Datre 107 – The Importance of being a creator

Datre answers the Veteran Human Being.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from the individual who calls them self a Veteran Human Being and the first question is… “You are part of my instruction. You are one of my teachers. I don’t think I’ve been human before. I’m here planted for special work involving energy transfer. Is it time for me to ask for this guidance?”

DATRE: Well, you’re the only one that’s ever going to know the answer to that question. All we do is give information and it is up to the individual to do with it whatever they want to do with it. You can read it and ignore it. You can read it and do something ‘with’ it, it doesn’t matter. Information has been given by many over that which you call your period of time that you have been in existence in physical form. It’s always been there. It’s been different, it’s always been different, and it has to be different. It’s different, simply because of the evolution of the individuals on the planet.

Now, there’s been different periods of time when ‘this’ information would not have been able to have been absorbed in any way-shape-or-form, because you had ‘nothing’ you could work with.

So, its ‘time’ for those that can take the information and ‘use’ it. For those peoples that read it and it doesn’t make any sense to them, it’s ‘not’ time for them. That’s as simple as that. We do not make a ‘decision’; you are the only individuals that can make a ‘decision’. Nobody else can ‘do’ it for you. Somebody can ‘direct’ you to it, hand it to you, tell you to look on your computer for it, then what ‘you’ do with it as an individual is up to ‘you’.

It’s like everything else, that’s what we’re trying to ‘tell’ you, be an ‘individual’. In other words, you can go someplace for that which you call dinner. You can sit down and people will put all this food in front of you. Then you take a look at it and you say, ‘I don’t think that looks very good, well, I better be polite. So I’ll try a little of this and I’ll try a little of that and I’ll try a little of something else’. And maybe some of the things you’ll like and maybe some of the things you won’t like, then maybe you won’t like any of it at all, but its ‘your’ choice.

The ‘words’ that we give you, are for ‘your’ interpretation. Actually, ‘words’ are nothing but ‘symbols’. That is the way you communicate. Your ‘zymology’ in the written word and your ‘zymology’ of the spoken word – its nothing but ‘symbols’. Why do you so often ‘misunderstand’ people? Because, what they ‘say’ and what you ‘hear’ are two different things. Why? Your ‘interpretation’ of what was said is different than what ‘they’ thought they were giving you. It’s very ‘individualistic’. Peoples will read the ‘same’ book and people will come out with two or more different conclusions. ‘Well, this said this and this said that’. ‘No, it wasn’t ‘that’ way’.

Why do they argue constantly over ‘history’? All right, now from our standpoint, we look at it different, we look at it as ‘his-story’. So whether you were ‘actively’ involved in the ‘story’ or whether you were reading information ‘about’ the story or what active part you played ‘in’ the story – they’ll ‘all’ be different. There is no way that they can constantly be the same. But, if you have a ‘solid’ belief ‘this is what it was’, you will make everything ‘fit’. That’s where ‘scientific’ facts come from. They will find something and they will say, ‘that’s impossible’, but they’ll work with it, and work with it, and work with it, until they figure out a way to make it a ‘fact’.

So, you see, its ‘all’ an ‘individualistic’ thing. So, as to the ‘timing’, if you feel its right, that’s fine. If you don’t feel its ‘right’ then you’ll ignore it – it does not matter, because it is ‘your’ evolution. The way to be really ‘special’ is to become an INDIVIDUAL. That may sound very simple, but it is not. (This is what we have discovered through our observation). In order to go out into the Big Universe YOU ‘must’ become an INDIVIDUAL. In the Big Universe there is no one to ‘help’ you. You are on your own. We are BIRTHED knowing ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are and ‘what’ we will do. This experience is to teach you to be a ‘creator’. Next question.

JOHN: The next and last question is… “All of my information is coming from the sun, moon and Earth; whom I consider to be my true family. DATRE: how do you fit into this at this time? I’ve been directed to know you.”

DATRE: Well, that’s what we said; it is up to ‘you’ as to what you want to get out of it. Now, you mentioned sun, moon and stars, you mentioned working ‘with’ energy. Was that not…

JOHN: Sun, moon and Earth and working with energy.

DATRE: Sun, moon and Earth and working ‘with’ energy. All right, now let me give you a little information about energy. Number one, energy on your planet is ‘controlled’, shall we say, by what you think you can control it with. But, to be very truthful, energy is ‘uncontrollable’. Energy – IS. Energy is one of the things that exists throughout the Universe. Each planetary environment works ‘with’ energy in a ‘different’ way.

Now, you think you’re standing still, which you are not. You are in ‘constant’ movement throughout that which ‘you’ call the universe. Now, because you’re ‘fixed’ in your little ‘orbits’ and all the ‘other’ planets within your Solar System are ‘fixed’ in their orbits, you maintain a ‘constant’ pattern. Which to you is very comforting. Now, we have said many times before, the ‘energies’ that are coming to your planet are ‘different’ than the ‘energies’ that have ever been on your planet previously. You’re constantly, over that which you call your periods of ‘time’ on this planetary existence, your ‘energies’ have changed. But, they have never changed so ‘dramatically’ as they have in this period of what you call ‘time’. Simply because, your “time” – your ‘linear’ “time” – has ceased to exist.

Now, these energy ‘waves’ that are coming – that you’re passing through – in your planetary existence, are ‘different’ then the planetary ‘energies’ that you have worked with before. In other words, everyone on your planet works with energy. This is part of your HOLOGRAPHIC physical existence experience. You see, you’re a lot smarter then you think you are. Because, in order to be a part of this HOLOGRAPHIC planetary existence, you have to ‘know’ how to manage a HOLOGRAM. You have to know ‘how’ to handle ‘energy’. Yet, you put yourselves down as being insignificant. But, that in itself is a ‘big’ lesson. But, this is something you need in order to go through that which you call, your ‘life’-‘death’ cycles.

Now, the ‘energies’ are ‘different’. The HOLOGRAMS are ‘changing’ – everyone ‘knows’ that. The energy is ‘changing’ the planet. The energy is changing all the animals and the fish and the birds ‘on’ your planet.

Now, we’ll tell you – and I think its been mentioned before – that you are going to be going ‘out’ of your planetary orbit that you have existed in during this ‘linear’ time span. What causes a planet to move out of its orbit? Very simple! When a planet is made ready for some type of existence, it is ‘released’ out into that which ‘you’ call the universe and the planet will travel until ‘it’ finds an ‘orbit’ with a ‘compatible’ energy pattern. That will ‘stop’ the movement of the planet. The planet will adapt… will ‘lock’ into that ‘orbit’ and when that is completed, it will ‘maintain’ that ‘orbit’. Then as it ‘maintains’ that ‘orbit’, then the planet is ready for what you call ‘seeding’. Because it has maintained a ‘stability’ that will ‘allow’ another ‘existence’ for its ‘evolution’.

Now, the energies are ‘changing’ the HOLOGRAMS. It’s changing your planetary existence. Your planet, your ‘whole’ planet, is absorbing and working with these energies also. The grass, the trees, the rocks, the water, everything is working with these ‘new’ energies.

Now, as ‘energies’ change, your planet and its ‘orbit’ are no longer going to be ‘compatible’.

JOHN: Yes, they’re out of ‘sync’.

DATRE: That is right. That word you call ‘synchronicity’. Alright, when the planet and the ‘orbit’ do not ‘match’, then the planet will not stay ‘in’ an ‘orbit’ it will just automatically ‘leave’ it. It’s real simple. It’s not complicated in any way-shape-or-form. It will just ‘slide’ out of its ‘orbit’ and begin its path and the path will be directed, not by anyone, but by the ‘energy’ components of the planet. In other words, there are what you call ‘pathways’ that planets follow. Then that planet will follow the pathway that the ‘energy’ is compatible with – until it finds another ‘orbit’.

In the mean time, the HOLOGRAMS – your physical bodies, as you call them – will not be able to ‘change’ to match the planets environment that it is going through on these ‘pathways’. So, one by one or tens by tens or hundreds by hundreds, the HOLOGRAMS will “disappear” because they cannot ‘maintain’ the energy construct. It’s not a complicated process at all. So when you no longer have a HOLOGRAM, then that means you will go someplace else.

JOHN: You won’t have a ‘body’ either, because the body is the HOLOGRAM basically.

DATRE: Well, that’s what I’m saying. Yes, you won’t have a body. There are many that are going to feel that the body ‘died’. Then that is no big deal, because what happens is, that basically, nothing is ever lost. The only thing that will happen is the separation of the ‘different’ vibratory constructs that you have set-up for yourself on ‘this’ planetary existence will be ‘maintained’ by that which is ‘you’. Then, as YOU, ‘you’ will go where your ‘vibration’ matches. Because you don’t match ‘this’ planet, you have nothing to function ‘in’. So you will find another ‘place’ to function – very simply.

JOHN: Then you’ll build another HOLOGRAM there.

DATRE: That is correct and you will build a HOLOGRAM that is ‘compatible’ with the planet that you will go to. It’s not a bit complicated and it’s nothing to fear. But there are many that are going to be ‘afraid’, because there are so many upon your planet that are ‘Aspect’ selves that are not going to ‘know’ what is happening. Then if they have not decided to ‘connect’ with a ‘stronger’ HOLOGRAM who was the ‘originator’ OF the Aspect, they will find a great deal of difficulty in trying to find out ‘what’ is going on. But, that is what we have said, there are many upon the planet who have been ‘drawing’ their Aspects selves ‘to’ them – that’s what that’s all about.

Now, if they’re are Aspects that want to go it on their own, for their own expression and ‘experience’ and ‘know’ what they’re doing, they will be alright too. But, those that have no idea of what planetary existence is all about, will be no different than those that are just running around screaming and hollering on your planet today – it won’t make any difference. But, as we’ve said before, nothing is ‘ever’ lost. It is ‘not’ a great big deal as far as we’re concerned and as far as ‘you’ are concerned – it’s no big deal either. The only thing that’s ‘afraid’ is the ‘you’ that’s in the physical.

JOHN: In other words, this BIRTH that we’ve been talking about, is an EVENT situation. When the planet is no longer ‘stable’ in its ‘orbit’ and starts to leave, then that EVENT causes the ‘disintegration’ of the HOLOGRAMS, which causes the ‘disintegration’ of the body and “that” is the BIRTH that we’re talking about. (That’s right) So you have to find another environment that will support ‘you’ and your HOLOGRAM.

DATRE: Another HOLOGRAM that you will build for that NEW environment. That will happen, not only to the HOLOGRAMS that… it will happen to the fish and the birds and the trees and the rocks and everything else. By the time ‘this’ particular planet reaches its ‘home’ orbit again, and settles in, it will be all cleaned – as you call it. You talk about ‘cleaning’ the planet and ‘saving’ the planet; the planet takes care of itself. By the time it gets there and has gone through all of these energy constructs that exists within the universe, the planet will no longer be the planet you are existing upon. Then, where you to ever, shall we say, ‘view’ that planet, you would not recognize it.

JOHN: That’s because, the planet ‘we’ interact with is a HOLOGRAPHIC ‘representation’ of this planet that “we” create for our own interaction.

DATRE: But, anyway, working with ‘energy’ is going to be very difficult for anyone upon the planet – simply because, there’s nothing you can ‘do’ about it. The only thing you need to ‘do’ about it is take care of yourself and notice the changes that are taking place within your physical construct. There ‘are’ things taking place within your physical construct. You can OBSERVE what’s happening on your planet. You’re going to find a ‘lot’ of changes that are taking place. You’re beginning to ‘notice’ your weather changes; your weather patterns are changing. Well, they say, that’s El Nino. You can call it anything you want to, it doesn’t matter. That just happens to be a ‘word’ that they have used, because they have ‘seen’ what they ‘think’ is a ‘similar’ phenomena to something that has occurred previously.

For whatever reason, the peoples upon your planet want to be in control. Control gives them ‘power’. That ‘power’ is, as we’ve said before, EGO stroking. None of you have ever been able to control the weather. If you cannot control the weather, which is a physical phenomenon, how do you think you will ever be able to control universal energy? A better place to focus is learning to ‘create’. That is what ‘this’ experience in this reality is all about. Learn to be a ‘creator’. What is happening “out there” is not important, because you can do ‘nothing’ about it. It is ALL universally ‘timed’, NOT ‘linearly’ timed. Once you learn to be a ‘creator’ you will be having so much fun watching the process that ‘time’ and ‘place’ will no longer have any significance as far as ‘you’ are concerned.

You see, everything that you have on your planet, you base on something that ‘has’ occurred. In other words, that’s your comparison. You compare ‘today’ with what was, ten, fifteen, twenty, years ago or whatever year you want to pick. You’re always making ‘comparisons’ – ‘well, this is like something else’ or ‘this has happened before’. That’s because your brain has not had anything put into ‘its’ computer that’s ‘future’. So, the best way to handle a physical construct at this ‘time’ is to ‘not’ make comparisons with that which is ‘past’ or try to figure out that which is ‘future’. What is the expression they use very often on this planet – ‘live in the now’? In other words, if you’re busy living today, what difference does it make?

See, that is the point that individuals upon your planet are reaching is – ‘I don’t care about tomorrow, because, if I’m so busy with today then that’s all that matters’. That “is” all that matters. They can read about ‘anticipation’ of the BIRTH. You can read about a lot of things. You can read about… you can work in places where they’re experimenting with ‘new’ things that they’re going to be using in technology. New things that you’re going to be using for changing foodstuffs and all of these things – and that is fine. But those people are focused on the information that they’re working with today. So, that is what we’re saying is, be that OBSERVER, see what is going on today, because that’s what is important.

Your “memory” will ‘always’ be there, it doesn’t get erased. The only thing that will ‘not’ be erased, but ‘changed’ is your ‘belief system’. The ‘belief systems’ will ‘change’ as ‘you’ change your focus as to what’s important and what’s important is right “now”. The people that ‘truly’ understand this, they might think about, ‘well, I need to do this tomorrow’, but no big deal. The thought comes and the thought goes. But, it is ‘not’ focused upon. Tomorrow is not ‘focused’ upon. You can focus to the ‘future’ and ‘I want to do this and I want to do that and I want to do something else’. But, that is just a ‘fleeting’ thing. In other words, you pick up a paper or read something or hear something and you’ll say, ‘that’s something I’d like to do and maybe I can do it tomorrow or six months or whatever’. But, it’s dropped. It is ‘not’ focused on, that does not become your main focus. Your main focus, is OBSERVING what’s happening TODAY. The people that understand this say, ‘well, I don’t much care ‘where’ I go, because to me it is unimportant’. ‘I know that I AM, I HAVE BEEN, I WILL BE, with or without a body is immaterial, because it doesn’t matter’.

So, we wanted to get that information across that the energies are changing, they will continue to change and the BIRTH ‘will’ take place and there is “no time schedule”. It can happen ‘today’. The planet can go out of its ‘orbit’ today. It doesn’t matter, because as soon as the energies change the planetary energies, “enough”, so that the planet and the ‘orbit’ are no longer compatible – the planet will go – it will move, guaranteed.

Now, you don’t realize, you say you feel “like your standing still”. But you ‘know’ better. You ‘know’ your planet is constantly moving. It’s going around in its ‘orbit’ and it’s ‘tipping’ and how do you know if you’re upside down or down side up or sideways? You see, it doesn’t matter. Then you’ll say, ‘how will I know the difference?’. You don’t, you don’t and it does not matter. You see, all of these ‘big deals’ are not that whizzy-bang-wow when you really basically come down to the bottom line. Very simple – if things don’t ‘match’ they separate. As the energy ‘changes’, the Earth moves out of its ‘orbit’, as it moves out of its ‘orbit’ it goes into different energies that exist within your universe. When you’re out in that, the HOLOGRAPHIC bodies can no longer maintain themselves – BIRTH takes place. Very, very simple.

Its been done again and again and again. You’re afraid of ‘death’. How many times have you ‘died’ and how many times have you gone through these experiences of ‘life’-‘death’ as you call them? You’re ‘still’ ‘you’ aren’t you? What difference does it make whether you go through that or you go through a BIRTH? If you ‘know’ who you are, you will still be ‘you’, new changes, new experiences. New things to explore. New means of growth.

That’s what its all about, it ‘never’ ends. Don’t think that at one point in time ‘anything’ is going to end, because it isn’t. Because the universe is a viable situation and regardless of what ‘form’ you want to take, or what you wish to experience, ‘you’ WILL BE – simple. We have enjoyed being with you.

We are Datre.

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