exchange’ of energy between you and a tree. When you see a great big beautiful old tree, do you ever stop to think of all the experiences in the growth of that tree? Experiencing the wind, the rain, all the peoples that walk by that big old tree, the energy exchange? No! People don’t stop to ‘realize’ that – so it’s a tree. But, when you see that big old tree and realize the experiences that that big old tree has had, from “it’s” standpoint of evolution, you feel like you want to give it a big hug.

You see, you treat a big old tree like you treat your old people. Old people are in your way. You don’t look to older people to benefit from their experiences. That is something you have gotten away from. ‘I want to do it myself’. That is fine, you can do ‘everything’ by yourself, but do you realize the ‘wealth’ of experience that is contained within an individual who has lived 80 – 90 years? The experiences they have had that you can gain by talking to them. You see, that is something in ‘your’ country (USA), you have never thought much about. There are ‘other’ cultures, especially the Orientals, who admire those that they call the ‘aged’ people. They admire them because of their experiences and what they can gain by listening to those individuals.

Now, that does not mean that that is something that you have to go to somebody that’s older and say, ‘well, what do I do now?’. That is not the point. They will not tell you what to do now. They have to tell you what ‘they’ have experienced, and let you figure out what ‘you’ want to experience. An old tree, and old people, are beautiful. But they’re beautiful in a different way. They’re beautiful from the experiences that they have had.

That’s what you’re doing, you are gaining experiences through that which you call a ‘life time’. Treasure every one of them. There’s nothing out there in the Universe that you can see. You have telescopes, you have all these other kinds of things to look out there and speculate what’s out there, and maybe I can get up in a little piece of ‘tin’ and go ‘whoosh’ out there in the atmosphere and look around the Earth and then come down and have that grand experience. Maybe an experience is just as grand if you get in an airplane, or if you get on a train, or if you get in a car. But, because you’re not going ‘away’ from humanity, it’s no fun.

You see how differently we look at things than you do? You want to do something that ‘other’ people don’t do. And that is fine. And if you learn to get out of your body, you can leave your body and travel and see lots of different things. If you want to get out of your body, you can go into that which you call, a ‘past’ life. You don’t have to have anybody take you. It’s ‘yours’, you can go there. You can do anything you want to do. But what grounds every one of you is ‘fear’, that is the big number.

You see, because you put yourself in a piece of ‘tin’ and say, ‘this is safe, I can go out in the universe in a piece of tin, because it ‘safe’, and I can go around the Earth many, many times and then come down, and I’m safe.’. You’re safe because you’re surrounded by a piece of tin. You’re used to pieces of tin, because that’s your automobiles. You see, you’re moving in a piece of tin, which is a car, you are safe, no fear. You get into a piece of tin and go up into what you call your atmosphere and go around, and around and come back down again – no fear, you’re in a piece of tin. Listen to that very carefully. You have ‘fear’, otherwise you wouldn’t have a piece of tin around you.

Getting out of the body and going places is ‘fearful’ for those that try it. Many experimented with it. There are those that go out of body very readily, very easily. And there are those that you can’t get to move two inches away from the body, because the ‘fear’ holds them in. Realize who you are. You’re ‘not’ the body. You don’t have to take the body with you to experience. The experiential part of your body is the ‘you’ that occupies it. You have grand experiences at night, but you don’t ‘dare’ tell yourself about it. You’re NOT your body, so explore. Get out of your body, go places and see things. That’s why there’s these people that very readily get out of their bodies and go to different countries, do different things, experience different things. They can ‘look’, they can ‘see’, but you see, they do not have the ‘fear’ of being out of body.

So, from our standpoint, you’re not going to see anything but pieces of ‘rock’ out in the universe anyway. Why not get out of your body now, and go and experience and go to another country and see what they’re doing. Maybe they’ve got a festival or something that you can stay there and watch. Nobody’s going to bother you, because they can’t see you, you don’t have a body. You can stay there and watch as long as you want to or until your body calls you back. Your body will pull you back when ‘it’ wants something. So, have fun. Continue.


JOHN: Now, we have some questions from Barbara, and her first question is… “I understand that if I experience something horrible, it was me alone who set up that scenario, so the best thing I can do is try and find out what I wanted to show myself by this. Now, Datre have often said that animals are completely different from humans. So if an animal is tortured and mistreated – what’s the deeper sense in that? Is this situation the animal’s free choice, and are the possible reasons for this choice similar, or completely different from those of a human?”

DATRE: We do not know, because we have never been able to get inside of an animal, per se. In other words, the animals work from an entirely different construct than you do. You each have individual ‘bodies’ and individual ‘brains’ that you function from. Animals have individual bodies, but they function basically through what you would call a ‘group’ mind. So you see, their experiences are entirely different.

If an animal is going to die, the animal is smart enough to get out of the body, so it doesn’t have to experience the ‘pain’ of the bodily death. Why does an animal run out onto the road to be killed by a car? They do that, because they don’t want the body any more, they can go pick up another one. You see their construct of the body being a ‘sacred’ vehicle doesn’t occur to them.

Because you have had so many cartoon characters and so many films that have placed ‘human’ thoughts and feeling into animals, that you think of animals functioning as a ‘human’. They have characteristics that they will pick up from a ‘human’, but they don’t ‘function’ as a ‘human’. So, if an animal is being tortured, an animal will do one of two things; if it is possible to get away, it will get away; if it isn’t possible to get away, when its had enough, it will leave the body.

But, you can’t put human ‘physical’ thoughts and emotions into an animal body and expect it to act like that, because, it doesn’t – its entirely different. That is all I can tell you about the animal body. Continue.

JOHN: And she further goes on to ask… “Especially the fear of the unknown seems to be something immanent and very basic in almost every human being. How come? Is there any reason for fear? Can anything (for example our ignorance, or our curiosity) do us harm, e.g. when waking up out-of-body?”

DATRE: Fear is the one thing that holds you more tightly than any other ’emotion’ that you have. And the ‘only’ thing that eliminates fear, is understanding. When you understand, you realize what this is all about, the ‘fear’ is eliminated – it’s as simple as that.

Now, waking up and finding that you’re out of body – why should you be afraid? You’ve been ‘out of body’ all night, you just happen to wake up before you had a physical containment. I think we answered the question on that, just the one a couple of questions ago on getting ‘out of body’.

You see, when the “body” puts itself in a ‘sleep’ mode, it sets itself to the point of ‘inactivity’ as far as the body is concerned. Then when that ‘inactivity’ of the body functions are slowed down, then ‘you’ know that you can leave the body. It’s something that ‘you’ and your ‘body’ have arranged. But, you don’t understand what ‘sleep’ is all about. Sleep is not a ‘mystical’ thing at all.

Let’s turn this around and see if this will help you. When you lay down at night, say to the body, ‘now, I have other places to go and other things to do. So as soon as you’re ready, you let me know. But I’ll be back to see you again in the morning’. Then when the body relaxes, you leave. You don’t have to lie there and say, ‘I wonder if this is going to work?’ It does work. You do it all the time. You’re not ‘aware’ of what this ‘system’ is all about. So, you’re showing yourself, when you come back, and you’re looking at the body, you’re showing yourself that you’ve been out of it. Then if you say, ‘okay, I’m ready to get back in’, it will happen automatically. You don’t have to ‘panic’. Panic is what causes so many things to go awry in your physical existence.

When they say the body is tied up in ‘knots’, it actually is. Because, you have put yourself in such a mode of ‘stress’ that the body is all full of ‘knots’. Knots restrict circulation. Where do you suppose all your aches and pains and your diseases and all of this comes from? It’s ‘restriction’ caused by all the ‘knots’ in your body. Now, from our standpoint, we see you as ‘squiggly’ lines. Now, the ‘squiggly’ lines, the vibratory construct of your physical body, as we see it, the ‘straighter’ the lines are, we know that that body is in better physical condition. If we see ‘squiggly’ lines with a whole bunch of ‘knots’ in it, we know that body is in ‘bad’ shape – because, you can actually ‘see’ the ‘knots’. And the ‘knots’ are not tied by anyone but ‘you’.

If you live in a ‘relaxed’ OBSERVER mode within the body, you don’t have the ‘knots’. Then they’ll say, ‘that person is in such good health’. Well, is that an ‘outward’ appearance or is it an ‘inward’ appearance? We can see someone that is supposed to be in ‘vibrant’ health, but, from our vantage point – if we get out of the body we’re in at the present time (Aona) – we can ‘see’ all the ‘knots’ and know that person is NOT in very good health. The runner that runs down the street and drops ‘dead’ – as you call it – from a heart attack, and they said, ‘he was in perfect health’, you didn’t see all the ‘knots’ in his body. He may have ‘appeared’ to be in perfect health, but he may have been all stressed out on the inside – that’s where it counts.

But you see, ‘you’ have done that through the physical construct, the physical construct doesn’t start out with all the ‘knots’ unless ‘you’ put them there. So continue.

JOHN: And her next and final question is… “Datre have mentioned that concerning the exploration of new experiences “pushing” is not advisable, that it’s better to “allow”. But where does “pushing” begin? Do I already “push” instead of “allow” if I ignore my fear of the unknown and give in to my curiosity? And what may happen if I “push”?”

DATRE: Well, we’re saying, “pushing” in one context in particular. That is that so many individuals now seem to be ‘tied’ up again in what you call the kundalini being the grandest of grand. That’s why we say, the “pushing” is not important. What is most important is, that ‘you’ become the OBSERVER. Get yourself out of that which you call stress and begin to connect up with the “YOU” that ‘you’ truly are in the body. WHO you are, when you’re out of the body and WHO you are when you’re “in” the body, are two different things. And, only by ‘allowing’ and OBSERVING are you going to relax that body enough to allow you to be able to ‘function’ the way you want to function – its as simple as that.

You don’t have to stress yourself out, to ‘allow’ or get yourself to go into kundalini, to eliminate the ‘fear’ of going out of body. You see, all of those things… they may say, ‘well, you need to do this in order to do that’. No! That’s not necessary. It’s ‘not’ necessary, you don’t ‘have’ to go through the kundalini in order to take part in the BIRTH and get to where ‘you’ want to go. That is not that important. A lot of people try to get themselves to go through the kundalini and ‘crack’ their PSYCHE and are out of commission for years. What benefit is that? Or to sit down and tell somebody, ‘oh, I’ve done this and oh, I’ve done this and you don’t know the pain I went through in order to achieve that’. Why?

What we’re trying to do is, give you the ‘easy’ way to get the ‘experiences’ that ‘you’ want. To be able to enjoy the ‘experiences’ that you get. To be able to get ‘understanding’ from your experiences. Rather than grunt and groan and do all kinds of things in order to get yourself into an area that can be gotten into very simply. Those were the ‘old’ methods. You don’t need ‘old’ methods. You don’t have a ‘sextant’ on a boat to figure out where you are, you have a great big bank of computers to run the boat. Different? Yes! Ridiculous statement? No! It’s ‘not’ a ridiculous statement. Why use ‘old’ antiquated things to get to where you are? You, in your progression, have ‘done’ that. Why go ‘back’ to it? Why not go ‘forward’? That is what we are trying to ‘tell’ you, there’s an easier way. Continue.

JOHN: That was the last one.

DATRE: All right, we thank you.

We are Datre.

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