Datre 106 – Body changes caused by the new energy

Datre answers Erica and Ed.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Erica and her first question is… “When we receive this energy you mention that we will be undergoing some physical changes, what are these changes and how will these changes affect our body?”

DATRE: I think we answered that once a long time ago, but we will answer it again. One of the things that you probably will notice is, that more people are complaining about is, the fact that they have never had ‘allergies’ and now they have allergies. They talk about the sinuses and they talk about the runny eyes and the runny nose and all of that. Well, if you understand that ‘that’ is one of the changes that is taking place with the new energies.

Now the sinuses contain a substance called ‘silica’. Silica is an energy transmitter or conductor, shall we say. What happens with the energies is that different sinus cavities within the head area that have never been opened, shall we say, are opening. Then because there cannot be a ‘void’ the ‘silica’ is coming into those sinus cavities. That is why you have a lot of runny noses and runny eyes and a lot of saliva in the mouth.

Now, there are many people that are disturbed by that and they’re going to all kinds of doctors, because they have allergies and their nose is running their eyes are running and all of that. The medication ‘stops’ the flow of the ‘silica’. In other words, if you have sinus’s that are running and the doctor gives you a prescription and the sinus’s stop running, then you feel more comfortable. But also you’re stopping the energy transmission within the physical construct.

Now, there again, each one of you has a physical construct and it is up to you as to how you manage it. That is not for anyone to say, ‘you should’ or ‘should not’ do anything you don’t want to do. If you prefer not having runny nose and runny eyes and a lot of saliva in the mouth and you want that all dried up, you go to the doctor, you take medication to do that, that is up to ‘you’ to do. If you say, ‘alright, I know what this is all about, so its a slight inconvenience, but what difference does it make’ and you allow the flow of the ‘silica’ within that which you call your brain or your head area, that also is up to you.

Now, the other thing that is going to be very noticeable, you see it on that which you call your television all the time and other medical advertisements, is for indigestion. Now, how come everyone has ‘indigestion’? There are those that have periodic bouts of ‘diarrhea’. There are those that have ‘heartburn’. There are those that have what you call, just general upset stomach. There are those that have stomachs that swell. It is all blamed on the chemicals in your food. Its blamed on what you eat and what you don’t eat. What’s ‘good’ for you and what isn’t ‘good’ for you. That has nothing to do with it. That also is one of the things that is taking place with the changing of the energies.

Now, we have stated before that your bodies are changing from a ‘carbon’ based body into a ‘hydrogen’ based body. Now, if that’s the case, then can you not expect discomforts and changes? You know, if you change anything within the body construct, it’s going to make a difference as to the ‘reactions’ that the body will have. What’s happening is, the energies on the planet are effecting, not only ‘your’ physical bodies, but the bodies of animals, its effecting the trees, its effecting the whole planet. These energies have never been on ‘this’ planet before.

You talk about your forests, they say that forests are dyeing in different areas, because of the pollution and the tops of the trees are all dying out and eventually the trees die and the wind comes and it blows the trees over. And that is all due to pollution. Well – now is it or isn’t it? The energy is changing your planet as well as the individuals upon it. They talk about the ‘ozone’ layer all the time. There is more to that than they realize, because its not only the pollution upon your planet that would cause these huge ‘ozone’ holes, as they call them. That is also new energy.

You see, you have so little concept of what energy is all about. You still maintain that the Sun is hot. The Sun is ‘not’ hot. What happens is, the Sun that you see, gives off energy. The energy, connecting with your BUBBLE and going through your different layers of what you call your ‘atmosphere’ changes the construct of the ‘original’ energy. Then that is ‘translated’ upon the planet as heat. But the energy coming from the Sun is ‘only’ energy. They say, ‘well, we have instruments that detect’. You have instruments that ‘only’ detect the ‘particles’ – within – an energy wave. If you were to detect a ‘pure’ energy wave, without ‘particle’ MASS in it, you have ‘nothing’ on your planet that can detect it. Yet, you are receiving ‘more’ of ‘that’ energy than you’ve ever had before. This is the way ‘change’ takes place. This is ‘evolution’.

So when you’re receiving energy that is different than you’ve had before, changes will take place. Don’t be concerned about them. They’re coming, so, no big deal. Continue.

JOHN: And her next question is… “Is this, this energy, only effecting our physical or is it also effecting our other realities?”

DATRE: Well, your realities are within your BUBBLE, your other realities will be affected. But, to what extent? Who knows and who cares, because you’re working ‘here’ now. You are in ‘this’ reality, with your two feet on this planet and this is where you need to be. This is ‘your’ experience and so you have discomfort – no big deal. If you begin to work ‘with’ the physical body instead of ‘pushing’ it and ‘pulling’ it in every direction possible, and allowing the body ‘it’s’ own way of functioning, without your constant interference, you’ll find that things go along much better.

Now, we get back to Aona again. You see she is ‘one’ of the individuals on the planet that we ‘monitor’ constantly. There are any number of those on the planet that we ‘monitor’ constantly, because we need to watch the reaction ‘of’ these new energies upon a HOLOGRAM. We have ways of monitoring the ‘energy’ and changing the energy if it reaches the point that the physical body is not going to be able to handle it. Now, there are those on the planet that are being watched. How can we watch them? Because their HOLOGRAM is different. This is what we ‘monitor’, your little ‘squiggly’ lines. When a new energy wave comes in, the HOLOGRAM ‘squiggles’ change and we can OBSERVE the change. Then, because we have access to a few of these bodies, we can hop inside and see what is happening to them. Thus, the most sensitive ones are the ones that are being monitored. Then due to their sensitivity, they feel the energy – several years sometimes – before the rest of the individuals on the planet even feel it.

So, do not be concerned about the energy, there is nothing you can do ‘with it’ or about it, but ‘live’ with your physical body. Nothing will be allowed to harm it, except ‘you’. Continue.

JOHN: Her next question is… “How best can I use this to help my evolution?”

DATRE: You can’t use it. You’re going to all be subjected to it because its there. The only thing that you can ‘do’ is watch your physical body and realize that ‘changes’ are taking place. There again, be the OBSERVER. But, your OBSERVATION, instead of being always ‘out there’ should be turned back into the physical body – to see how the physical body is doing.

Now, the physical body, at this time, if you wish to make your bodies more comfortable, be sure you drink plenty of ‘water’. Now, I did not say, ‘fluids’ – I said ‘water’. You see peoples walking down the street – especially the children – with great big bottles of stuff that’s so big they can hardly carry them. And they’re drinking all of that. They say, ‘well, I’m drinking all the time’. You’re not drinking water. Water is the thing that ‘changes’ your physical construct – it replenishes the ‘hydrogen’. You see, these ‘other’ fluids that you ingest do very little as far as your ‘hydrogen’ is concerned.

We spoke, quite some time ago about a very small amount of red wine. Probably once every two weeks or once a month, depending on how your body feels. But your body will tell you and that ‘wine’ will help you by giving you additional amounts of ‘hydrogen’ that ‘water’ will maintain – but this wine will give you that extra surge that extra energy that you need for a ‘hydrogen body’. But, that does not mean to drink red wine all the time, because that is not necessary. Your body will ‘tell’ you when it wants it. So, you can’t work with the energies, but you can work with your physical containment. Continue.

JOHN: The next question she has is… “How best could we be utilizing these changes to work for our enlightenment?”

DATRE: Well, your ‘enlightenment’ comes from your OBSERVATION, your AWARENESS. You need to be aware of everything – be the OBSERVER. You see this ‘enlightenment’ thing is… it’s an automatic. It changes your physical construct. What you ‘understand’ and what you ‘believe’ changes your physical construct.

Now, as an example, these women that are constantly running to the doctor, because, ‘my mother had cancer’ or the men are going to the doctors because there’s cancer in the family. They have built up such a ‘fear’ that they are going to have cancer that it has become something that they live with constantly. They’re so afraid that they’re going to get cancer.

Now, an OBSERVER will look at that situation and say, ‘alright, I have the genetics in the family, now, is my belief system going to be so strong that I’m going to get cancer, that I actually will?’. We’re getting back into the ‘belief’ system again. That is important, because, as you ‘believe’ so it will be. That is guaranteed, because you’re setting the stage. You are saying, ‘well, I’m afraid’. If you’re an OBSERVER, how can you be afraid? What can you be ‘afraid’ of? You’re going to do one of two things, either you have decided that you’re ‘not’ going to get cancer or you’ve decided that you ‘are’ going to get cancer. But, what are you going to learn from either experience? Then, as an OBSERVER, you will learn from whichever experience ‘you’ decide upon. Not what your mother or your relatives or your neighbors your doctor or anyone else tells you. Its what ‘you’ decide ‘you’ want to do. You’ll say, ‘well, I didn’t want cancer and I got it’.

JOHN: Fear is the great attractor.

DATRE: Yes! Fear, again, if you did not have such a strong belief system, you wouldn’t have fear. That’s what its all about. So, continue.

JOHN: And her final question is… “For this “twinkle of an eye” moment for the birthing, will I know it when it happens or will it feel like a dream and I continue to stay in that reality?”

DATRE: I cannot tell you. Each individual will experience it in an entirely different way. Why should any two experience it the same? That is ‘individual’ evolution. There is no one that can tell you how ‘you’ as an individual will react. But, you will act or react in your own way when it happens. Then, if you let that big word ‘fear’ in, you may miss the whole show, because you’ll be so ‘afraid’ that you won’t be able to ‘enjoy’ what’s happening. So next question.


JOHN: Okay, now we have a question from Ed, and his question is… “What’s your opinion of the following web site……

I’ve employed a number of the “one shot” treatments, and they all work! Now, I’m engaged in some of the multiple-day treatments, but have not completed any yet.”

JOHN: This is a health regimentation that he was talking about.

DATRE: Well, now there again, there is only one thing that I would say about any health regimentation. If it’s satisfying to you, do it, if it isn’t don’t. There is one thing that at the present time is ‘not’ advantages to the physical construct and that is healing with ‘magnets’ or with ‘crystals’. Those are two things that ‘will’ change the physical construct. I’m not saying, ‘don’t do it’, it is up to you. But I’m saying that those are two things – the magnets and the crystals – that ‘can’ upset the physical construct.

Now, depending upon your sensitivity, you can probably sit and work with magnets and work with crystals all day long and it won’t affect you one bit. Then there are ‘others’ that can be handed a crystal and they’ll scream and holler like crazy because of what will happen when they put it in their hand. So you see, you can’t say, ‘do’ or ‘don’t’. I’m just saying that those are two things, that at this particular time ‘can’ affect your physical construct.

As to any health regimentation you want to… you see, there again, you’re going back to a ‘belief’ system. If you believe it’s going to help you – it will. If you believe it is not going to have any effect on you, then that’s what you expect, that’s what you’ll get – this is ‘your’ belief.

The only reason I mentioned those two, is because they are Earth substance that are very powerful. You have stone’s within your Earth that have been known, over periods of time, to be desired for collection. They’re not collected because of their ‘color’. They’re collected because of the ‘energy’ containment. People will say, ‘oh, I love a ruby’. The ruby appears red and that’s what they say they like. It’s ‘not’ the ‘red’ that they’re attracted to, they’re attracted to the energy contained within ‘that’ particular stone. That’s why I mentioned ‘crystals’. There are all kinds of crystals, any number of them. There’s any number of ‘sapphires’. There’s any number of… I’m referring more to the ‘clear’ stones. The ones that you can ‘see’ through, rather than the ‘solid’ ones that are so ‘compact’ that you can’t see through them. You see, those ‘all’ contain energy. The turquoise, many people are attracted to that which you call the turquoise. It’s ‘not’ the color, it the energy contained within that little stone.

So that is why I referred to that, because they contain energy and you will be ‘drawn’ to those ‘colors’ that contain the ‘energy’ that attracts you. But, there again, they contain energy. Now we’ve said before, the new energy is changing ‘everything’ upon your planet. That includes ‘everything’ that is in your ground, everything that is within your physical containment.

Now, a magnet is a very ‘powerful’ piece of… what do you want to call it… metal that has been treated and because of the treatment, has been ‘changed’ and the content of that metal has been ‘intensified’. So it does make a difference in the physical containment. I wonder how many of you have had the ‘opportunity’ to be able to see the ‘attraction’ of two pieces of ‘rock’ that are taken from an ‘earthquake’ area? You can pull them apart, but the minute you release your pulling, they snap right back together again. This is what you get in an earthquake area is ‘rock’ that reacts that way – it has a ‘magnetic’ attraction.

Now, if you think of ‘that’ natural ‘rock’ having that kind of attraction and what ‘devastation’ happens when those rocks are, shall we say, moved apart, you can imagine that anything of a ‘magnetic’ quality has a great deal of strength involved.

So, anyway, do whatever you want to do. That goes for each and every person on the planet, because ‘your’ evolution is ‘yours’. We thank you.

We are Datre.

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