Datre 102 – If death is a belief system for the humans how is it for the animals?

Datre answers Claude.

JOHN: Today we have some questions from Claude and his first question is… “Every animal species lives so much years; you said humans die because of their belief system, how is it for animals?”

DATRE: Animals work on an entirely different principle. With an animal, if an animal is sick it will try and find a way to cure themselves, shall we say. An animal in the wild who is sick will try to find certain things to eat, because they have that which you call ‘instinct’ that is their survival mechanism.

Now, let me divert for just a moment. The animal species in the wild have the ‘survival of the fittest’ framework. In other words, if an animal is born and it is not quite right in some ways, in other words, if it has a deficiency in the physical structure or the internal structure or whatever and it is sickly, many times the mother will kill it or it will be eaten by another animal, because it is not able to get out of the way of a predator. That is the way the animals keep their species intact. Survival of the fittest keeps the best stock reproducing.

Now, you have taken another tact within the last of your years. Now, you’ll probably say, ‘well was there a time when the humans did the same as animals?’. Yes, and not that long ago in some cultures. Where, if the child was born with deformities, they very often drown the children, because that was not maintaining the best of the species. Then you’ll say, ‘that was terrible’. No, to them it was not terrible, because, at that time you did not have the hoards of people upon your planet that you have now. In other words, when there were fewer people, your existence and your survival needed to be maintained by the fittest of the individuals. They did not have time to take care of those that were not – what they called – in perfect condition. Not only that, in order to maintain the very best that there was, this is what they strove for – was the best of the species in physicality.

Now, good, bad or indifferent, it does not matter, but you’ll notice how many individuals there are on your planet that are unable to sustain their own lives. In other words, they have to be taken care of. Now, you can say, that’s the way it should be – no – that is the way that your evolution chose. You see, you do not realize it, but the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is what decides the directions that the peoples on your planet take. You have decided to take care of those that are not physically or mentally in perfect condition. Now, that is what you decided for one stage of your evolution. There again, it is not good or bad, it does not matter. It was that which was chosen by the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS for another expression of evolution.

So you see, if an animal is sick, an animal will take care of itself or it will go off by itself to die. Now, because animals have become your pets, you are not ‘allowing’ them to die. You keep taking them to be taken care of. You give them special food, you give them special care, you’re doing the same with the animals that you do with the humans. Now, there are animals that you can’t understand why they run away. They’ll say, ‘I’ve had this cat all this time and it got out and it never came back’. Or, ‘I’ve had this dog all these many years and it never came back’. The animal will leave a situation for various reasons. If an animal is uncomfortable within a home environment, it will leave. If circumstances change, the animal will leave. If the animal is sick, and does not want you fussing over them, they will leave. Many animals prefer to go off by themselves and die. That is their choice, because you see, that goes back to what you call ‘instinct’ and many of your animals still have very strong ‘instinct’.

So they’re working from an entirely different principle than you are. That not only applies to cats and dogs, it applies to all animals and all creatures that you take within the confines of your home. They still have a lot of ‘basic’ animal instinct that they work by.

Why do whales beach themselves? Because they want the human touch. There are those that desire that. Look at all the people that will run out to the ocean and keep bathing the whale and keep trying to get it to go out and it will turn around and come back in, because that is what they want to experience. Some of your animals and some of your fish, like a whale and a dolphin, because they are in that particular form, some of them are ‘extremely’ intelligent. Far beyond what you could understand. The whales and the dolphins have a language of communication.

Now, birds have communication. Now you see, you have not put that many birds into your homes. So your birds have… they’re living their life on your planet, entirely separate from you. Granted, you feed them and you give them water, but you’ll notice, in comparison to the number of birds in the neighborhood, the number that you get in your back yard are very small. But they come in for experience.

So you see, everything has a ‘type’ of evolution. That does not mean that a cat or a dog is going to become a human – I’m not saying that. They have their own evolution, just as you in the physical have your own evolution. But the evolution of a whale or a dolphin, of a cat or dog, or any species of animals, its all different. That is what is so grand about this planet. You have so many different types of animals, birds and fish and plants that are evolving in their own way and you have an opportunity to OBSERVE them. It is indeed a great experience. It is the ‘only’ planet that has as many types of evolution on it as this one. The others evolve singularly. There is ‘one’ type of evolution on a planet. But you have the benefit of having many different kinds of evolutionary things going on all the time and you don’t pay any attention to it. But it is indeed fascinating to those who are wanting to look at it. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “We create our own reality, but sometimes, after focusing on something of low vibration, we seem to be drawn and managed by other entities. Everything is out of control, and a natural reaction would be of panic. Can we effectively be influenced by lower entities?”

DATRE: Now, I’m going to surprise you with this answer. But I will tell you that you are being affected by lower entities every day that you are on this planet. Your peoples on this planet are in several different stages of evolution.

Now, you say you create your own reality – you do if you’re paying attention. If you’re ‘not’ paying attention and being just pushed and swished in every direction and being bounced around by MASS CONSCIOUSNESS like a rubber ball, you’re NOT creating your own reality. Until you become an OBSERVER and begin to work with the YOU that ‘you’ are that you connect up with, in that which you call sleep, until you begin to work from ‘that’ level – not interpreting your dreams – but waking up and OBSERVING what is happening as you go through your everyday life, you will find that you have a very clear path that you have set every single day. An OBSERVER will watch the signs, because he will begin to ‘know’ what signs are his and what his interpretation of them are.

In other words, an OBSERVER can be driving to work and someone has put up one of these great big signs. Now many people will never see that sign. The OBSERVER will glance at it, because it’s new, but there may be a message on that sign for that OBSERVER. An OBSERVER will see an individual walking down the street and his attention will be drawn to that individual. That individual can just as easily give him or her a message, as the words on the billboard. That is when you begin to create your own reality, because you begin to OBSERVE, ‘why did I look at that?’. Then because you’re looking, then begin OBSERVING. You see, you have this put in front of you all the time. When you OBSERVE, then you know what is coming next and you watch for your next thing that comes up that attracts your attention and you will OBSERVE that.

How can two people drive down the road in the same car and one person sees this and this and that. The other person sees that and that and that. They get back together and sit down to have a cup of coffee and start talking about what they’ve seen – one could be in Cincinnati and the other could be out in Los Angeles. They did not see the same thing. Why didn’t they see the same thing? Because it was not important that they see the same thing. Then if you OBSERVE what you’re looking at and what you’re seeing… they say to follow your ‘path’ – its right there in front of you all the time. When your attention is attracted to something, look at it, then OBSERVE it – the message is there. THAT’s creating your own reality.

You don’t create your own reality, because you’re bumped and bounced all over. You’re ‘not’ attention focused. I think that’s one of the things that we’re going to start pounding on. PAY ATTENTION – BE FOCUSED. Continue.

JOHN: His next question is… “You said that eons ago, Bubble B bumped into Bubble A, and evolution was interrupted or modified for both inhabitants of these Bubbles. How could this happen, considering the free will?”

DATRE: Now wait a minute, one thing we’re talking about is something happening to two Bubbles, all right. Now, that is a UNIVERSAL thing.

Free will ON this planet is an individual PHYSICAL function. Which we’ve found to not have proved to be very good, because everything is… you’ve scattered helter skelter and lost your focus and forgotten ‘who’ you were. But you can’t compare something that happens in the universe to a physical free will or the will of an individual.

How do Bubbles collide? When traveling throughout the universe which your Bubbles and your planets and your asteroids and all this other stuff is moving out there all the time – there’s constant movement. As an example, a planet will fall out of its orbit by accident or on purpose – one or the other – it doesn’t matter which. But it will travel until it finds another orbit that’s compatible to that planet. You could call it in your terms, magnetic attraction – that’s as easy to explain as anything. Then it will travel in that orbit. But in the traveling from one to another, how do they know what they’re going to bump into?

You have, shall we say, roadways in the sky – to use your terminology – that planets and everything travel on all the time. Now, because your planet has been going around in a circle, all this time, because it is fixed in an orbit, who’s to say it will not fall out of the orbit and go someplace else? You see the universe is ‘not’ static. You expect, because a star is there, its going to be there and that’s it – period. That’s fine, as long as it stays there. But, can you imagine the panic that would exist if you woke up one morning and the stars were in different places? My goodness, that would be cause for jumping out windows would it not?

You see you’re so used to having things exactly the same all the time. Now, let’s get real, you have different structures on the planet that you don’t understand why the sun is supposed to come through a certain window and its supposed to fall on the floor and its supposed to do this and its supposed to do that. Well, that’s as far back as you can remember and as far back as you have any records – spoken or written or any other kind. But when was that building put on this planet and what was the idea of that window? You found something that fits, so now that becomes a ‘fact’. But isn’t it much easier and much more fun if you don’t put everything in a ‘static’ position and ‘allow’ it its movement? But it’s not supposed to be that way and the day that it is ‘not’ that way, I’m sure there will be panic.

There are changes coming and it’s going to be very interesting to see how people are going to take and accept the changes. There’s going to be a lot of things that you will see in your skies that are going to be great revelations to you. But that will give you another cause for thinking about something you ‘assumed’ would always be there – in exactly the same way it always has been. Anyway, I’m getting off on these subjects, but these are very interesting questions for me to expound on. Continue.

JOHN: And his next question is… “You said that only Earth and the moon are in the Bubble, and it is impossible for us in physicality to go on another planet. Does this apply even to those in our Solar System? If yes, can we somehow communicate with their inhabitants?”

DATRE: Well that one is a hard one to answer, because I’m going to get into a lot of trouble no matter which way I answer that. There are those who can come on to this planet from ‘other’ places who learn to function in physical bodies and very quickly learn the ways of those on the planet – they come here for short experiences and go. This happens all the time.

But, for you to go ‘there’ is going to be a great deal different, because you have not learned how to handle ‘energy’. In other words, you cannot change yourself into an ‘energy’ form, go to another planetary existence and adopt their form of physicality. Pick up ‘their’ means of existence and function there – because that’s the only way you can learn to function on another planet. If you were to go to another planet, you would have to change ‘your’ construct to match theirs, to ‘interact’ with them.

You don’t know ‘how’ to do that, you don’t even know how to ‘change’ your physical body. If you knew ‘how’ to change your physical body, your body would stay at an age that you wanted it to stay in and never change. But you see, you can’t ‘do’ that, because you don’t know how.

You would say, I would like to stay 35 for the rest of however long I’m on this planet – and if you understood your physical bodies, that’s exactly what you could do. You could be 35 years of age, for as long as you wanted to stay here – if you ‘knew’ what you were doing. But you see, you haven’t ‘learned’ that yet.

That’s how it works, there’s no other way. You have to ‘know’ what ‘you’, the very essence of YOU, is capable of doing. You are not ‘capable’ of going onto another planet and adopting ‘their’ form of existence and functioning from that point – because you haven’t perfected ‘this’ one. Continue.

JOHN: I other words, its not like Star Trek. When you visit, you visit as one of them.

DATRE: That is correct. See Star Trek has the idea that you can de-materialize’ and ‘materialize’ on another planet. But, they didn’t know the one missing ingredient. That on another planetary existence your physical body would ‘not’ exist. Because it can’t… your physical body is made up of ‘plant’ and ‘animal’. So you see, there’s no way… they have the idea and they think it can be done. The only way you can ‘de-materialize’ and ‘materialize’ again on this planet, is through that which you call ‘teleportation’. But, that is staying on the planet – it’s ‘not’ going to another planet – because you don’t have the ‘stuff’ to re-make. You could ‘de-materialize’ here, but what would you use on another planet? The substance of another planet does not have any of the same materials that you have here. These are good questions, because we are stretching you a little bit to make you really think about what this is ‘really’ all about. These are grand questions – continue.

JOHN: And his final question is… “Couldn’t the mass consciousness be changed, or at least helped to accelerate the evolution of Earth people?”

DATRE: It is constantly being changed. That is what is so fascinating for us to OBSERVE, is that you will notice – not only monetarily, which the people can OBSERVE – is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. That is an OBSERVATION that people are making and seeing all the time. But the OBSERVATION that ‘we’ are making is the acceleration of certain individuals and the deterioration of others.

The reason there is such a vast difference is that those that are in a state of ‘existence’ and not evolving in any way, shape or form, are staying status quo. Those that are beginning to ‘evolve’ at a much faster rate of speed than ever before, you can see that the ‘gap’ is getting bigger all the time.

Now, what happens is, the more people that are beginning to ‘evolve’ at a more rapid rate, and their understanding is greater, their understanding of planetary existence, separates them further and further away from those that are staying status quo.

So the more people understand that, you will see the gap getting bigger and bigger. What will change some individuals is not having someone ‘tell’ them, this, that and the next thing. They will OBSERVE the changes taking place in their friends. They will say, ‘well, you’re so different’, and they will wonder ‘why’ that individual is so different. The thing that happens, one of the biggest differences that happens, as an individual becomes an OBSERVER, there is a ‘calmness’ that takes place within that individual.

Then people that know them cannot but wonder at what has happened to them, because they have changed. They have changed simply because they are beginning to LIVE. They’re beginning to LIVE in physicality. They’re beginning to enjoy LIFE. The ‘fear’ is dropping away, because they ‘understand’ – fear and understanding cannot live in the same body – it is an impossibility. You can be afraid of many things, but as soon as you ‘understand’, you’re no longer afraid. Fear goes out the window, when ‘understanding’ comes in.

So there are great changes that are taking place with individuals. So these have been grand questions, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed this. We hope we have ‘stretched’ your minds and make you begin to ‘think’. You see, when we say ‘you’, we are not referring specifically to the peoples who asked the questions. We’re referring to ‘you’ as ‘all’ of you who come in contact with this information. Because there are many that are not ‘receiving’ this information, but are being ‘given’ this information by people that are getting it from the Datre network. This is a grand thing, because the more that people understand what “life” and “living” is all about, there will be ‘changes’ taking place.

Now, because the MASS is not evolving at any ‘perceptible’ rate, you don’t ‘see’ the change taking place as rapidly. But, you begin to notice the changes taking place in those that ‘are’ making changes. It cannot be seen in the MASS, because the MASS still ‘appears’ as a MASS. But in your OBSERVATION of ‘individuals’, you will find, there are changes taking place. We will leave you now.

We are Datre.

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